Tips to deal with highly intimidating people

Here is some advice on how to handle very intimidating people.

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Tips to deal with highly intimidating people
Tips to deal with highly intimidating people

It can be frightening to speak with someone who intimidates you. By just being themselves, they may make you feel timid or uneasy. The use of intimidation is frequently linked to a powerful, dominant personality. Even though it can seem easier to just ignore them, some people frequently find themselves having to communicate with the people they would rather not. Such introverted people frequently lose their focus and stumble over their sentences, allowing the intimidating person next to them to take over the conversation.

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Here we bring you 3 tips on how to deal with intimidating people.


Holding opinion

1. Hold on to your opinion

Strong personalities could continue pushing when you give in if you're interacting with them. Increase your self-assurance and quit feeling inferior to the person who is attempting to intimidate you in front of them. When someone else assertively assumes control of a situation, feelings of miscommunication or helplessness may surface. Stop this from happening by speaking up!

2. Prepare yourself to speak

Put your mind at ease so you can communicate with this person. If at all possible, prepare and practice your remarks in advance to prevent stumbling over them or getting interrupted. Say things that draw attention to your strengths or even the aspects of yourself that are changing for the better.



Eye contact is important

3. Never forget to maintain eye contact

Making honest eye contact is crucial when holding a discussion. Maintaining eye contact with someone you find intimidating might be an easy method to maintain your position. When you are uncomfortable, you could find yourself avoiding eye contact by gazing at the ground. However, when speaking with someone, a self-assured individual addresses them in the eye. It's crucial to keep your sight steady.

For an introvert, learning to speak out for oneself can be a difficult but vitally necessary task. Avoid the pitfall of trying to impress people who terrify you while you are near them. That just seems desperate. Instead, adhere to being your real self.

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