How to Cuddle with Your Partner And Spice up Your Romantic Life

Get curled up on the bed with your partner and make the moments romantic with cuddling. Here are the best tips on how to cuddle and strengthen your bond.

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How to Cuddle: Best Cuddle Positions And Benefits
How to Cuddle: Best Cuddle Positions And Benefits

After working tirelessly all day long, coming back home and cuddling with your partner feels truly amazing. Cuddling is showing affection to someone by holding them close in your arms. It's as good for your relationship as toppings are for pizza. If you want to bring your partner closer to you by cuddling but are not sure how to cuddle, we are here to help you out. Keep reading to know about the best way to cuddle and its benefits. While cuddling is known to be beneficial for a relationship, doing it the wrong way can make you both feel uncomfortable. It is an art that must be mastered properly to reap all its benefits. Below we have explained in detail 'how to cuddle' and strengthen your relationship.

How to Cuddle And Evoke Happy Emotions?

How to Cuddle And Evoke Happy Emotions?

There are various cuddle positions that couples opt for to build intimacy. But before beginning with cuddling positions and understanding how to cuddle, let us understand what steps you should follow before you start with the process. 

1. Keep It Slow And Steady

Maybe your partner has given you a hint that they want to snuggle, or you are in the mood to do so. Regardless of the situation, it is better if you start slow and make your better half feel comfortable. Before you start to cuddle, place a hand on their back, waist, or around their shoulder to get a bit cozy. Make your intentions clear so that the other person knows you want to cuddle. The notion that cuddling always results in sexual activity isn't true. It might go into the physical intimacy phase or not progress altogether. Cuddling can evoke positivity, and acts as a nurturing activity to bring two people closer together, and may or may not be sexual. Hence, it is important to be upfront about your feelings about cuddling with your partner. 


2. Take Note of Surroundings

Once you have made your intentions clear, you must take note of the environmental factors. If it's too cold, grab a blanket. Also, determine how much space you would want to cuddle comfortably. 

3. Be at Ease

How to Cuddle Be at Ease

Comfortable cuddling requires you to be at ease. Before you start cuddling, you should be in a comfortable position and also make your partner feel at ease. For example, if you plan on cuddling with your partner all night long, slip into soothing attire. Likewise, if there is a special occasion and you want to cuddle, then create a romantic ambiance by lighting some candles, playing music, and dancing with your partner. 

4. Choose a Cuddling Position

There are many cute ways to cuddle, so you must choose the best cuddling positions for yourself that set your mood. Below is the list of the best cuddling poses you can try and have fun with. 

How to Cuddle Comfortable with Your Loved One

There are various answers to 'how to cuddle with someone' because cuddling involves various positions that we are going to discuss further. 

1. The Spoon

How to Cuddle The Spoon

Spooning is one of the most romantic cuddling positions. The spoon cuddle position is comfortable and comprises "big spoon" and "little spoon." The person playing the role of "big spoon" wraps their arms comfortably around the person. If you are acting as the "little spoon" your partner will wrap their arms around you and your back will rest against their stomach. 

2. The Entwined Cuddle

How to Cuddle The Entwined Cuddle

This is a common cuddling position between couples when the relationship is new, and they are in the honeymoon phase. This cuddle position involves a couple being face-to-face and hugging each other. In this cuddle technique, the couple is very close to each other. 

3. Try the Lap Position

How to Cuddle Try the Lap Position

Putting your head on your partner's lap gives a relaxed feeling. For this position, you can simply ask your partner to place their head on your lap. You can gently caress their hair or massage their ears to make them feel good. 

4. The Half Spoon Cuddling Technique

How to Cuddle The Half Spoon Cuddling Technique


This is one of the hottest cuddling styles that's quite similar to the spooning technique. The difference is that in the half-spoon pose, one person lays on their back and the other one on the side and places their head on their chest. You can entangle your legs to be more intimate. 

5. The Back Hug

How to Cuddle The Back Hug

This position will leave you feeling romantic and excited. It can be tried both while sitting or standing. Hug your romantic partner from behind, build feelings of closeness, and let them know you love them. 

6. The Lap Sit Embrace

How to Cuddle  The Lap Sit Embrace

This is an intimate position wherein one person sits on their partner's lap when they are in a seated position and hugs them. This position can help make your partner distressed and strengthen your bond. 

7. The Cosmic Love

If you have planned an outing or a date on a terrace, you can try this cuddle position. Lay next to each other on your backs and intertwine your legs. Hold each other's hands and gaze at the shimmering stars. 

8. Listen to the Heartbeat

How to Cuddle Listen to the Heartbeat

According to research, heartbeat communication plays a pivotal role in building intimacy. This position involves one person lying comfortably on their back and the other one resting their head on the other one's chest. This way, you can listen to your partner's heartbeat and fall in love with them even more. Try this one as this is without any doubt one of the best couch cuddling positions. 

