Bigg Boss OTT 3 PROMO: Did Armaan Malik SLAP Vishal Pandey for his 'Choti Bhabhi mujhe achi lagti hai' comment on Kritika Malik?

In the forthcoming episode, Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey will have a heated conversation regarding latter's comment on former's wife which will end in a fiery outburst. Read on to know more.

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Vishal Pandey, Armaan Malik
Vishal Pandey and Armaan Malik (PC: JioCinema)

Bigg Boss OTT 3 is slowly and steadily grabbing viewers' attention. The show started off slow but has gained pace and viewers have started to align their loyalties towards their favorite contestant.

Anil Kapoor is doing a fair job as the new host of the show. In a recent episode, viewers witnessed evicted contestant Payal Malik ending up on the stage of the show to expose Vishal Pandey and his distasteful comment about Kritika Malik. The incident seem to have a massive reaction from Kritika's husband Armaan as he apparently slapped Vishal.

Armaan confronts Vishal over his comment in Bigg Boss OTT 3

As per the new promo of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Armaan Malik confronted Vishal Pandey over his statement on Kritika Malik. Vishal Had said, "Mai guilty hu. Mujhe Kritika Bhabhi mujhe achi lagti hai (I am guilty. I like Kritika Bhabhi)."

Vishal maintained his stance and stated that he didn't say it negatively and it didn't have any other connotations. However, Armaan seems to have lost his cool and hit Vishal, shocking him.

Take a look at Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey's Bigg Boss OTT 3 promo

Along with Armaan, Lovekesh and Naezy were also present during Armaan and Vishal's conversation, and as soon as Lovekesh saw Armaan losing his cool, he grabbed him and tried to take him away from Vishal, to avoid any further fight. Sai Ketan Rao also interrupted and held Vishal who was shocked by Armaan's behavior and questioned everyone as to how Malik hit him.


Vishal Pandey's comment on Kritika Malik

In the previous episodes, Vishal Pandey and Lovekesh Kataria were seated together and Kritika Malik also joined them. Pandey told Malik that she looked beautiful without make-up and after she left, he told Kataria that he finds Choti Bhabhi (Kritika) very beautiful. He further added that he was feeling guilty. When Kataria asked the reason, Pandey said that he couldn't say it out loud.

Later, Vishal told Kataria that he liked Kritika. During last night's episode, while Kritika was working out, Vishal yet again passed a comment to Kataria about her and mentioned that Armaan Malik is very lucky. Pandey said, "Bhaiyya Bhagyashali hai."

Payal Malik exposed Vishal Pandey on Weekend Ka Vaar

Evicted contestant Payal Malik appeared on Weekend Ka Vaar and exposed Vishal's statements leaving Kritika and Armaan disappointed. Payal mentioned that even if Pandey didn't have bad intentions, he should be careful to say things out loud (and not in Lovekesh's ears). Payal told Vishal that he should respect the fact that Kritika is someone's wife and a mother too.


Vishal was seen breaking down in tears as he tried to defend himself over his statements. 

The second Weekend Ka Vaar

The second Weekend Ka Vaar was quite fiery with Anil Kapoor questioning Sana Makbul for not defending Naezy in the nominations task even though he was her close friend. Kapoor also highlighted that Sana's friendship with Naezy doesn't seem real as she speaks behind his back.

The Jhakas host also reprimanded Vishal Pandey for calling the show biased and questioning the team on favoring Ranvir Shorey in the nomination task.

Apart from Payal exposing Vishal's statement, the episode also had Sai Ketan Rao's friend Shivangi Khedkar exposing Chandrika Dixit misinterpreting Rao's gesture of offering a massage to her. 

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