What Is Sigma Male Personality: 20+ Features, Pros, And Cons

A sigma male is an underrated type that stands out from the crowd. Learn more about what is sigma male personality to see if you possess any of these qualities.

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What Is Sigma Male Personality
What Is Sigma Male Personality

The sigma male is not a new concept, but people do not often talk about it due to a lack of understanding. So, what exactly is a sigma male personality? The term "sigma" comes from the Greek letter sigma. It is used in statistics to represent standard deviation, which means that these men are statistically different from other men in society. The sigma male personality has been around for a long time and was originally coined by Robert Bly (an American poet) in 1990 in his prose book "Iron John: A Book about Men."

A sigma male is a term used to describe a certain type of male that is seen as being in the middle of the alpha and beta males. Basically, sigma males are a subset of the male population who are not typically stereotyped as masculine. People often misunderstand Sigma males because they seem cold, emotionless, and uninterested in relationships. This, however, is not true at all! So, below we will learn what is sigma male, their role, personality traits, benefits, and drawbacks. Also, we will see if women actually prefer them over alpha males. Read on!

What Is Sigma Male Personality?


What Is Sigma Male Personality

In simpler terms, a sigma male is an introverted alpha male with added twists. The Sigma Male personality type is a distinctive personality type of a man who is not afraid to be different and has the courage to live life on his terms, a-k-a a lone wolf. He does not follow the rules, he creates them. The Sigma male is a type of male personality that is often associated with being dominant and assertive. They are the quintessential alpha male who has all the qualities to lead a group or an organization but is not like the stereotypical alpha male.


The sigma male personality is characterized by being a silent-type outsider to the world, but they are not in any way antisocial. They are usually very intelligent, social, and confident which makes them capable of understanding how things work in society and how to take advantage of it. Sigma males are also very self-reliant and independent because they neither need any restrictions nor help from anyone else to achieve their goals in life.

The Role of Sigma Male in the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

What Is Sigma Male Personality

A sigma male's role in society is to be the catalyst for change and revolution. They are thinkers, doers, and entrepreneurs as per societal norms. They are leaders of social games who know how to take charge of any situation and turn it into victory.

However, when it comes to the socio-sexual hierarchy (created by Theodore Robert Beale to categorize people's behavioral patterns), the sigma male does not consider himself a part of it. Why? Simply because a sigma personality neither plays by rules nor is bound by any group or social structures.


Sigma Males Vs. Alpha Males


What Is Sigma Male Personality

The alpha male is the dominant or leader of a group of animals. In human terms, an alpha male is someone who is assertive and confident, which often means they are also the most successful and pumped with ego boosts. Alpha males are in control and possess a high rank within their social hierarchy of personality archetypes. They have a sense of entitlement, which often makes them insensitive to other people’s needs or feelings.

The sigma male, on the other hand, is someone who does not feel like he needs to be in control all the time. Instead, he feels more comfortable when he is on the outskirts of the social norms, i.e., the lone wolf – which is the key difference between these two personalities. Another difference between alpha and sigma males is that the latter tend to be more creative and introspective than their alpha counterparts because they do not worry about being dominant or showing their power over everyone else.


Top 20+ Character Traits of Sigma Males

Sigma male personalities and lifestyles are seen as both positive and negative depending on where you stand in society. Below are the character traits of Sigma males that make them stand out from the crowd.

1. Brutally Honest

A sigma male will always tell you what he thinks, even if it might hurt your feelings or make you angry. Their blunt honesty is also one of the reasons that they do not prefer hanging out with a bunch of people, and vice-versa.

2. Mysterious Personality

Sigma males often come out as shy and therefore do not reveal too much about themselves. Hence, there is always a secretive vibe to them that attracts a lot of people to them without their frantic efforts.

3. Ideal Conversation Partners

Yes, you read that right. Despite not wanting to disclose everything about themselves, they make ideal conversation partners. The sole reason is that they are exceptional listeners. So, whatever you wish to communicate with them, they will make it a point to involve themselves with interest.

4. Balanced Approach

Sigma males often have a highly proportional approach in life – be it their career, health, relationships, or basically anything that concerns them. These males never make an irrational, impulsive, or rushed decision. Instead, everything they do is calculated and carefully thought of.


5. Attention to Details

Sigma males are often engrossed in themselves, and their tasks, and have an introverted persona. These qualities make their attention-paying skills immensely applaudable.

6. Enigmatic Personality

Sigma males are literally impenetrable. You will never know what is happening in their personal or professional lives, who they are dating, their goals in life, or their thought process behind any action.

7. Empathetic Nature

One of the best character traits of a sigma male is their immense empathy towards other people. They are highly considerate, understanding and respectful of other people's points of view, and non-judgemental.

8. Loners By Nature

The last man standing and the lone wolf are synonyms for a sigma male personality. They confidently stand tall and alone and do whatever they want without ever getting bothered about the opinions of other people.

9. Freedom Tendency

Sigma males absolutely love their freedom. Neither do they bow down in front of others, nor do they want to boss around others. They mind their own business and live their lives on their own terms.

10. Good Romantic Partner

Another surprising character trait of a Sigma male is that he is an exceptionally romantic person. Now, this may sound bizarre to many because Sigma males often love to be alone. But they are the best lovers and often shower their partners with romantic gestures. Nevertheless, they are unwilling to commit to long-term relationships because they do not accept the concept of commitment.