9. The Plank Hug

How to Cuddle The Plank Hug

This can be a difficult position to try if a couple has distinct body frames. But if not, you can try this position as it's quite romantic. As the name suggests, in this position, one person lies on their back and the other one is on top of them. It seems like a plank pose for the person who is at the top. There is a lot of full-body contact and eye-to-eye contact in this position, so if you want to try something new, go for this cuddle pose. 

10. The Butt Cuddle Position

This cuddling position involves the couple to lay on their sides with their lower backs and butt cheeks touching. If you want to be more playful, you can touch each other's big toes too. 


How to Cuddle Like a Professional?

1. Stroke Your Partner's Hair

Give your partner relaxation therapy by playing with their hair while you cuddle. You can even give them a soothing head massage or simply run your fingers through their hair. 

2. Tickle Your Partner Gently

Tickle your partner to make them laugh, but don't go overboard with it as it may cause discomfort to them. 

3. Say 'Hello' to Kissing

Kissing is an important part of a relationship and is known to release happy hormones in our bodies. Kiss your partner affectionately to show your love and care to them. This will make your cuddling even better and make your day.

4. Run Your Fingers Through Their Body

Caress their body lightly while cuddling to make them feel adored and cherished. 

5. Give Your Partner a Massage

Massages are relaxing and highly intimate. While cuddling, give your partner a little massage on the body part that's nearest to you. You can give them a back massage, facial massage, leg massage, or head massage. 

What Are the Benefits of Cuddling with Your Partner

There are many different types of cuddling and all of them come with benefits. Keep reading to know more!

1. It Builds Intimacy

When you cuddle, you are very close to your partner, and that most often leads to physical intimacy. According to research published in the National Library of Medicine, couples are better sexually satisfied if they cuddle after an intimate session. 

2. It Makes You Get Closer to Your Loved Ones

Oxytocin is a hormone that plays a crucial role in social bonding. It is also referred to as the cuddle hormone. According to a study, when you are involved in cuddling with your partner, your body releases oxytocin which in turn increases your bonding. 

3. It May Lower Your Blood Pressure Levels

Cuddling makes a couple happy and according to research, hugging and acts of physical touching can lower blood pressure. 

4. It Helps You Communicate Better

Empathy, love, care, and communication are important pillars of a relationship. Hence, simple gestures of touching can help you express your emotions better. 


5. It May Help Reduce Pain

One of the other benefits of cuddling is that it may help you alleviate pain. Cuddling is known to have therapeutic effects, thereby promoting natural healing. 

6. It May Help Lower Stress Levels

Stress is one of the biggest problems in the world today. But did you know you can get relief from stress by cuddling? Yes, a  2004 study concluded that stroking and squeezing releases dopamine in the body calms you down, and might also help lower stress hormones. 

What Are the Best Cuddle Positions?

Some of the most popular cuddle positions are spoon, back hug, and head on the lap. Cuddling is personal to everybody, so one can have their preferences in the choice of position. You can try whatever position you are comfortable with and make your relationship loving. 

What Happens to Your Body When You Cuddle?

Humans are social animals who like being loved and feel important. Cuddling involves skin-to-skin contact that makes our body release oxytocin and soothes our brain. When we cuddle our loved ones, we become happier and more relaxed. Moreover, cuddling is not just confined to human beings. You can even snuggle with your pet and reduce stress. According to a study, bonding with animals can make us feel rejuvenated and reduce stress levels.

How Often Do People Cuddle?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the frequency of cuddling. You can cuddle once a day or three to four times a week, depending on your preference. Cuddling exudes romance and positivity and is incredibly important to build trust with your partner. So cuddle as much as you want to keep relationship problems at bay. 



Cuddling with your partner is the best way to shoo your worries away after a hectic day and get cozy with your partner. There are many emotional and health benefits of cuddling, so don't forget to do it and make your partner feel blessed. Talk about different cuddle positions with your partner to understand how they would like to cuddle. Remember to take the tips on how to cuddle mentioned above, and melt your partner's heart with a big hug and lovely cuddles. 

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How do I start to cuddle?
Get comfortable, gently pull your partner closer, choose a cuddling position, and make them feel loved.

Does cuddling include kissing?
Cuddling does not necessarily involve kissing. However, kissing, snuggling, and hugging are a common part of cuddling.

Is cuddling a sexual activity?
No, it's a non-sexual activity that can lead to sexual intercourse.

Do men like acts like cuddling?
Yes, men like cuddling, as it releases feel-good hormones and helps them build a better connection with their partner.

Can I cuddle with my boyfriend?
Yes, you can.

How to tell my boyfriend that I want to cuddle with him?
You can tell him directly or drop subtle cues by getting close to him or playing with his hair to tell him that you want to cuddle with him.

Do guys get attached after cuddling?
This varies from person to person — some guys might get attached after cuddling while others might not.

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