EXCLUSIVE: Yeshu actor Aarya Dharamchand on playing Joseph, bond with onscreen son Vivaan, and USP of the show

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EXCLUSIVE: Yeshu actor Aarya Dharamchand on playing Joseph, bond with onscreen son Vivaan, and USP of the show

Yeshu, a story on Jesus Christ's life, his sacrifice for humanity and his unique bond with his mother, is all set to enthrall Indian television viewers. Aarya Dharamchand, who has mesmerised fans with his performances in Jaat Ki Jugni and Dharmakshetra, plays the role of Joseph, Yeshu's father in the show. In a recent chat with Pinkvilla, Aarya opened up about his character Yeshu, shooting experience in COVID-19 situation, his bond with reel-life son Vivaan, and the 'uniqueness' of Yeshu. Excerpts below: 

1. What made you give a nod to the character, and how did you prepare for it. What are the qualities that you would like to imbibe from Joseph in real life? 

Around 2 months ago, I received the opportunity to be a part of Yeshu. Initially, I did not audition for the role of Joseph, rather gave an audition for a negative role in the show. But I am glad and more than satisfied with my role now. I portray the role of Joseph, a good-hearted man who is generous and loyal. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and has the strength to take on the hardest of tasks. He is immensely protective of his family, especially his wife and son, Joseph will be seen going through difficult challenges in life. He is famously known to have been venerated as a saint. It is a very critical role and has set a high benchmark for me. I hope to do justice to my character. The qualities of Joseph are the reasons I fell in love with the character. 

I have already started reading up on Joseph to fully understand his position and I am looking forward to seeing how the character shall be developed further in the show. The script is crystal clear, it has helped me understand Joseph very well. Being in the get-up of Joseph too has facilitated my act. He is a sacrificing, moralistic, and most of all a great father, I look forward to such learnings in my personal life.

2. You're a father in real life, did your real-life experience help you in creating a bond with your onscreen son Vivaan Shah?

Definitely, I have a Yeshu at home and one on the sets too! It so happens that my own son is the same age as Vivaan Shah which has made it easier for me to bond with him. It is pleasant to work with a bright boy like Vivaan, he is adept at taking instructions and carries himself well which makes him a great actor. Being a father, it comes very naturally to me when I express my affection towards him on and off-screen. 

3. Given the COVID-19 situation, were you apprehensive to begin shooting as you have to go home to your child and family? Did you have any fears? 

With respect to the current situation I was definitely cautious, it is not something that one can ignore. I have an avid interest in fitness, I am a ketogenic coach and trainer, so I am taking care of my health to my best capacity and also for the safety of my family. We are eating well and taking the necessary precautions. Being on the set, I witnessed the measures taken to maintain distance and the various guidelines we practice ensuring one another’s well-being. Sanitisation is a must and we go through a screening every day monitoring our vitals and a doctor is present on the set at all times. All in all, a very guarded atmosphere that puts my mind to ease. 

4. How do you think Yeshu will stand out from other period dramas on TV and create a connection with viewers? Since the show focuses on humanity, do you feel it was the need of the hour to bring up a show with such a topic, considering the happenings in society? Also, do you think Yeshu will be able change people's outlook towards each other?

The story of Yeshu is a bit different, in terms of the era and content. The television industry in India has not witnessed something like this before, so it is a very novel idea. Yeshu is an Indianized presentation that people are bound to like and enjoy. The show is unique with its own perspective of love and compassion. We are aware of the global situation in the time of a pandemic which is devastating. People faced a hard year with negative things happening all around, many went through losses of employment, their loved ones and health. 

Yeshu is an Indianized presentation that people are bound to like and enjoy. The show is unique with its own perspective of love and compassion.
Aarya Dharamchand

Yeshu is a much-needed show that will bring about positivity and optimism. The cast is stunning, talent is in abundance and everyone has put their best foot forward. Yeshu hopes to be that good beginning everyone needs and to put an end to the misery that was 2020. The team aspires to change the outlook of the audience and bring them happiness and encourage them to be more compassionate towards fellow humans and other living beings. 

Personally, when I step into the character’s shoes, it changes me as a person as Aarya is replaced by Joseph and it is a surreal experience. I take bits of Joseph back home with me, he makes me a better human being. We hope that the audience enjoys the series and the result of our hard work is sweet.

Apart from Aarya, Yeshu has an ensemble of Vivaan Shah, Sonali Nikam, Darpan Srivastava and Rudra Soni playing pivotal roles. Touted to be one of its kind, the intriguing period drama will launch from tomorrow, December 22, 2020, on &TV from 8 PM.

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