Joker Global Box Office: Joaquin Phoenix starrer's opening weekend collection is nothing short of spectacular

The opening weekend numbers for Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker are out and it's mighty impressive. Read below for more details on the global and the US box-office numbers for the Todd Phillips directorial in its opening weekend.
In spite of rumoured security threats at theatres, Joaquin Phoenix's Joker had the last laugh at the global box-office.In spite of rumoured security threats at theatres, Joaquin Phoenix's Joker had the last laugh at the global box-office.
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One of the most ambitious DC films in existence has to be the standalone movie on one of the most iconic villains of all time, Joker. In the Todd Phillips directorial, which is aptly titled Joker, the incomparable Joaquin Pheonix adds a new spin to Arthur Fleck, humanising Gotham's "vigilante" and taking us on a journey of utter chaos, madness and extreme loneliness. Many critics say that Joaquin's performance is Oscar-worthy, and judging by the opening weekend collections at the global box-office, it definitely looks like the audience agrees as well.

According to Forbes, the dark DC movie collected a staggering $234 million at the worldwide box-office. which includes $16.5 million in IMAX. When it comes to the US box-office numbers, Joaquin's film managed to pull the audience to the theatres, in spite of security threats over the violent content of the movie. Joker collected a $93.5 million opening weekend in the US, which included $7.4 million in IMAX. These are indeed impressive numbers for a film where the villain takes precedence over a superhero, that too, someone like Batman!



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Meanwhile, when talking about why he chose to do an origin film on Joker, Todd revealed, "I love the complexity of Joker and felt his origin would be worth exploring on film since nobody’s done that and even in the canon he has no formalized beginning."

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