11. Self-Reliance

When it comes to reliability, trust, or dependability, a sigma male will only rely on one person, and that is himself. It does not mean that he does not believe in others' capabilities, he just trusts himself slightly more. Moreover, he does not feel the need to ask others for things he is perfectly capable of handling on his own.

12. Self-Acceptance

Self-love, self-acceptance, and self-awareness are some of the supreme character traits of a sigma male. He does not depend on others, takes good care of himself, and thinks highly of himself, without an ounce of ego or entitlement.

13. Adventurer

What Is Sigma Male Personality

Lone wolves have high wanderlust. They are spontaneous because they are mostly by themselves. And from time to time, they satisfy their desire for a healthy dose of adrenaline by indulging in adventurous activities like hiking, trekking, staycations, traveling, etc.

14. Ambitious

Nothing beats the ambitions of a sigma male. A sigma male is highly focused on achieving his goals and targets and never lets anything (or anyone) get in his way. He is wise when it comes to work decisions and knows how to reach the top with his hard work and dedication.

15. Influencer

You must be wondering how Sigma males can be great influencers when they keep mostly to themselves. This is where the mind tricks you like reverse psychology. So when a sigma male (who is mostly quiet) speaks, says, or expresses something, people have this unknowing urge to listen and believe him. It is likely because they feel it must be a piece of really important information or else he would have not spoken.

16. Intuitive

Sigma males have a strong sense of intuition because they tend to rely on themselves for the majority of everything. The more they trust themselves, the more their inner consciousness becomes stronger.

17. Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional intelligence is not a very popular concept with most people, especially males. However, sigma males are immensely emotionally intelligent creatures. Not only do they express and manage their emotions, but they also understand where the other person is coming from.

18. Disciplined And Self Motivated

The internal drive is what urges a sigma male to push through all the boundaries and challenges. While they take the initiative to reach their goals, their resilience, passion, and self-encouragement keep them moving forward despite the struggles.

19. Magnetic Aura

Another evident character trait of a sigma male personality is that they are exceptionally charming and alluring. And not only in their looks but also their entire vibe echoes charisma. Take Harry Styles for example, and you will understand their magnetism!


20. Leadership Qualities

Sigma males are no less than alpha males when it comes to leadership. However, the only minute difference is that Sigma males do not love to exercise their leadership powers. That's because they prefer to work independently without controlling (or being controlled by) others.

21. Adaptable

Just like wolves are adaptable to different seasons and places, similarly, sigma males are highly open-minded and adjustable to any changes in their environment. This also means that they do not believe in the concept of comfort zones, and are flexible to any challenge directed at them.

Benefits of Sigma Male Personality

There are many benefits that come with this personality trait that make it worth having. The blessings and pros of this personality type include:

  • independent and liberal,
  • having fewer expectations from others,
  • confidence and strong presence,
  • dominant,
  • efficient,
  • not afraid to go after what they want in life,
  • do not care about the opinions of others.

Drawbacks of Sigma Male Personality

The sigma personality is usually misunderstood and has a lot of drawbacks to it. The disadvantages of this personality include:

  • Sigma males are often seen as a threat to the community because they do not follow the typical norms and rules of social situations.
  • They tend to be very individualistic and hyper-independent, which is why they can often be problematic to deal with.
  • Since they lack conviction and are not team players, they can not be leaders or bosses, which can lead to them getting passed over for promotions at work.

Do Women Prefer Sigma Men?

What Is Sigma Male Personality

Mysterious nature, feminine personality, effectiveness, honesty, empathy, emotional intelligence, and lone survival are a few of the supreme qualities that a sigma male adorns. Plus, they are charming and focused. These qualities altogether make women prefer Sigma men.

However, when it comes to long-term romantic relationships, sigma men fail due to their hyper-independent nature. So, ladies, if you want to have fun, enjoy the diverse aspects of life with a romantic partner, and live in the moment without future commitment, a Sigma male is exactly who will suit your needs!

Popular Sigma Male Superstars


Although the concept of a sigma male personality is not front and center in the media, knowing about a few famous sigma male stars will make it crystal clear how alluring sigma males are.

Some prominent Sigma male celebrities include Elon Musk, Keanu Reeves, Harry Styles, James Bond, Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci, John Wick, Robert Pattinson, Giacomo Casanova, James Dean, and David Bowie.


Some notable examples of Sigma characters from Hollywood movies include Wolverine in "X-Men," Harbard in "Vikings," Han Solo in "Star Wars," and The Doctor in "Doctor Who."

A sigma male is an underrated type of male who is often seen as being more self-confident than an alpha male, but not as reserved as a beta male. So, precisely what is Sigma male personality? In simple words, a sigma male is more calculative and balanced. Moreover, sigma personalities just have different ways of expressing themselves than other types of men do. They may be sensitive, shy, and passive. Some people even believe that they are feminine or metrosexual men and that they have qualities that women value in men more than other men do. Hopefully, this article will guide you to understand everything about Sigma males and clear all the misconceptions that you might have about this personality type!

Do you resonate with a Sigma man personality or know someone who is? Let us know in the comments section below.

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