Anupamaa Episode Update, July 10: Anupama refuses to sign NOC which makes Vanraj angry; Anuj asks him to behave

In today's episode of Anupamaa, Vanraj yells at Anupama as she refuses to sign the NOC. Anuj warns Vanraj and asks him to behave.

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(PC: Star Plus YouTube)
Anupamaa Episode Update, July 10 (PC: Star Plus YouTube)

The episode begins with Babuji telling Vanraj that the house doesn't feel like their own anymore. He clarifies that he's not criticizing Vanraj, acknowledging him as a good son, and expressing hope that others might have such a good son in this era. Babuji praises Vanraj for taking on significant responsibilities at a young age, expanding their small two-bedroom house, and investing in it. 

He states that Vanraj has the right to make decisions for his children, but emphasizes that the house holds sentimental value, with Babuji's father having laid its foundation, and both Vanraj and his sister being born there. 

He compares the house to a partner, saying its loss would bring them pain. Babuji assures that he and Leela will sign the papers willingly, allowing Vanraj to build a tower and live there happily. However, he and Leela choose to remain in their current home.

Vanraj struggles to keep family united as Babuji refuses to move

Vanraj expresses that he will feel as if he will die if his parents stay behind. Anuj suggests that if there's an issue with the children, they should be scolded, urging everyone to come along. Anupama and Vanraj also ask them to come. 

However, Babuji refuses. Vanraj explains his struggle to balance between his parents and children, expressing his inability to live without either. He declares his willingness to endure the challenges to keep both sides together. 


Baa urges Babuji to listen to Vanraj. Babuji tells her to go ahead but insists on staying behind himself. He explains that people his age are there, and no one will scold or mistreat him. He believes that it's better to part ways after a certain age. 

He suggests that they manage the household while he and Leela live separately, maintaining good relations from a distance. Babuji assures that they can visit each other as they wish, allowing everyone to live their lives as they desire.

Vanraj struggles with parents' decision to stay behind

Vanraj tells his parents that if they want to stay, he won't object. He emphasizes that their happiness is very important to him and expresses his difficulty in living without them, but he will try. Babuji asks Vanraj to send the property papers for him to sign. 

When Anupama starts to speak, Babuji interrupts, asking her to sign the NOC and sit down to help make papad. Anupama feels strongly that their true place is in the house and resolves not to let them stay behind. Vanraj steps outside, and Anuj tells Anupama to come, noting that her parents won't listen right now.


Vanraj's pleas fail, family debates bringing Baa and Babuji back

Vanraj returns home, and Kavya immediately asks where his parents are and when they will return. Kinjal, Titu, Dimpy, and others also press him for answers. Vanraj silently indicates "no." 

Kinjal questions if his parents plan to stay there, and Pakhi accuses Baa and Babuji of acting helpless to paint her as the villain. Kavya retorts that Pakhi does that herself, calling Baa a hypocrite. Kavya insists they should bring them back.

Aadhya enters, and Vanraj explains that he pleaded with his parents, but they refused to return. He adds that they won't come back even at Anupama's request. The kids arrive, with Mahi asking Baa to get kesar milk and Ishu wondering where they are. Ansh questions why they aren't on the sofa or swing, and Aadhya tries to distract them by showing them something.

Pakhi comments that even the kids will cry now, unsure of what to say. Kavya warns Pakhi not to provoke her, saying even Vanraj can't stop her today. Toshu tries to intervene, but Kavya tells him to shut up. 


She recalls her moments with Baa and Babuji, describing them as the family's backbone and not just photos. She tells Vanraj that everything happened so quickly, and Babuji might not have meant what he said. Kavya suggests they go and bring them back, and Kinjal agrees.

Vanraj faces family tensions over Baa and Babuji's departure

Dimpy suggests that if they all go together, Baa and Babuji will come back. Vanraj insists they won't return. Kavya proposes taking the kids along to persuade them. Dimpy expresses her uncertainty about managing without them, and Titu mentions their dependency on Baa and Babuji for even small tasks. Vanraj decides that he alone will go to get their signatures on the property papers.

Toshu and Pakhi agree they should get the signatures, but Kavya criticizes Vanraj for prioritizing the property. Vanraj defends himself, saying if Kavya considers herself a great daughter-in-law, he is also not a bad son. 

Kavya points out that Baa and Babuji left because of their daughter. Vanraj retorts, asking if he should throw their daughter out on the street, to which Kavya replies that doing so would mean he is throwing his parents out too. Vanraj explains that he didn't ask his parents to leave but respected their decision despite disliking it. 


He stresses that he has always honored everyone's relationships and spent a lot of time with his parents, despite now being a grandfather himself. He emphasizes that he still needs his parents, but they don't seem to need him. 

He states his intention to sell the house and distribute their share to avoid future conflicts. Finally, he expresses his determination to bring them back, as he can't live without them. Vanraj asks Toshu to accompany him to get Babuji's signature, and Toshu agrees.

Anupama stands firm against selling family home

Pakhi suggests that Anupama should also sign. Anupama arrives and declares she won't sign, despite Babuji's request. Vanraj pleads with her not to aggravate him. Anuj intervenes calmly, prompting Vanraj to warn him not to interfere in family matters. Anuj insists he only wants respect when addressed by Vanraj or Anupama. 

Anupama firmly states she won't sign no matter what. Vanraj demands to know her reason, and Anupama responds that he himself is her issue. He questions why she refuses when Babuji himself requested her to sign. 

Anupama explains she simply doesn't want him to sell the house and pleads with folded hands not to do so, despite her growing anger. She emphasizes the elders' desire to spend their final 56 days in their own home, in their own corner.


Anupama defends family home amidst emotional turmoil

Anupama passionately argues that once the tower is built, everyone will get their share, but Baa and Babuji's cherished memories won't exist there. She pleads not to take away their sacred space, emphasizing that this house is their entire life; if it breaks, they will feel devastated.

Vanraj asks Anuj to take Anupama away and stop her lectures. Anupama tells him to respect her. Vanraj defends himself, saying he loves his parents and needs to consider his children too. He questions if Anupama ever thought about their children's future. Anupama insists he would have signed the NOC if he had.

Anuj intervenes, warning Anupama about listing her sacrifices for their children. Pakhi acknowledges Anupama's sacrifices but accuses her of interfering. Kavya insists Anupama shouldn't sign, claiming she has done so much for them and they aren't grateful. 

Toshu expresses hurt that Anupama made him work as a waiter and gave money to Mr. Dhillon instead of him, questioning if this is how a mother behaves. Anupama looks visibly hurt by their accusations. The episode ends here.

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