Happy Kang Tae Oh Day: 5 reasons why Extraordinary Attorney Woo's Lee Jun Ho became his breakthrough role

Kang Tae Oh turns 30 today. To celebrate his birthday, let’s see why Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s Lee Jun Ho became his breakthrough role.

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Kang Tae Oh in Extraordinary Attorney Woo; Image: ENA
Kang Tae Oh in Extraordinary Attorney Woo; Image: ENA

Kang Tae Oh, the brilliant actor who took over everybody’s hearts with his role in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, is celebrating his 30th birthday today on June 20, 2024. The actor appeared in many dramas, showcasing his acting prowess in different roles. 

Kang Tae Oh’s role in The Tale of Nokdu became one of the biggest roles done by him as it earned him critical acclaim. He later solidified and increased his presence in the entertainment industry by playing varied roles across the scale. From being a problematic ex in Doom At Your Service, an ambitious man in My First First Love, to an art student in Run On, he managed to portray different roles with utmost finesse. 

Kang Tae Oh’s first lead role came in the legal drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo alongside Park Eun Bin. His role as Lee Jun Ho brought him international praise and popularity, finally becoming his breakthrough role. Let’s look at why his role as Lee Jun Ho became Kang Tae Oh’s breakthrough role. 

5 reasons why Kang Tae Oh’s role in Extraordinary Attorney Woo as Lee Jun Ho became his breakthrough 

1. Lee Jun Ho was a ‘green flag’

Lee Jun Ho’s character in Extraordinary Attorney Woo was a huge green flag (or green forest). Kang Tae Oh won millions of hearts as Lee Jun Ho, the character he played, was such a perfect partner. 

Lee Jun Ho became Woo Young Woo’s romantic interest in the drama, and since she was autistic, he had to take more steps towards her at her pace. He needed to accommodate her in a way that she felt safe and unrushed. 


Furthermore, he comes to her aid and becomes her support in every situation. As they say, to be someone’s partner, you don’t need to do much; you just need to be there for them as a support and love. He did the very same. Lee Jun Ho did not see Woo Young Woo’s autism as a weakness but as something that made her extra special. 

Lee Jun Ho becomes a green flag in how he listens to Woo Young Woo’s whale stories, goes on special dates with her, supports her in her cases, and admires her. 

2. Kang Tae Oh’s touching acting 

Playing a character who is the boyfriend of an autistic person is a major task. Kang Tae Oh managed to add depth to the complex character of Lee Jun Ho. Being Woo Young Woo’s boyfriend came with its own challenges, and he was able to portray them with finesse on screen. 


Kang Tae Oh’s moving acting in Extraordinary Attorney Woo helped him connect with the audience on an emotional level. The way he swerves a car to let her get a look at something admires Woo Young Woo from afar, steals glances at her, worries for her, expresses his love to her, and more were made extra special by Kang Tae Oh’s mesmerizing portrayal of Lee Jun Ho.

3. Lee Jun Ho’s iconic dialogues

Kang Tae Oh’s charm became even more powerful with his iconic dialogues throughout the drama, which he delivered amazingly and with charisma. 

"That’s disappointing" was one of his most loved dialogues from the drama. When Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) wants to check her feelings for Lee Jun Ho and asks to touch him. He asks her whether her heart races when he is near her, saying it is disappointing to know. 


Lee Jun Ho says "of course" when Woo Young Woo asks if they can talk about whales. When she asks him why he went on all those dates when they were not fun for him, he charmingly says, "because I like you." Another memorable dialogue delivered by Kang Tae Oh was when he said he would "cheer you at whatever you choose to do" and "for me to be happy, I need to be with you."

4. Lee Jun Ho becomes Woo Young Woo’s ‘hug chair’

Kang Tae Oh was immensely applauded and praised for the hug scene in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Looking back at that moment when Lee Jun Ho had to hug Woo Young Woo tightly to calm her down, a lot of powerful emotions needed to be conveyed without words, and Kang Tae Oh did that exceptionally. 

Kang Tae Oh became the perfect partner for Woo Young Woo by proclaiming that he could be her "personal hug chair" that she could always use to calm down and drown the destructing noises of the world. In a way, he became her safe house, an escape from the world. 

5. Lee Jun Ho who doesn’t mind going the extra mile for his love


Lee Jun Ho was a special role that needed to be a romantic partner that comes once in a lifetime. Many times the character has been admired for the way it was written and the way it was brought to life by Kang Tae Oh.

Kang Tae Oh as Lee Jun Ho, had to make a big expression of love to Woo Young Woo to stop her from ‘breaking up’. He needed to bring many emotions that were painful and happy at the same time and he was successful at that.

When Lee Jun Ho lists all the things she does and he does for her to make him happy, his deep emotions make you tear up. And when he gets to know Woo Young Woo loves him too, Kang Tae Oh manages to portray the overwhelming surge of happy emotions in Lee Jun Ho perfectly. 

Lee Jun Ho never backs down from going the extra mile for Woo Young Woo, which makes him even more perfect. He is okay with holding hands for less than 57 seconds; he makes extra efforts to be with her whenever he gets and is vocal about his feelings. Similarly, he chooses to love Woo Young Woo even if walking the extra mile might not be easy.


Lee Jun Ho became Kang Tae Oh’s breakthrough role because the character is a perfect green flag partner, a person who never backs down from difficulties, a person who stands strong and supports his beloved. Moreover, it was cemented by how the character’s feelings were aptly expressed by Kang Tae Oh’s acting, which connected on a deeper level with audiences. 

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