Is Tower Of God Manga Coming to an End? Here's What You Need to Know

As the journey of Twenty-Fifth Bahm unfolds in Tower of God, fans ponder the series' fate. With over 590 chapters and rumors swirling about the series' conclusion, discover if the end is near.

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Lee Jong-hui/Slave In Utero (SIU), Telecom Animation Film, Crunchyroll
Tower Of God [Lee Jong-hui/Slave In Utero (SIU), Telecom Animation Film, Crunchyroll]

Tower of God follows the journey of Twenty-Fifth Bahm, a boy who has spent his life trapped beneath a mysterious Tower, yearning for his only companion, Rachel. Devastated when Rachel enters the Tower without him, Bahm defies fate by opening the Tower's door, embarking on a perilous quest to reunite with her. Along the way, he allies with others, navigating the Tower's treacherous challenges.

Bahm started his journey in the popular series Tower Of God by SIU in July 2014, and has made great headway in climbing the Tower. Let’s take a closer look into whether the series will soon come to an end or not.

Tower Of God [Lee Jong-hui/Slave In Utero (SIU), Telecom Animation Film, Crunchyroll]

Is the Tower of God manhwa over?

The Tower of God manhwa has gained praise from fans and stands as one of the top favorites, telling a story of climbing up in a world created by the Tower. Central to the plot is Bahm, a unique individual who changes fate by opening the Tower's gate, taking readers on a journey filled with fantasy, excitement, and thrills.

Tower of God, originally a successful manga, was adapted into an anime series in 2020 and has accumulated over 590 chapters so far. Despite being in Season 3 Episode 182, there are still uncertainties surrounding the series' ending. Speculations about its conclusion arose during a break in 2022, but were put to rest when new chapters resumed in February 2023.


With Bahm's journey intertwined with unresolved threads and new challenges, the manhwa's conclusion remains distant. Presently spanning 599 chapters across three seasons, the Tower of God manhwa has seen a steady fan base following Bahm and his comrades’ climb up the tower.

Tower Of God [Lee Jong-hui/Slave In Utero (SIU), Telecom Animation Film, Crunchyroll]

The ongoing journey of Tower Of God: Season 3 and beyond

Now amidst the Marriage Tournament arc, speculation arises on Bahm's fate and potential involvement with Lo Po Bia Traumerei's family. Despite uncertainties, Tower of God's narrative horizon extends far beyond, with hints of impending conflict and the promise of further character growth.

The series is thriving even now, following the release of Chapter 599 on February 19, 2024. With the Tower boasting a minimum of 135 floors, there's a good chance that the upper levels remain uncharted territory, waiting to be discovered. It's exciting to think that the Twenty-Fifth Bam might surpass Jahad's accomplishments by climbing even higher, ensuring that fans of ToG can look forward to more adventures with no end in sight.

Tower Of God [Lee Jong-hui/Slave In Utero (SIU), Telecom Animation Film, Crunchyroll]


Tower of God's lasting popularity and complex narrative have solidified its place in the world of web comics and manhwa. Fans are excited for what's to come in the series, eagerly anticipating new twists and turns as the story progresses within the Tower's enigmatic world.

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