30 Signs the First Date Went Well And Love Could Blossom Soon

Do not let the post-date anxiety stress you out. Take a look at these top 30 telltale signs the first date went well and let the romantic vibes stay in your heart.

Aastha Pahadia
Written by Aastha Pahadia , Certified Relationship Coach
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Signs the First Date Went Well | Signs of a Good First Date
Signs the First Date Went Well | Signs of a Good First Date

First dates can make anyone overwhelmed with emotions and cause a bit of nervousness and excitement. Once the date is over, everyone is haunted by the question, 'Will they call me again?' Until the phone bell rings or a text message flashes, you are constantly thinking of what happened on the date or what could have been better. This is the reason why knowing about the signs the first date went well is crucial to comprehend the entire meeting. No matter if you have planned to go on a date with your crush for days or have planned for it at the eleventh hour, the pressure to impress your crush is always there.  It's okay to feel confused about your emotions after a date, but don't worry because we are here to help you. Below are some telltale positive signs of a good first date you must know about. 

Top 30 Promising Signs the First Date Went Well

1. You Both Lost Track of Time

You Both Lost Track of Time

When we are someone with whom we feel comfortable and can talk about various things, time flies like anything. We want time to stop when spending time with a person we feel a connection with. First-date topics are hard to pick, but if you and your partner felt at ease during the date, it's a sign your date went well. A good date means there wasn't even one dull moment, and you both enjoyed it thoroughly. 

2. Free Flow of Conversation

Without proper communication, there is no relationship. There are various fun things to talk about on a first date and let the communication go smoothly. If you have had a great talk on the date and both of you conversed about various things, it indicates that your date went well. Another thing to note about this factor is that the communication should have been two-way. After a great date, you feel that both of you were genuinely interested in knowing more about each other and talked a lot about mutual interests. 


3. You Shared Hearty Laughs

A sense of humor is good quality, and people who can make others laugh can create a positive atmosphere and evoke positivity around them. Another sign that your date went pretty well is that you had various fun first-date conversation topics and laughed a lot. Even if there was a bit of nervousness, you both laughed it off instead of making things more awkward. Lots of laughter and fun during a date means you both have a good rapport. 

4. There Was No Peeking at Phones

There Was No Peeking at Phones

Let's admit it, everyone today loves mobile phones and the Internet. Generally, when people are bored amidst a conversation, they pick up their mobile phones and divert their minds to something engaging. If you and your date were so engrossed in the conversation that you put your phones away and didn't peek into it, it's a sign you are into each other. 

5. You Both Were Curious About Each Other

One of the characteristics of good first dates is that they are filled with questions and answers about yourselves. If both of you were involved in asking questions about each other's likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, plans, careers, etc., it is a sign your date is interested in your life and wants to meet you again. 

6. You Both Were Attentive

It is important to be an attentive listener to know a person inside out. If your date listened to whatever you were saying and was curious to know more, and, you too, were all ears for what he was saying, it is a sign that the date was pretty good for you. 

7. You Felt Safe Around Your Date

You Felt Safe Around Your Date

When you go on a date, it's pretty normal to be a little anxious and feel stressed out. Awkward scenarios are bound to take place on first dates. Therefore, it's pivotal to put each other at ease and be comfortable. If both of you felt safe around each other and there were a few awkward pauses, it means the date went great. 

8. You Both Had a Good Eye Contact

Gazing into each other's eyes is highly romantic and can make you feel content. One of the telltale signs the first date went well is that both of you were having eye-to-eye contact and could feel each other's emotions through your eyes. It's even better if you see a little sparkle in their eyes. If that's how it was, get ready for a second date. 


9. Your Date Asked to Drop You Home

If your date asked for your permission to drop you home safely because it's getting late, it's a sign you have found yourself a gentleman. It could also indicate that your date went well, and he is making efforts to get to know you better. 

10. You Received a Text/Call After the Date

You Received a Text/Call After the Date

We all are acquainted with the uneasy feeling we get after coming back from a date and waiting for the other person to follow up on us. If they texted or called you after coming back from the date, it means they had a lovely time with you and want to talk further. 

11. Following Each Other on Social Media

It's highly common these days to follow your loved ones on social media. If your date doesn't go well, they won't want you in their social circle, which means you won't be added to their social media handles. However, if they add you on their social media, and you do it too, it means both of you are interested in keeping in touch with one another. In simple terms, it means your date went pretty well. 

12. No Excuses About Future Meetings

One of the signs that it was a good first date is that neither of you had to make any excuse to postpone the date. Many times, when people don't have to enjoy their date, they make excuses like 'I am busy next week', or 'I am not looking for anything serious right now.' If that wasn't the case with you two, it means both of you had an awesome time together. 

13. Sparkling Chemistry

One of the important signs the first date went well is that there was an unspoken chemistry between you two. It's not necessary for you to have to get intimate at the end of your date, because chemistry also shows in how you sit and talk with each other. Maybe there was an intense eye stare or brushing of shoulders. If there was chemistry, it means your date was a success. 

