EXCLUSIVE: MAX on how he tracked down a signed jersey of BTS Suga's favourite basketball player to gift him

Updated on Sep 18, 2020 02:09 PM IST  |  5.8M
MAX collaborated with BTS member Suga for Blueberry Eyes from Colour Vision
EXCLUSIVE: MAX on how he tracked down a signed jersey of BTS Suga's favourite basketball player to gift him

We're just a day away from the release of MAX's album Colour Vision which sees the talented singer take a risk and pour his heart out for fans to relate with. Before the highly-awaited album drops, the 28-year-old singer made headlines when he released the romantic music video for Blueberry Eyes, which is his second collaboration with BTS member Suga after D-2's Burn It.

Given the quarantine setback, Yoongi could not be a part of the music video, but, MAX made sure that his friend's presence was felt in the MV. Whether it be lip-syncing Suga's Korean rap verse as wedding vows exchanged between him and his gorgeous wife Emily Schneider or even the subtle 'cat' nod to the 27-year-old rapper, MAX truly won BTS ARMY hearts one more time for his pure soul connection with Yoongi.

We got in touch with MAX a few days before Blueberry Eyes' MV dropped for an EXCLUSIVE interaction and we quizzed the singer on how his friendship with Suga, over music collaborations and basketball dates, has evolved in the past few months. The Lights Down Low singer recounted how he had surprised Yoongi with a special basketball-themed gift that left the rapper elated with joy.



"Our friendship has just evolved naturally," MAX begins before recalling, "He actually mentioned to me after we went to a basketball game in LA that his favourite basketball player was Allen Iverson. My drummer Benny Brown is from Philadelphia so he tracked down a signed Allen Iverson jersey and I sent it to Suga as a gift. He was so kind and thankful. It's just fun when you get to know someone well enough and find cool things that you know will spark joy in them." For the unversed, Allen aka Al has played 14 seasons in the NBA and was NBA's MVP in 2001. Back in 2017, Suga had even sported an Iverson jersey during legendary singer Seo Taiji's 25th debut anniversary concert.

We absolutely adore this friendship and how!

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Given how ARMY has been supportive of not just his collaboration with Suga but his solo music as well, MAX had a special message for the fandom. "I'm so grateful for it. ARMY have been warm and welcoming to me in such a beautiful way. I'm extremely happy they have been loving our collaborations thus far," MAX gushed.

BTS recently made history as the first all-Korean group to have their song debut at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 with Dynamite. As a close ally to BTS, MAX was all praises for the septet sharing, "DESERVED. I texted Suga right after it happened and congratulated him. He was so happy and excited. He and all of the guys of BTS work so hard. I know it will be the first of many #1s."

It's not just BTS, MAX has been very vocal about his love for K-pop music in general and when we quizzed him if it has influenced his style of music in any way, MAX disclosed, "The attention to detail is immaculate. The fashion is brilliant. Such dedication and hard work it's truly admirable. It all makes me want to consistently step up my game."

Colour Vision drops tomorrow, i.e. September 18. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for Part 2 of our interview with MAX!


Anonymous : Yes, Suga is wonderfull. All members of BTS are.
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Anonymous : Love their friendship! And I love the new song Blueberry Eyes and the MV is sweet too.
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