Oshi No Ko Chapter 147: Ruby Meets Ai’s Killer; Release Date, Where To Read, Expected Plot And More

Ruby's reunion with her father in Oshi No Ko Chapter 147 leaves fans anxious for her safety. Find out what happens next in Oshi no Ko Chapter 147, so discover the release date and more here.

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Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix
Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

The filming of 15 Year Lie has almost been completed, and Aqua finds himself overly affected by the role. Meanwhile, fans were left with a cliffhanger last chapter as Ruby unexpectedly came face-to-face with her father. Will she be able to get out of this ‘chance meeting’ safely, or will she be pushed into trouble of her own? Find out in Oshi no Ko Chapter 147, and keep reading to discover the release date, where to read, and more.

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Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Oshi No Ko Chapter 147: release date and where to read

Oshi no Ko Chapter 147 is scheduled to hit digital shelves on April 25, 2024, at 12 am JST. International fans can expect the chapter to drop on Wednesday, April 24, around 3 pm GMT / 8 am PT / 11 am ET, though exact timing may vary based on upload speed.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 147 will be available for reading on various online platforms, including Viz Media for readers in the US and Canada, Shueisha’s Manga Plus for worldwide access, and Shonen Jump for additional options.

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Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Expected plot of Oshi No Ko, Chapter 147

In Oshi No Ko Chapter 147, Ruby's long-awaited confrontation with her father, Hikaru, will finally unfold as she potentially confronts him about his actions. However, their reunion is fraught with tension and danger, as Hikaru's involvement in the recent tragedies threatens to unravel their fragile relationship.

Meanwhile, Aqua's burgeoning relationship with Kana continues to evolve as their bond deepens amidst the chaos surrounding them. Their growing connection serves as a source of comfort and support for Aqua, but it also raises questions about the potential complexities and challenges they may face in the future. We may see some of these challenges in Oshi No Ko Chapter 147.

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Oshi no Ko [Aka Akasaka, Doga Kobo, HIDIVE, Netflix]

Oshi No Ko Chapter 146 recap

In Oshi No Ko Chapter 146, titled ROLE, 15 Year Lie’s Cut 139 to 202, has been filmed. It focuses on the aftermath of Hikaru's relationships and their tragic consequences. After breaking up with Airi, Hikaru is confronted by her insistence that he will return to her, fueled by her belief that Taiki is his child and her assertion that nobody else will love him. Meanwhile, Hikaru seeks solace at Ai's apartment, probing her intentions, but her evasive responses only deepen his turmoil.

Afterward, Hikaru confesses to Seijuro Uehara about his relationship with Airi Himekawa, which inevitably leads Seijuro to react violently. The next few cuts are titled ‘Seijuro's Rage, ‘The Himawari Couple's Double Suicide,’ ‘The Importance Of Life,’ ‘Ai's Rejection,’ ‘The Only Way I Know,’ and ‘Even Just One Wish,’ all detailing the events that occurred during this tumultuous time.

As Hikaru grapples with his tangled emotions onstage, Aqua's melancholy catches Kana's attention behind the scenes. Determined to lift his spirits, Kana shares her secret snack—a unique blend of pizza chips sprinkled with sushi na ko powder. Despite his initial skepticism, Aqua finds himself pleasantly surprised by the snack's taste, even saying it was so good he might go mad. Kana proceeds to gush about the amazing powder and its great taste, and the two share a heartwarming exchange in Oshi No Ko Chapter 146.


Elsewhere, Ruby finds herself caught in a downpour while praying at a shrine. Seeking refuge, she is unexpectedly joined by Hikaru, who offers her shelter under his umbrella. As their paths intertwine amidst the rain, unresolved tensions simmer beneath the surface, hinting at deeper complexities in their relationship dynamics.

*The release dates and time provided are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the discretion of circumstances and creators.

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