14. You Talked About the Special People in Your Life

A happy couple knows each other inside out. If on your first date, you opened up about your friends, family, and social circle, it could mean you both were very comfortable with each other. Talking about special people in life could be a sign they want you in their life and see a beautiful future with you. 


15. You Had Long, Deep Conversations

You Had Long, Deep Conversations

Maybe your date talked about his childhood memories, or dreams and aspirations. Not everyone likes to indulge in deep conversations on the first date, but if they do so, it could mean they are ready to share their vulnerable side with you. It is a sign your date succeeded and you can hear from them again.

16. Your Friends Gave You a Thumbs up

Many times we are blinded by love so much that we can't open up our eyes and see the good and bad things in our partner. In such cases, our close ones can help us a lot. After the date is over, you can discuss everything with your best friends and see how they react. If they give you a thumbs up, it's a good sign. Having said that, one must take everything their friends say with a pinch of salt. After all, it was you on the date, so listen to your friends' advice but follow what your heart says.

17. You Both Seemed Interested in Knowing Each Other's Hobbies

No two people are alike in this world. It is fine if you have different hobbies, likes, and dislikes. What's important here is how much you were eager to learn about each other's differences and make them work out. If your date was keen on learning more about you and was telling you about themselves, it could be an indication of an amazing date. 

18. You Took Lots of Photos Together 

If you both clicked a lot of photos during your date, it’s a sign you were at ease and comfortable with each other. It also means that you wanted to capture the beautiful moment and could be an indicator of many more snapshots coming forward. 

19. There Was No 'I, Me, and Myself' Attitude

Healthy communication is a two-way street. When two people participate equally in the conversation, that's where a healthy bond gets formed. If your date wanted to tell you about themselves and was equally interested to know about you, it is a classic sign they are interested in you. On the other hand, if all the conversations were about your date and they weren't encouraging you to talk, it's a sign of a bad date. 


20. Your Date Is Already Planning to Meet You Again

Your Date Is Already Planning to Meet You Again

Did your date give you subtle hints of meeting again or did he/she directly ask you to again? It’s obvious that if the first meeting went well, your date would want to see you again. It could also mean that your date partner wants to know you more and materialize things.  If that's the case, then this is a definite sign that your love story is on. 

21. You Felt Butterflies in the Stomach 

It's pretty normal to feel butterflies in the stomach while on a date, but if the feeling stays on for a long time, it means you are truly impressed by the other person. Also, if the feeling is mutual, it is one of the signs the first date went well. 

22. You Talked About Future

If you both talked about how the future looks for both of you, it is a certain sign your date went well. Your date might ask you about your career plans, relationship goals, etc. to know more about what you want to achieve in life. 

23. You Hold Similar Values 

Yes, opposites attract, but when it comes to healthy relationships, a couple needs to share the same values in a lot of things. It's okay if he is an extrovert or you are an introvert, or you are a movie person and he loves reading novels. These are some things you can work on, but when it comes to important areas of life like finances, parenting style, ethics, and values, it's crucial to be compatible. If you both talked about your interests and came to know that you share similar values and ethics, it is a sign your date went well. 

24. Your Crush Memorized Everything

Everyone, especially girls, love it when others remember little details about them. Maybe you told them about your favorite outfit or movie before going on a date, and they brought it up later on in the conversation. Or maybe during the date, they are listening to you intently, and after the date recall things that you said. This is one of the greatest signs the first date went well and you have got yourself a fantastic person. 


25. They Made You Feel Protected

They Made You Feel Protected

It doesn't matter if it is your first date with a man or your 10th date, a gentleman has a natural urge to make his lady feel safe and secure. Did he open the door for you? Did he hold your hands while crossing the road? Called you to confirm you reached home safely. These are simple signs the first date went well and you have got yourself a true gentleman. 


26. They Mirrored Your Body Language

A happy couple is often seen mimicking the actions of each other.  If your date laughed when you laughed or used the same body language as you, it might mean they are attracted to you and are looking forward to meeting you again. 

27. You Poked Fun at Each Other

A little light-hearted teasing here and there on a first date is harmless. Cracking jokes at each other can build a good rapport and put you at ease. You know you had a good time if on a date you teased each other and laughed a lot.

28. You Got a Sweet Gift After the Date

If your date sent you a heartfelt note or a gift after the first meeting, it’s one of the subtle signs that he/she wants to form a deep connection with you. 

29. You Felt Energized After the The Date

You Felt Energized After the The Date

When we surround ourselves with positive people, we feel energetic and positive. If you felt energetic, rejuvenated, positive, and happy after the date, it’s a sign it went well and could turn into a potential relationship. 

30. They Showered You with Compliments

Now, there is a subtle difference between being cheesy and genuine when it comes to compliments. If your date complimented you for your outfit or your talents, it could mean they are genuinely interested in you and the date went well. 


After coming from the first date, everyone thinks about “what next”. Do they like me or not is a question that comes to everybody's mind, but it's important to be calm and composed. These signs the first date went well will help you evaluate your date and if you notice any of these signs, bid farewell to all your worries. The most important thing is to not destress yourself and be positive. While on a date, be energetic, and the real you and everything will fall right into place.=

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