EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Aditya Narayan advices people to work on themselves: We can take this time & become healthier

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Aditya Narayan advices people to work on themselves (Pic Credit: Aditya Narayan / Instagram)

Aditya Narayan and his wife Shweta Agarwal had tested positive for Covid 19 last month, and have now recovered. In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla recently, the actor-singer suggested a few precautions that people should take during the pandemic. To begin with he urged people to be very careful. “If you can lock yourself in your room, just do it. If you ever feel like ‘oh my God, this is getting too much’, then please think about everybody who is out there saving lives, (and) putting their lives on the lines. Also, think of all the daily wage workers who had to walk back home during the last lockdown because they had no other choice. I always tell people to count your blessings. If you are able to sit at home, sit at home. It's a privilege right now, and be thankful that you can sit at home.”

Aditya further adds, “Second thing would be to take care of yourself, because these are tough times in every way - physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually. It's tough for everybody, it's tough for me, and I am sure that it's way tougher out there for crores of people and I never forget that. So take care of yourself. I think it's very important for people to not give up hope. You know it's been so long now that it seems like we will always be like this forever, but that’s not true.”

Lastly, Aditya also recommends meditation and Yoga. “I would recommend if you can just close your eyes and meditate for even five minutes a day. Yoga and stuff is really good. Go to YouTube for all the information and knowledge that you need. So I would really suggest everybody to work on themselves. You know instead of becoming unhealthier, we can take this time and become healthier,” Aditya suggests. 

To check out the full interview, see the below video.

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