BLACKPINK reacts to THE GIRLS music video; Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa think THIS about game characters

BLACKPINK members have released OST for BLACKPINK THE GAME, and the members officially react to the video while competing to get discounts for producers

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  • The members react to the music video in the celebration party for the OST

BLACKPINK has officially released the highly anticipated original soundtrack for BLACKPINK THE GAME, titled THE GIRLS. The music video was released today and is now available for fans, players, and listeners on the gaming app. To mark its launch, the members held a celebration party during which they reacted to the music video and engaged in various enjoyable activities.

BLACKPINK THE GAME OST celebration party

The celebration party was streamed on BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel and featured host Lee Yi Kyung along with BLACKPINK members Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa. In the video, Lee Yi Kyung confessed that he himself had started playing and enjoying THE GAME. Within THE GAME, BLINKs have the opportunity to become BLACKPINK's producer. Players need to complete puzzles to arrange the group’s schedule and manage their company. 

Players are able to connect with their friends within the game and even have the opportunity to style the members with fashionable outfits. During the celebration, Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa showered Jisoo with praise for her gameplay, being particularly amazed by how Jisoo styled their characters in the game. The group’s eldest member humorously disclosed that she often dedicates more time and resources to dressing up the characters than to solving the puzzles themselves. Following Rosé's complimentary words about Jisoo's styling skills, Jennie playfully chimed in, pointing out that her own in-game character hadn't received the same level of fashionable attention by Jisoo.

Jisoo quickly clarified the situation by revealing that she had actually purchased the most expensive dress in the game for Jennie. Upon hearing this, Lisa playfully "called out" Jisoo, humorously pointing out that the older member had previously mentioned that she had spent the most money on Lisa herself, not on Jennie.

Jisoo clarified that, for Lisa's character, she had opted for a range of items rather than a single expensive purchase. In response, Rosé playfully chimed in, wondering aloud about the items Jisoo had chosen for her own character. Jisoo cleverly hinted that she had unlocked a squirrel outfit for Rosé, all while admitting with humor that her in-game currency had taken a hit after splurging on Jennie's dress.

However, this spending spree didn't yield the desired outcome for Jisoo. She revealed that despite her investment, acquiring Jennie’s photo card in the game proved to be quite challenging. On a different note, Jisoo shared that she ventured into Channel 1 of the game to interact with some fans, initially worried about being surrounded by enthusiastic fans. However, she amusingly discovered that the fans failed to recognize her as a BLACKPINK member and she was left unnoticed.


BLACKPINK member’s reaction to THE GIRLS music video

Lee Yi Kyung excitedly shared that he had already watched the music video and was impressed by the song. The music video showcases the BLACKPINK members' avatars donned in outfits reminiscent of their 'How You Like That' MV. The MV employs the 'REVE' style, a fusion of black and chic concepts, along with BLACKPINK's signature luxurious flair. The 'STELLA' style is employed to convey BLACKPINK's girl crush and hip-hop concepts.

In the video, the members gathered to watch the premiere together for the first time, reacting to both the song and the MV. As the music video began, Jisoo couldn't help but remark on the charismatic appearance of the avatars, while Jennie chimed in, noting how stunning their eyes appeared. Rosé exclaimed that her avatar's entrance exuded a sexy vibe, and Jisoo playfully contemplated whether she should bring back her bangs upon seeing her avatar rocking the same hairstyle.

They collectively praised the avatars for their cuteness and found the choreography to be incredibly adorable. The members enthusiastically lauded Rosé's avatar, playfully designating her as the 'charisma' representative. The eldest member of BLACKPINK expressed her admiration for the avatars' outfits, while the youngest member appreciated the intricacies of the choreography.

The members endearingly hyped up the avatars, even pondering whether they could replicate the performance in real life as effectively as their avatars did. Lee Yi Kyung shared that the choreography was crafted by Lee Jung from YGX. He then inquired if there was a particular aspect the members favored the most about the avatars. Rosé mentioned that she particularly liked the characters' expressions. Jennie appreciated how each member's individuality was accurately portrayed, and how stylish they all appeared. Lisa voiced her preference for Rosé's expression. Jisoo shared her concern about a meme she had seen, depicting the other members with serious expressions while she was the only one smiling. Similarly, in the avatar video, Jisoo noted that while the other members' avatars wore serious expressions, her own avatar maintained a smile.

In addition to their discussions, the members engaged in various enjoyable activities and games. As part of the fun, prizes were awarded, including discounts for the STELLA outfits.

Watch the full video here-


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