Lee Sun Kyun was married to Hunt actress Jeon Hye Jin; know about late Parasite star's family

Late actor Lee Sun Kyun, known for his prominent roles in hits like My Mister and Parasite, was married to Hunt and The Throne actress Jeon Hye Jin and the two shared a family together. Read on!

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Lee Sun Kyun and Jeon Hye Jin; Image Courtesy: Getty Images and HODU&U Entertainment
Lee Sun Kyun and Jeon Hye Jin; Image Courtesy: Getty Images and HODU&U Entertainment
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Lee Sun Kyun, the acclaimed South Korean actor known for his unforgettable roles in K-dramas and films such as Helpless, Coffee Prince, My Mister, Parasite, and others, tragically passed away on the morning of December 27, according to his management agency's confirmation. He was husband to actress Jeon Hye Jin and father to two boys with her.

Get to know about Lee Sun Kyun’s family

Lee Sun Kyun, born on March 2, 1975, etched an enduring legacy in the Korean entertainment sphere through his multifaceted talent and unforgettable portrayals. Despite his prominence, details about his early life and parents remained a private facet of the late actor's narrative.

Survived by his wife, Jeon Hye Jin, Lee Sun Kyun shared a deeply cherished bond with her. Their relationship, which blossomed in 2002, led to a joyous union on May 23, 2009, after seven years of companionship. The celebration of their love expanded with the birth of their first son on November 25, 2009, at a hospital in Gangnam, Seoul, marking a new chapter of happiness in their lives.

Nearly two years later, in 2011, the couple welcomed their second child, another son, further enriching their familial bliss. 

About Lee Sun Kyun’s wife, actress Jeon Hye Jin

Jeon Hye Jin, born on August 10, 1976, is a celebrated South Korean actress with a notable career in film and theater. Initially a contestant in the 1997 Miss Korea pageant representing Gyeongnam, Jeon took an unexpected turn into acting, influenced by her encounters with director Yi Sang Woo.

Starting with minor roles in the 1998 film A Killing Story, Jeon's journey into acting gained momentum when she embraced the stage with the theatre company Chaimu. Her talent and presence earned her the nickname Daehangno's Jun Ji Hyun, highlighting her impact in the theater scene.

Jeon made her small screen debut in 2002 with a role in the drama Ruler of Your Own World and later gained recognition for her significant role as Yoon Seo Gyeong in the KBS2 drama I'm Sorry, I Love You in 2004. In 2008, she appeared as the female lead in the music video of Wonji in Kim Kwang Jin's album. In 2013, Jeon Hye Jin also shared the stage with his real-life partner Lee Sun Kyun for a theatre play titled Love Love Love. 

One of Jeon's career-defining moments came with her role as Consort Yeong in Lee Joon Ik's historical drama The Throne in 2015, earning her a Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Supporting Actress. She continued to showcase her versatility in the crime-noir film The Beast, portraying the character Chun Bae.

Beyond her acting prowess, Jeon Hye Jin is known for her innocent appearance and captivating performances, leaving an indelible mark in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Lee Sun Kyun was also accused of extramarital affair

Following drug accusations, allegations against Lee Sun Kyun, renowned South Korean actor of Parasite fame, surfaced online, sparking controversy. Pictures from a Parasite after-party featuring Lee and co-star Cho Yeo Jeong circulated, causing a stir. The images showed the two engaged in what seemed like a friendly embrace. However, netizens accused Lee of infidelity, denouncing his actions and labeling them as inappropriate for a married man.

The online community's remarks intensified, with harsh comments describing Lee's behavior as disgusting and unacceptable. Some users expressed extreme disapproval, branding him a cheater and citing the hug as evidence of an illicit relationship. The allegations gained momentum, and negative sentiments flooded various online platforms.

The public scrutiny led to intense scrutiny of his actions, with many condemning the perceived behavior as unacceptable for a married individual. The incident raised questions about privacy invasion and assumptions based on surface-level interactions. 

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