EXCLUSIVE: Sikandar Kher OPENS UP on playing Daulat in Aarya, working with Sushmita Sen, Season 2 of it & more

Updated on Jul 21, 2020 11:18 AM IST  |  2.3M
EXCLUSIVE: Sikandar Kher OPENS UP on playing Daulat in Aarya, working with Sushmita Sen, Season 2 of it & more
EXCLUSIVE: Sikandar Kher OPENS UP on playing Daulat in Aarya, working with Sushmita Sen, Season 2 of it & more

Sikander Kher is one of the finest actors Bollywood has ever seen. Known for his versatility, and giving life to characters' onscreen, the talented actor swooned everyone with his performance in the recently released crime drama web series 'Aarya.' The show marked the digital debut of Sushmita Sen and has received an overwhelming response from the audience. Among a fantastic bunch of actors like Chandrachur Singh, Namit Das, and Manish Chaudhary, Sikander Kher stood out as Daulat, the trusted aide of Aarya's (Sushmita) family. 

A silent protector with smart and quick moves, Daulat - the hitman, is incredibly loyal to the family to Aarya’s father Zorawar (Jayant Kriplani), and his family. He is almost like the foot soldier of the family. He operates in the background and is always there when there is a crisis. Sikander has made many heads turn as Aarya's trusted aide. In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Sikander opened up about his role, working with Sushmita Sen and the team, the response he received from viewers, season 2 of the series, challenges faced, and more. Over to him... 

1. How was your first day at the shoot with the Aarya team? 

My first day was great.  Ram Madhvani's (co-creator) shoots are not the same as anyone shoots in the world. He does not say action or cut, there are no cuts or closes, they don’t change the magnification on people, and the whole scene is shot in one take. One day we had one hour long take with all the change of battery and cameras memory card changing up taking place. So that is the beauty of Ram's shoots, his process is amazing. My first day was funny actually, I was standing outside in the heat, the director spotted me and asked me to go home. I thought he asked me to go on the sets, so I walked in the house, but there was already a scene being shot, and I accidentally turned up, being a part of it. However, my sudden entry, later on. went on to add up to the sequence, and it turned out beautifully.

2. How have the viewers reacted to your role? What are the responses you've gotten from the public? 

I've received quite an overwhelming response. It's actually amazing actually because I've been connected with everybody, people have really enjoyed it. They've given my character a lot of love and are saying good things about it. Such a response from the audience is great for an actor. Random people are calling, messaging, and praising my character. It feels amazing as a performer when viewers can connect with your character, it gives me satisfaction that I've done a good job. 

3. How did you decide to say 'yes' for the show? 

The casting director called me for auditions, and I got chosen for the role, and that's how things went by. The character, Daulat is an interesting man, so I decided to give it a thumbs up. It is simple, ' If I get work, I work. I do not think much about other things except for the quality of work.' 

4. Were there any difficulties or challenges that you faced while playing the character?

Well, you get used to your character while playing. I did have dialogue at a stretch, I had to deal with the silences a lot and that for me was quite challenging tasks. I was learning how to go about it, deal with it, and observe things around. 

5. How was it to be with Sushmita Sen and others on the sets?

I have known Sushmita for quite some time. She got along well with everybody on the sets. The crew was very good, the ambiance and the people around were superb. Every evening there would be a bonfire, where we all used to sing and eat together, it was almost like a mini party.  It felt like we had gone to someone’s marriage and not work (chuckles). The atmosphere was quite cheerful and natural, so working with the team was wonderful.

6. Today, we see OTT platforms growing and attracting viewers. Do you think it is an exciting time for actors, owing to web series popularity? 

Of course, absolutely! There is employment for so many people, you can try so many things. It's not just employment for actors, but also writers, directors, cameramen, all technicians, crew, etc. Actors are getting the chance for so much more stuff happening, and showcase their talent. 

7. What are your thoughts on the on-going debate of nepotism? 

I am bored with this nepotism conversation. It is there,  just live with it.

8. During the lockdown did you connect with your loved ones and friends? What are your plans?

Nothing has been going at all. By the grace of God, I have been doing well. I haven’t spoken to anyone but my friends. During the lockdown,  there is a scarcity of food and everything on the national level. There are much bigger things in life to think about. People are terribly troubled during the lockdown, many are facing hardships, especially those who live on the streets or in thin layered houses, are struggling to combat the virus, rainfall, and cyclones. 

9. Any leads of Season 2?

There will be a second season when it will be finalized by the creators. The show has a was runaway hit so, there's bound to be a season 2. Most definitely you can look forward to the 2nd season.

Aarya is based on the Dutch series ‘Penoza’ meaning, The Underworld which was first aired in 2010. The makers have already announced the second season of the much-loved web series.