EXCLUSIVE: Sushant Singh Rajput's lawyer assures: Hopefully the CBI will take over the case now

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EXCLUSIVE: Sushant Singh Rajput's lawyer assures: Hopefully the CBI will take over the case now

Sushant Singh Rajput's death case is getting murkier by the day. With several people having several sides to the story, it's becoming all the more difficult to understand what exactly happened to him. The probe and the investigation has been criticised by many, including the actor's family members. Sushant's family lawyer Vikas Singh spoke to us about the issue and revealed some pertinent facts related to the case's new development. 

This morning, the Chief Minister of Bihar recommended that the case be taken up by the CBI. There has been huge public outrage on social media for the same, ever since the investigation began. Now, it's mostly going to happen, assures the senior advocate. " I advised the family to not get into the inter-State politics. The CM of Bihar assured that if the father of the deceased wanted the matter to be refered to the CBI, he would do it. Yesterday night and today morning we took a call. Hopefully, now by evening CBI will take over."  

Narrating the chain of incidents that led to this decision, the lawyer shares, "On the 25th of February itself, the family had messaged DCP Bandra and told him that Sushant Singh Rajput is in bad company. They wanted action to be taken so that no harm is caused to him. Mumbai Police now is claiming that we asked for a written complaint and since the complaint hasn't come, we couldn't take cognizance. This written complaint business is alien to criminal law. Every crime that is committed, it's committed to the State. It's not the job of anybody to ask to register a case. But the State should register an FIR on its own. When the death happened, nobody could have thought he would commit suicide. That wasn't in the family's comprehension at all. So when the incident happened, it was only logical for the Police to investigate the people responsible for the death, which is what the family had said on 25th February. I'm glad that the family didn't complain to the Mumbai Police then, because they weren't getting cooperation from February itself." 

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Several bigwigs from the Hindi film industry, including directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Mahesh Bhatt and producers Aditya Chopra were called for interrogation. But Vikas Singh calls out that practice and tells us, "In those 40 days when the father was in mourning, they saw that everyone from Bollywood was being called for interrogation but the actual people who were part of Sushant's ecosystem weren't being examined. People who were living with him, controlling the medicines. They needed to investigate if Disha Salian's death too had a role to play in it. They then started an inquest and even for an inquest, Bollywood can't be called. There was no cognizable offence there.They should have called Siddharth Pithani who saw the body hanging first."

Reportedly, the family is also upset with the way the Mumbai Police has handled the whole situation. In fact, a senior IPS officer Tiwari who reached Mumbai to take the investigation ahead, was forcibly quarantined in Mumbai. The lawyer has expressed his displeasure at the ongoing proceedings. "The family called me and we realised that Mumbai Police will never give us justice. There appears to be some collusion. We then lodged an FIR here in Patna. After that, what we are seeing is a complete mockery. They don't register an FIR themselves neither are they cooperating with the police force from Patna. Since day before yesterday whatever is happening is extremely shocking. I haven't seen a State impeding the CBI, police or ED doing a raid. The moment you do that, in the garb of quarantine, you're directly helping the accused. Because if the Patna police can't investigate for 15 days, you're giving the accused more time to tamper with the evidence."

Watch everything that the lawyer had to share, in this tell-all interview


Anonymous : Whatever there's a huge difference between being anxious all the time vs being in a constant state of depression.
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : He was murdered! Just like they show in movies, they first killed Disha and then killed him and now blaming it on depression. It was all planned but somebody made a mistake and leaked pictures. Pictures show that he was assaulted and then killed. I had faith in his ex gf but seems like bollywood mafia also paid her and now she's siding with aditya chopra. Aditya is one of the reason he lost on so many movies. Why karan, aditya and salman are not interrogated??? Salman killed people but still he's roaming around freely.
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : I agree. Found that part of her interview so weird. She even said adi. I don’t believe her about that
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Anonymous : CBI is on discounted sale too. Poor guy's family will never get justice from so called cheap, baku police and corrupted Modi. Bollywood doesn't care about anybody as long as it doesn't bother them. Did any bollywood celebrity raised their voice against SSR injustice? Nope! Because bollywood is so damn selfish and greedy. Public can bring justice though. BAN bollywoood!!!!!! Don't pay for any of their movies. Akshay, Aamir, Ajay, AB none of these celebrities ever raised their voice against any injustice so why should we contribute to their income and popularity. Akshay, ajay they are all working on home productions plus they also copy movies of other industries. Start watching original movies/stories and let bollywood collapse. It's about time for KJO, aditya, salman, ram gopal, bhatts to come on streets. Stop wasting your money on these cheap ass producers. Banning bollywood is the only way to bring justice now. We will survive without bollywood and our generation will do soemthing great if they are kept away from these silly romantic movies. 95% bollywood are made on love, show false love stories- nothing like that exist in real life.
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Anonymous : I do not believe his death was caused by suicide, it is connected to his former manager Disha and Rhea/politicians are involved. Mumbai police only wants to pursue nepo angle bc it will take any focus from the politician involved completely. That’s why they also do not want CBI to take over, his death is more than one line “he was depressed so he committed suicide”
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Anonymous : People don't just get depressed all of a sudden... He was a happy chappy... Depressed people don't set goals for themselves and even carry them out.... I have lived with a depressed person.... They don't have the will to do anything.... Sushant was never like that... He only changed when that snake entered his life....all his videos don't don't scream depression.... He was full of life... And a fun loving soul.... This snake destroyed him with medication #justice for Sushant #CBI inquiry #jail for that snake
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Anonymous : She will be safer in jail
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Anonymous : #justice for Sushant #Cbi inquiry #jail for that snake woman
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Anonymous : CBI is must in this case.
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