Opening Weekend Collection: Thalapathy Vijay shows China who is the real MASTER at the Global Box Office

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Opening Weekend Collection: Thalapathy Vijay shows China who is the real “MASTER” at the Global Box Office

In a first for Indian cinema, Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi’s action thriller, Master, has created a world record by becoming the highest grossing film of the week across the world as it raked in over Rs 155 crore (gross) in its opening weekend as per estimates. The film has earned almost twice more than the second-best faring film in the world, the Chinese slice of life title, A Little Red Flower, which collected Rs 82.50 crore at the global box-office in the same time frame. Third on the list is another Chinese film, Shock Wave 2, which collected Rs 59 crore.

This is the first time in the longest time that an Indian film has emerged number one earning film across the globe. While the lack of competition from any other film industry in the world has pushed Master to attain this feat, it is a commendable achievement that would go down in the history of Indian trade. The best faring circuit for Master was Tamil Nadu, where it grossed over Rs 80 crore, whereas the overseas market contributed Rs 34 crore over the five-day weekend.

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, which is already in the profit zone, raked in a gross total of Rs 20 crore, whereas Kerala, Karanataka and the Northern belt contributed Rs 8.70, Rs 13.50 and Rs 4.50 crore respectively. Master in covid times has done what 95% of the films in India struggle to do even in a normal scenario, which speaks volumes about Vijay’s stardom and appeal among the audience in the southern market and overseas belt. The distributor share of Master in India stands at 67.55 crore, as against the investment of Rs 80.50 crore, and given the trend so far, all the investors in Master will break even. This is a humongous feat considering that the stakes were high and not many anticipated the film to generate this sort of fanfare from the film.

The overseas rights of Master were sold for Rs 15.50 crore, and the distributor share currently stands at Rs 15 crore. The film should run into overflow in the overseas belt from today.

A territorial breakdown of Master (Gross):

  • Tamil Nadu: Rs 80 crore plus
  • Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: Rs 19 crore
  • Karnataka: Rs 12.50 crore
  • Kerala: Rs 8.70 crore
  • North India: Rs 4.50 crore
  • Overseas: Rs 34 crore

Total: Rs 158 crore plus

Distributor share break down of Master:

  • Tamil Nadu: Rs 45 crore (Sold at Rs 62.50 crore)
  • Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: 11.25 crore (Overflow- sold at Rs 8.50 crore)
  • Karnataka: Rs 5.50 crore (Overflow – Sold at Rs 5.00 crore)
  • Kerala: Rs 4 crore (Sold at Rs 4.50 crore)
  • North India: Rs 1.80 crore
  • Overseas: Rs 15 crore (Sold at Rs 15.50)

Total: Rs 82.55 crore

Investment: Rs 96 crore

Recovery: 86%

Stay tuned for more number crunching analysis of Master!

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Anonymous : First of all.. Learn the meaning of INR and US.. Then comment on Profit and loss. Seriously.. idiots are full.
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Anonymous : Our Thalapathy always Mass...
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Anonymous : People are actually coming for Vijay Sethupathi acting.
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Anonymous : Who is that?
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Anonymous : Who is that?
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Anonymous : Wow nice
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Anonymous : Thalapathy Vijay is a superstarof India
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Anonymous : Idiots...the chinese film has the opening of 82.5 us dollars that is approximately 600 crores in Indian rupees.....really you guys should first learn to calculate
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Anonymous : The Chinese movie gross only 11.5$ worldwide. Please check global box office report.
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Anonymous : Are u losted ,this is in crore not in us dollars. Understand, i hope you will better understand
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Anonymous : Would love if Master really beat Chinese movie but these Indian news channel are useless. Chinese movie was released in 31 Dec 2020 and if they are comparing their opening weekend box office with two week plus old chinese movie then how idiot they are.. And if they are talking about opening collection of both movies then, Chinese movie already collected more than 1200 coror in 19 days..
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Anonymous : It's literally already converted
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Anonymous : Ppl when they officially announce they see all these parameters before they say something. They are not kids to make such mistakes as crores and dollars
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