EXCLUSIVE: Nanki Papneja of Limerick on the diva who looks best in her creations, staying relevant, etc.

In a tete-a-tete with co-founder, Nanki Papneja of Limerick, we talk about trends, staying relevant today and more.

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EXCLUSIVE: Nanki Papneja of Limerick on the diva who looks best in her creations, staying relevant, etc.
EXCLUSIVE: Nanki Papneja of Limerick on the diva who looks best in her creations, staying relevant, etc.

ounded in 2014 by Abirr and Nanki Papneja, Limerick is a design house that celebrates the perfect mix of prints and patterns. The Delhi-based label that was founded by the duo is all about using contemporary design techniques to meet the ever-changing needs of the fashion industry today. The brand also runs synonymous with free-flowing fabrics that make for perfect summery looks and are perfect for layering in fall. In an exclusive chat with Nanki, of the brand that just showcased it's the latest collection at a recent fashion week, we talk fashion, creative differences and staying relevant. 

To begin with, why the name Limerick?  
The name Limerick is inspired by a form of poetry which is often humorous and consists of only 5 lines. With every collection that I design, there is an essence of storytelling that usually flows out in an extremely poetic fashion and hence we choose the name Limerick.

How would you describe your creations? 
Our creations explore the dynamism of prints. We pay attention to details, even the simplest looking print has the minutest of details. We prefer classic cuts with our prints and detailing taking the centre stage. We design for the women who see immaculate in the obvious and who treasure the incomprehensible.
Your new collection seems like a contrast to everything you've done so far, in terms of prints. What was the inspiration/thought process behind this?
Prints have always been our prime focus. We have always been true to our roots, our rich heritage and culture. We try and mix the traditional and the modern. Our last collection was all about kalamkari and this one revolves around mughal architecture, mughal gardens to be more precise. This collection is bolder and happier than our previous ones because we felt that that's what the world needs right now - positivity and optimism over gloom and sadness that the pandemic and lockdowns have landed us in.


All of your creations have massive attention to detail, be it the hemline or perfect symmetry of colours. Is this something you had to work towards or does this come naturally to either of you?
From the very start, we have been obsessed with details. It gets hard to get things done from people when one is very fixated with quality and doesn't compromise. So I would say we had to work hard towards this since it's a team effort and everyone has to do their part with the same drive and focus.

What is your favourite thing about fashion?
Fashion reflects and incorporates what's around. It always changes and evolves under various circumstances and has the power of never staying constant. The fact that each individual can express themselves without words is absolutely my favourite thing. 
A trend you absolutely hate and would never incorporate into your creations 
Harem pants and anything with a hanging crotch.


A fashion trend you can't get enough of and why 
Maxi Dresses! This piece of clothing is super versatile and has the capabilities of being styled in various different ways. Even if you see our collections, Maxi’s are something we usually incorporate as it’s extremely easy to wear and also an item that gets off the shelves quickly!

If you had to pick one celebrity who looked best in your creations, who would it be?
Aditi Rao Hydari  

One Bollywood celebrity who hasn't worn your creations yet but you would love to see wearing Limerick?
Priyanka Chopra

When it comes to fashion, what are 5 pieces that every girl should have in her closet?
A white shirt, a pair of well fitted jeans, a little black dress, a kaftan and to end with my favorite a maxi.
One piece of clothing you think nobody could go wrong in
A kaftan is again a very versatile item which easily fits people of different body types which is so important these days.


Finally, how do you manage to stay relevant in today's constantly changing fashion scene? 
The only thing consistent with fashion is change. To stay relevant, one has to stay true to his / her core yet upgrade with the changing circumstances.

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