War Movie Review: Hrithik and Tiger battle it out to be patriots in the high octane thriller

War Movie Review: Yash Raj Films gives Fast and Furious or Dhoom franchise lovers a reason to wait for the action to unfold.
War Movie Review: Hrithik and Tiger battle it out to be patriots in the high octane thriller War Movie Review: Hrithik and Tiger battle it out to be patriots in the high octane thriller
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War Movie Director: Siddharth Anand 
War Movie Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor 
War Movie Rating: 3/5


War is about an agent gone rogue and his prodigy who try to prove who is more patriotic than the other. Kabir (Hrithik Roshan), the leader of a special task force team of India, faces a quandary when he is introduced to a new recruit, Khalid (Tiger Shroff). Khalid is on a mission to prove his patriotism and cleanse the name of his family after his father was exterminated and labelled as a traitor. But, Kabir doesn't trust anyone to join his team unless they pass the requisite trust barometer. Hereon, the film transports us back to the present where Khalid is now tasked to stop Kabir from eliminating Indian intelligence and military assets. The only problem is - nobody knows who is the next target, the modus operandi or the reason why Kabir has turned rogue. 



Director Siddharth Anand does a decent job making the film engrossing for the audience. The first-half has several close combat and parkour sequences. The makers have shot this massive showdown across seven countries, which gives the audience many beautiful locations to explore. For thriller lovers, there are enough twists and turns and keeps the audience guessing: What’s the motive? The film, of course, could have benefitted if it was chopped a little tighter in the second half, saving the audience some time from another showdown between the leads. 


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Hrithik stands out and yet again proves why he is the super-agent who can equally play darker shades with finesse. Tiger Shroff has played the gutsy, risk-taking commando in his last few films. The experience of those helps him to convince the audience that he has come a long way from the action-loving lover boy. In fact, he has a few tricks up his sleeve that becomes the highlight of the film; stealing some charm from Hrithik.  



Soni Razdan is in her element, playing the role of Khalid’s mother waiting to have her moment of redemption. She is impactful whenever given the screen space. Ashutosh Rana plays Colonel Luthra, the head of the special task force. He grips his character brings in the required dose of intensity. Vani Kapoor, who enters in the second half with a role that is a little more than a cameo, becomes the moral compass for Kabir. Anupriya Goenka, one of the key team members of the task force, is given less on-ground action scenes but more desk intelligence work - making us wonder, why should boys have all the fun?


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The best part of the film is that the writer and director, Siddharth Anand, hasn't shown Hrithik as a commander with unlimited energy. He does get tired and beaten down. More importantly, just because Tiger takes his shirt off, Hrithik doesn't do it for the heck of it. At the same time, it also suffers from some illogical action scenes such as using magnetic force to cling on to a defence plane flying at a high altitude. In such scripts, often logic and gravity is an unnecessary burden. 


The music and background score keeps the energy of this action flick high. Dialogues are well-written and throw in a tint of humour which adds to the chemistry between Hrithik and Tiger. 



War is undoubtedly an entertaining Bollywood thriller with two superstars of two different generations giving ample opportunities to start a social media war on who was better. After a long time, we have a film which is better than its trailer. WAR is a combination of well-blended masala, powerful action scenes, unpredictable twists and a required dose of patriotism. Something, you can watch and enjoy. 


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Hrithik is smoking Hot. action is very good.
Locations of 7 countries awesome. Very good movie.

Finally, Indian Flimmmakers can make good movies.
Hrithik Roshan deserves the best actor and best-looking award this year.

Kudos to Siddharth Anand to make something different and cool.



The movie is very good. You will get your money worth.
Breathtaking crisp action, photography, locations

Hrithik is so hot and breathtaking handsome and good looking. His eyes are so expressive and he has used them
very effectively. Hrithik is 10 on 10.

Tiger did good but Hrithik is still much ahead of Tiger.
Part of it Hrithik is also very good looking.

Please go and watch it in theater I just watched it and going back one more time.

Hrithik is back in the game with 2 back to back hits.


Hrithik and Tiger both nailed it they are rocking.

HRITHIK and TIGER have worked very hard.
I hope the movie makes more than 300 crores.

it is worth the watch, Total Money payback.

It's 100on100, the first bollywood movie ever matches Hollywood action. Loved watching every bit of it and booked the tickets again for weekend. Biggest hit in bollywood after soooo long and undoubtedly Hrithik Roshan should be awarded best actor of the year. He has done a fabulous and outstanding job, not less than Hollywood action heroes.

True Review.

Hrithik Body and swag killing me.
Tiger body and swag also killed me.

The movie is very good.
Good action.
Good Camera work and scenes.
Good Music
Excellent looking two heroes.
To Flimmmakers Wishing you all the best for the movie success.

The movie is so good worth every penny you spent.

Wow movie

Good masala movie ,don't expect anything else.

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