Kendal Jenner Video Goes Viral At The Louvre; Find Out Why

Kendall Jenner went viral for running barefoot around the Louvre Museum. A travel expert weighed in, suggesting that while unusual, her late-night visit likely didn't break any formal protocols.

Published on Jun 29, 2024  |  11:47 PM IST |  52.3K
Kendall Jenner (PC: Kendall Jenner Instagram)
Kendall Jenner (PC: Kendall Jenner Instagram)

Kendall Jenner visited the Louvre Museum in Paris without shoes on her feet which is actually not prohibited by any official regulation though it is quite unusual. Some of the Instagram photos that she uploaded are those she took while in the museum late at night during Paris Fashion Week. Some of the pictures depict Jenner in different poses in the museum with the torso and lower body in a black top and black skirt respectively. That is why one of the notable things in the photos is the name of the woman which is barefoot, which is quite strange because most guests are obliged to wear shoes for rather sanitary and safety reasons.

However, Jenner's removing shoes did not break any rule of the museum that was ever reported. It was concerning a late-night visit to the Louvre and she captioned a picture of hers on Instagram writing, "The Louvre at midnight." The Louvre by Midnight. Unlike recent activities such as walking around the Louvre museum without shoes, Jenner’s activities were not very rebellious and did not challenge conventional norms of conduct at the museum.

Travel expert advises on cultural decorum at Louvre amidst barefoot controversy

According to travel expert Nicole Campoy Jackson, they have not found any guidelines in the Louvre museum that prohibit the use of shoes; however, there is probably the implied understanding that shoes are to be worn. In an interview with PEOPLE, she was able to surmise that it is most likely that the probability of the Louvre Museum coming across people with their feet uncovered is rather low given that it is a popular museum. Jackson regards it as even a tradition to wear shoes in the Loure and most other indoor public places because it is genuinely cultural at those places.


Jackson also points out an aspect of etiquette connected concerning places like the Louvre with historical and artistic treasures There might be a disrespect in Kendall Jenner’s case when she chose to go barefoot. While there is no prohibition for ‘cool’ behavior, in Jackson’s opinion, people do not run wild and answer to the civilized norms where those places are significant.

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Nicole reflects on Kendall Jenner's unconventional Louvre visit

Nicole Campoy Jackson opines that Kendall Jenner’s bare-foot trip to the Louvre museum was one instance when most people would not turn down a shot. She surmises that every one of us would enjoy strolling in the corridors of the Louvre in the dead of night, only to remove one’s shoes, which of course is so very unconventional. Jackson also notes that there is a fascination with getting a glimpse of a Kardashian family member like Jenner posing in front of masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa first in an evening gown and then in her bare feet which in her view is what keeps the public enthralled.


On the visit by Jenner, Jackson opined that the tour must have been at a time when the museum was closed from the public and after perhaps paying a fee. She said that many museums and tourist attractions indeed have such private tours that impose certain rules, including, but not limited to, whether or not guests are allowed to bring in their own food and drinks, photography and public posting of the event, and the number of participants.

In conclusion, Jackson sees Jenner’s visit to the Louvre as an ordinary yet extraordinary event because it provides an exclusive tour and is associated with a star, which is captivating and attracts public attention.

Kendall Jenner makes headlines at Paris Fashion Week

In the recent Paris Fashion Week event, Kendall Jenner was occupied, yet fashionable. She recently appeared during the fashion event Vogue World Paris on 23 June. This year’s theme was more focused on French fashion and sports and every decade was symbolized by a particular sport. In one part of the ad, which was dedicated to the 1950s and equestrianism, both Jenner and her inseparable friend Gigi Hadid rode horses in front of Place Vendôme.


Both the jockeys were dressed in formal Hermès outfits, with Django and Napo, their mounts, draped in Hermès scarves. During the event, Jenner and Hadid were also among other models who paraded in the fashion ramp. There was glamour plenty on the red carpet with Hadid in gold and blue with a structured top and exquisite flowing skirt, while Jenner was in a sheer neutral ball gown.

The next day, June 24, Jenner made news again when she went out for dinner with her ex-boyfriend Bad Bunny. They were spotted wearing matching all-black outfits: Jenner in a strapless gown with revealing accents and Bad Bunny in pleated slacks and a jacket with a dramatic collar. The couple's outing marked their comeback after splitting in December 2023, giving a personal touch to Jenner's hectic stay at Paris Fashion Week.

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