SWOT for Saif Ali Khan: Identifying the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats for the Nawab

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SWOT for Saif Ali Khan: Identifying the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats for the Nawab

Over the years, SWOT analysis has been conventionally used to identify and analyze the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of an organization in the business world. It is among the most accepted principals, alongside PESTLE analysis, used in making a holistic business decision by the stakeholders. As a method, SWOT can be applied in all mediums of work, and in a first, we at Pinkvilla now bring this methodology to application for the top male and female stars of Bollywood. We take this segment forward with Saif Ali Khan, and here’s decoding the factors that have worked in favour of, gone against as also, the opportunities waiting to be explored by bypassing the threats for the Nawab.


Versatile Actor

Over the years, Saif Ali Khan has established himself as one of the most credible actors of Hindi cinema. While in the early days of his career, he was known as the face of coming-of-age cinema, in today’s time, he is the man to go for characters that ride on intensity or have grey shades to it. He brings in a certain amount of dark humor to his otherwise subdued and intense characters, which work wonders for the story. It’s the versatility factor that has kept Saif relevant for over 2 decades, as he continues to have some of the most exciting films under his kitty.

Aging like fine wine

Saif Ali Khan has just aged like a fine wine. Be it the tremendous improvement that he has shown as an actor at regular intervals, or his ability to look as stylish as it gets even today. At 50, he is easily among the best looking, charming and physically fit actors in the industry, and these factors add onto his screen presence. And well, he truely has the personality of a Nawab.


Script selection

While Saif Ali Khan has made gutsy choices as an actor, he has frequently been let down by the script. He gave his best for some projects like Kalakandi and Laal Kaptaan, however, the results were there for everyone to see. He probably needs to be cautious in terms of script selection and not go into a very experimental space. A film like Baazaar is a fine balance between the world of content with commercial space and it’s this set up that Saif should and can explore the most. He can also spearhead the space of films based on some true stories, specifically in the thriller space as he has the bandwidth as an actor to come out with flying colors in the mysterious world. He has a formidable line up in place, with films falling in different genres, with a blend of solo projects and multi-starrers.


Digital world

Saif is among those actors whose involvement often makes a big project even bigger. The face off of Saif with Ajay Devgn in Tanhaji is what was the selling point of the film, alongside the phenomenal story. The credibility factor has worked wonders for him as he is among the biggest stars in the OTT world following Sacred Games. In-fact, the pre-release hype of Tandav too was phenomenal owing to Saif’s involvement and the show did manage to grab eyeballs of the viewers due to the excitement. He was among the first mainstream actors to take the digital route, much before it was the new normal, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call him a trend setter. With all the freedom available here, he can probably unleash the beast and emerge the most sellable name in the OTT world (which he already is). That aside, the actor has few of the most exciting films up in his kitty for theatrical release, which is just adding onto his illustrious portfolio and also elevating the fan following across the country.


Poor Content

The 50 plus actors have similar threats and that’s poor content. With age not by their side and constant influx of fresh talent coming in, it’s essential to associate with the right subjects to avoid being outdated. There have been some actors who couldn’t evolve with time, ending up being redundant and it’s this transition phase that one needs to accept and work on. Associating with credible scripts and names will just bring longevity to his career, and isn’t that what all actors want in today’s time? The path Saif has chosen right now seems to be perfect with a blend of content ranging from solo hero films to multi-starrers, theatrical to OTT, and this is certainly him entering the most exciting phase of his career. 

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Anonymous : Saif’s weakness: His receding hairline and ever widening forehead. He used to be a hottie otherwise.
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Anonymous : Pr bakwas
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Anonymous : Why do we keep seeing stories about saif and Kareena on pinkvilla? Neither one of them can act and no one cares about them. They have their serious psycho fan base that needs to see pics of their kids 24/7 but that is niche sector of society that has nothing better to do. For real this couple is over
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Anonymous : Shit up JEALOUS
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REPLY 0 2 months ago
Anonymous : He has a very dark and evil glint in his eyes
REPLY 3 2 months ago
Anonymous : Saif’s criminally underrated. His movies and acting are better than all the Khans, Kumars, Devghans.
REPLY 5 2 months ago
Anonymous : he doest have star power
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