Box Office Report: 'Jazbaa' has a decent first weekend, collections similar to 'Mardaani', 'NH 10'

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After taking up a slow start on Friday, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Irrfan Khan starrer 'Jazbaa' picked up pace on Saturday and Sunday. According to Box Office India, the film earned Rs. 5.50 crores on Sunday, taking the weekend business of the movie to Rs. 14.35 crores.
While the trend of the film was good on Saturday, there was a limited follow through on Sunday as the India vs South Africa cricket match affected the business of films. 
The movie performed well in Mumbai circuit with 5.25 crore nett. Delhi / UP grossed around 3 crore nett while East Punjab was around 1.40 crore nett. The weekend business is similar to films like 'Mardaani' and 'NH 10'.

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International superstar, most beautiful women on planet star power more than Khans and Collection comparison with Rani and Anu? Ha ha ha . Now the new argument by Ash fans is Ash is above hits and flops! Really? Oh that's why she rejected so many films for super flop Jazbaa? Truth is no big producer and director is ready to work with her that's why she settled on Sanjay Gupta her hubby's best friend.

Mardaani was a far superior to Jazbaa in every way!

But still the collections are same...shows that people want to watch ash's film as much as rani's film or anu's film...this genre of films are equally popular...

1. NH10 and Mardaani were far far better
2. Rani can act
3. Jazbaa is badly made movie. Weekdays will be total washout
4. Aish has great PR ..but no fans in real world ! She cannt act too.

If u say so #loveAsh

Well done team JAZBAA. Slow and steady wins the race.

Aishwarya already said the success of the movie is all about marketing. She has alread washed her hands off this turkey!

So proud of Ash! She proved that she is better than Rani who thinks she is so great .. with her Chopra family and blah blah ... She is the one with dignity and grace ! Way to go ash

Queen of hamming is comparing herself with the brilliant Rani Mukherji. Lol

NH 10 made 30 crores lifetime and Mardaani exceeded 30 crores with Rani getting best actress nomination . Jazbaa is doing badly and will not exceed 25 crores lifetime and Ash will get golden kela award if she is lucky

Rani was nominated for golden kela/ghanta award...anyone can check the nomination list...


The collections are more than both those films.

Pls stop comparing it with films of Rani! Rani can act! Period!!

Aishwarya can also act.

So true! Ash fans need to get a life! Deepika, Rani, Vidya, all these girls can act!

Haha...Deepika can't act...Maybe you mean Kangana....

Deepika??? Good

Nice. Wonder whose PR is desperately trying to prove Jazbaa is not working? Nobody said it has already earned profit or become hit.

lol for the girl power, they just cant pull in the numbers

Why this day to day update on Jazbaa's performance? I don't see it being done with any other movie here. These desperate attempts fool nobody.

Star status is compared to Deepika and collection to Rani :p

It is a dark thriller-drama not some rom-com or comedy that everyone will come rushing. If someone like deepika had done it too, the collections wouldn't have been much different.

its a bummer. the JAzba budget is much higher. not sure why people are trying to coverup and desperate to shoo that it doing okay. it f l o p

With a budget to 36 crores, the film wont break even , not to mention it was panned by critics too, especially Ash's screaming and wailing on screen . Lol

In which world are you living? panned by critics? it actually got a great response from the audience and majority of critics. Ash's performance has received great praise.

Lol you delusional Ash fans . Aishwarya has been criticized for her ott hysteric screeching and looking frozen even in emotional scenes . Get out of la la land , she was terrible in this movie

Panned by critics? Majority of the reviews are positive. It would be more apt to say mixed response from critics.

is this Kitty?

She looks exactly like Radhika Apte

Ha ha at the attempt to even DARE to compare with the incomparable Rani! Pathetic! Ash can only DREAM to be HALF the actress Rani is. Ash's incredible good looks and cloyingly sweet behavior with her male directors has given her project after project - which man would not be THRILLEd when a lady who looks like Ash is gracious to him and Ash is an absolute flatterer. But NEVER in her life can Ash EVER give a performance like the great Rani can. Fact.

Someone is desperately trying to prove that Jazbaa is good earning proposition, in today's times even a third grade movie makes 15cr the first weekend. Unless the movie is made under 12-13 cr., really there is no profit.

And why areyou desperately trying to prove it otherwise? Nobody said it has made any profit yet.

the comparison is meant to make it look like jazbaa actually is doing well

This icollection is only in India.Jazba is doing good business in Kualalampur,Australia,UAE,and even in Pakisthan. Jazba and NH 10 are of same genre. According to trade analyst Jazba lost 4 crores in India yeasterday for Cricket match and BB9. Jazzba needs to do at least 40 crore lifetime business to be declared success. Jazba's budget is 22 crores and landing cost is less than 10 crores.

ash has freaky hand in the pic..

...and her hair is fake and freaky as well LOL!!

And youare so real, anon. :)

Yay.. great news for Jazbaa.. its really a good film... just watched it yesterday...

great news??even the pathetic katti batti earned 15 cr at the weekend

But Mardaani & NH10 had half the budget of Jazbaa. Mardaani earned double it's cost. Jazbaa needs to earn 70Cr to double It's budget.

I don't think its fair to compare NH 10 and Mardaani to Jazbaa. The budget of Jazbaa is around 30 to 35 crores. NH 10 had a budget of 13 crores and Mardaani was around 15 crores.

budget of twmr was 30 grossed 45 cr at first weekend

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