110 Heartwarming Ways to Respond to “I Love You”

Stuck between I love you too and I love you more? Meh. It's time to make your partner blush with our list of cute out-of-the-box ways to respond to I love you!

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110 Heartwarming Ways to Respond to “I Love You”
110 Heartwarming Ways to Respond to “I Love You”

People often wonder how to respond to "I love you". So, when their partner expresses their love or proposes to them out of the blue, they go speechless. And then, when they finally come back to their senses, they blurt out the oh-so-common sweet response, a-k-a, “I love you too/more”. Now, we understand the whole anxiousness and jitters of those strong feelings. However, why not let the butterflies settle down a bit? Maybe then you can secretly revisit our list of adorable, unique, and cute ways to respond to “I love you” and win over your soulmate!


Be it an “I love you” text or a face-to-face situation - it's time to box away the traditional yet cute response of “I love you too”, or “I love you more”. So, get ready to express your love to your romantic partner by picking up any of the sweet responses out of the below-mentioned 110 ways.


How to Respond to “I Love You”?

Below we have mentioned lovely and perfect responses to say to your amazing person's “I love you”.

How to Respond to “I Love You”?

  • Have you heard the song, You Had Me at Hello? (blush)
  • I will never really get enough of you, my darling.
  • Baby, you stole my heart with those words.
  • Tell me honestly, you read my mind, didn’t you?
  • I was wondering why haven't you kissed me yet. (wink)
  • As I suspected, my dear, as I suspected!
  • We truly belong with each other.
  • Are you sure? Because I may take you seriously this time.
  • We were meant to find each other!
  • I wish I could listen to those words every single day on repeat.
  • Oh, love, can you say that again? And again? And again? And again?
  • Baby, you know, you make the world a better place.
  • Aww, you made me blush!
  • I was born only to meet you, baby!
  • Well, cheers to that, honey!
  • With that, it is now time for action! (surprise your date)
  • You make my soul sing in joy whenever you utter these words!
  • I feel breathless each time I see you!
  • I am so into you, my love.
  • There is a piece of cake in the fridge - just for you (wink)!
  • I feel the same way, and I will prove it to you.
  • I am so very glad that you are mine!
  • Oh, My Gawd! You just stole my words, my thief!
  • Hun, you are the sunshine of my life.

how to respond to i love you

  • Roses are red, and violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and so are you. Now, my sweetheart, I say I love you.
  • Darling, you are the only person who makes me smile consistently.
  • Can I give you a very long, warm hug?
  • I have been waiting to hear this for so damn long!
  • I don’t believe you!
  • I will love you until the stars go out, and the tides no longer turn.
  • My heart belongs to you and only you, my love.
  • Duly noted, darling!
  • Each and every day makes me realize why I love you so much, baby.
  • Oh, God, what took you so long, babe?
  • I would do everything and anything as long as I’m with you, love!
  • If you love me, order a pizza for me. I'll decide the intensity of your love. (show your evil smile to make your significant other melt)
  • How can I say I love you in French?
  • Every time you talk to me, sweetie, I fall in love with you more and more.
  • I love you even more and more with every passing day.
  • I just can not imagine life without you by my side.
  • You just made me the luckiest person in the universe!
  • These words sound so magical and dreamy. Pinch me, baby?
  • I want to hug you tight, RIGHT NOW!
  • Will you please close your eyes? (kiss your soulmate)
  • I want to relive the feeling! Can you say that again, pretty please?
  • I knew we were meant for each another.
  • I have always thought happiness started with H. But now I realize that it actually starts with U!
  • Woohoo, let us celebrate this forever!
  • Your words make me want to cuddle with you tightly!
  • Counter proposal, would you like to be the parent of our child?

ways to respond to i love you

  • Because all of me loves all of you (sing it for your love).
  • I love you babe, more than anything else!
  • Do you swear to be around me always?
  • If this were a dream, I would choose not to wake up!
  • You are the moonlight of my nights and the sunshine of my days!
  • I love you too, and I do not live without you.
  • Yay, my lonely days are finally over!
  • You must know that I am not letting you go if you come any closer to me!
  • I love you two, three, four, five, six, seven. I love you up to infinity.
  • You are so incredible that you made me forget my reply to your “I love you”.
  • We really do complete each other, honey!
  • I am yours till the end of time!
  • You are literally the yin to my yang.
  • And you are my one and only beloved!
  • Who, me? Well, I must say you indeed have a classic taste.
  • Words are not enough to tell you how much I love you.
  • You better (wink)!
  • You sound so promising my love.
  • So, we are finally together now?
  • Ti amo, anch’io! (give your partner an Italian response).
  • Oh, I know you do, sweetheart!
  • I am yours, now and forever.
  • I like the way you say those three magical words!
  • I can choose you over pizza every single day of my life!
  • How could you not when I am this fantastic? (lick your lips to tease your partner)
  • We will build something that will last.
  • God only knows what I would be without you.
  • It really is the sweetest thing I have ever heard!
  • Every time you say I love you, you make me feel more alive (hug-attack)!
  • Hearing you say you love me makes me so damn happy.
  • It undoubtedly is fate!

how to respond to i love you

  • In the entire universe, I love you the most, bub.
  • Does my smile not say it all?
  • Everything you do in my life adds to my happiness, multiplies my joy, and subtracts my sadness!
  • I am honestly out of words!
  • You literally made my day, sweetheart!
  • Of course, you are the only one for me.
  • Now, let us get under the sheets! (give your best smile)
  • This is the first day of my super amazing life.
  • We were truly destined to fall in love.
  • I, somehow, am sure that this is the beginning of a beautiful romance!
  • You are my beginning, my middle, and my end.
  • I feel like touching your lips, right this second!
  • I am so very lucky to have you in my life.
  • Would you wanna go out for dinner? Yes or yes?
  • Well, you definitely deserve a kiss.
  • You love me? Did you know even I love you?
  • I have been dying to hear that from you, my love.
  • My world is a better place because of you.
  • I guess we should now kiss and seal it!
  • Every time I think of you, I am overcome by love!
  • Oh, love, my heart is dancing with happiness!
  • You drive me super crazy, baby.
  • Your words are like candies - All very sweet!
  • I vow to be with you until the end of time.
  • Oh, yes, sweetheart, you complete me!
  • You are the most pleasing thing that ever happened to me.
  • You epitomize everything that I am looking for in my romantic partner.
  • I promise to stand by you, now and forever.
  • I would love to spend the rest of our lives together!



While nothing can beat the traditionally cute yet common response of “I love you too”, there is a passion that ignites when you express your love in numerous different ways. Everything is not just vanilla in romantic relationships, right? So, wait no more, and choose one epic, cute, and perfectly romantic response to “I love you” from our list of these whooping 110 ways!

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How to respond to I love you from a friend?
It is a bit confusing when a friend says “I love you”. If you do feel the same for them, say I'm glad you took the initiative because I'm madly in love with you. However, if you do not feel the same way about your friend, you can decline their proposal politely by saying, I want to cherish our friendship always and forever because you are my best friend!

Is it OK to not say
Yes, it is absolutely OK to not respond to I love you. Expression of love is either personal or mutual. If you do not feel the same way about someone, it is fine to decline them politely.

Is it really a big deal to say I love you?
The answer to this question depends on what you and your partner prefer. Every couple's expression of their love is varied. While some may frequently say I love you, some simply do not think saying I love you is the only way to show their affection. After all, it isn't a rom-com movie, it is your life and your choice!


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