120 Cool And Creative Ways to Say Hello

Doesn’t your greetings sound a bit boring? Let’s spice it up with some cool ways to say Hello. People would love to hear these phrases instead of a simple Hello!

Aastha Pahadia
Written by Aastha Pahadia , Certified Relationship Coach
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Discover Fun Ways to Say 'Hello' with a New Greeting Every Day!
Discover Fun Ways to Say 'Hello' with a New Greeting Every Day!

Here's a quick tip for making a good first impression: switch up your ways to say hello and greet people! Yes, saying hello is an expression of greeting, and different cultures have different ways of saying it. This simple greeting is often used as an icebreaker in conversations, as it helps start a conversation and form a bond with others. When we first meet someone or after a while, we make an effort to be lively in our conversation. The usual greetings are "Hello!" "How are you?" and "What's up?" The only issue with that, as you may anticipate, is that these are common phrases and can sound boring when used repeatedly. But there are various fancy ways to say hello and make the conversation more engaging. 

People are typically more attentive when you welcome them uniquely. There's no need to exert all of your brain power attempting to leave a lasting impression on every person you encounter. When delivered in a certain way, even a basic welcome can be amusing.

Use these suggestions to amuse your pals. Take a break from the usual hellos and talks and use different ways to say hello and explore your creativity! With any luck, this collection of quirky and entertaining greetings will make you sound less artificial.  Keep reading!


Woman in White Top Waving

1. Howdy bro! Tell me what’s new going on!

2. Hey there, buddy! Wassup?

3. Wassup, partner!

4. Hey! How is it going?

5. What’s kicking, little buddy?

6. My name is (your name), What’s your name buddy?

7. Hey! smarty! What’s going on?


8. Hey, buddy! Mind if we meet now? I saw you ages ago.

9. How is life going?

10. Hey there, cutie. You made my day by giving me a glimpse of your smile!

Woman Sitting on a Yellow Couch Waving

11. Hey honey!

12. I am at peace. Ciao

13. What’s new, you hot thing?

14. Good Morning buddy!

15. Hello! How are you doing? Oh, your rays are already making my day brighter!

16. Hey, homey wassup?

17. Hi, mate!

18. Hey, sunshine!

19. Hello, Sir!

20. Hello, sugarplum. Give me a long morning hug.

21. Wassup chica!

22. Welcome to the cave, sir!

23. Top of the morning to you! Whaddup?

24. Namaste! this call may or may not be recorded for your training purposes, buddy.

25. Hi! At least we met for the first time after chatting with you over the years!

Woman in White Top Waving

26. Hello hello hello! Who’s there? It’s me James Bond talking.

27. Knock knock…(who is there?) It’s me!

28. Governor watcha want?

29. Yo! Wassup ghostbusters.

30. Hi, honey pumpkin!

31. Yeah! Toodle doo, Toodle dum.

32. Hello there, super daddy!

33. Hey daddy cool?

34. Greetings and salutations, my main!

35. ‘Ello there, matey!

36. Hiiiii, baby!

37. Hey, boo. What are you doing? You just brightened up my day!

38. Bing bong! How’s it going?

39. How are you doing?

40. I like your sweet face. Are you an angel from heaven?

Man Wearing Brown Dress Shirt Holding White Fedora Hat

41. What’s cooking, you good lookin’?

42. Howdy, mister! How are ya?

43. Good day, boy!

44. Morning young man! So good to see ya!

45. Hello! There is my pumpkin pie! I missed you so much

46. What’s going on with you? Wanna chat?

47. Hello old soul! You are surprisingly glowing!

48. Hey, sugar! Why so sweet?

49. Hey, hi. How is your weekend going? Mine just got better seeing you.

50. This is where my lover is at!


51. Hi, honey! Holaaa!

52. Hey, sexy? You are rising the temperatures this summer!

53. Hello, cupcakes! How are ya?!

54. Ooh, la la. You are a gorgeous sculpture made by the God Almighty!

55. Hey handsome! Welcome!

Woman in Black Suit Jacket Facing Man in Blue Denim Dress Shirt Same Standing

56. Hey beautiful! Your beauty blinds me!

57. Hey Slayer, wassup?

58. Whatcha up to, bro?

59. Whazzup?

60. What’s good in the hood bro?

61. Bro, hey, how are ya doing?

62. Hi, long lost friend! Long time no see!

63. Yo man, where are you?

64. How have you been love?

65. How have you been, beautiful?

66. What’s sizzling you hawty?

67. Hey missus, how do you do?

68. What’s new you cute! Fill me in

69. Namaste dost! How long has it been?

70. How are things going, friend?

Woman holding vase with flowers in shop

71. Sup bruh!

72. So far from me still I miss you?

73. Hi, homeslice! How’s life been for you?

74. What’s up, baby cup?

75. Hi! It has been such super fun meeting you! We shall do it more often.

76. ‘Sup, my homey?

77. Hey, cutie pie, sugar plum!

78. Hi Einstein, still solving the theory?

79. What’s smokin’? Tell me every deets!

80. Hey, bud! What’s the latest buzz?

81. Hello, nice to meet you girl!

82. Howdy, howdy, howdy, friend!

83. I am Superman. Who are you, gorgeous?

84. Hello, nice to see you! Will love to see you again.

85. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.

Diverse female partners greeting each other with handshake

86. How’s this weather there?

87. What’s going on honey?

88. You're right there mate?

89. How are things sailing?

90. Heeeeeey, good to see you after such a long time.

91. Hey, is it you or a piece of flawless beauty?

92. Hello stranger!

93. Pos eisai? (Greek)

Men greeting each other on street

94. Come va? (Italian)

95. What’s the word, hummingbird?


96. Habari yako? (Swahili)

97. Hallo miss! (German)

98. Ciao babydoll! (Italian)

99. Konnichiwa! (Japanese)

100. Comment Allez-Vous? (French)

101. Como voce esta? (Portuguese)

102. Ua mai oe? (Samoan)

103. Ogenki desu ka? (Japanese)

104. Aloha princess! (Hawaiian)

105. Hola paapi! (Spanish)

106. Que Pasa, madam! (Spanish)

107. Bonjour monsieur! (French)

108. Ni hao ma? (Chinese)

109. Como Estas? (Spanish)

110. Jal jinaess-eoyo? (Korean)

111. Wagwan? (Jamaican)

Classy Ways to Say Hello to People

112. Wishing you a splendid day.

113. How is the world treating you?

114. Buenos dias.

115. Greetings and good tidings.

116. Warmest regards to you.

117. I hope your day is off to a wonderful start.

118. Well met, kind soul.

119. Greetings and good vibes.

120. It’s a pleasure to see you. 

Do Greetings Change at Different Times of the Day?

Yes, how we greet people changes according to the time of the day. For instance, if you wish someone in the morning, you can say, “Hello, good morning.” Whereas when greeting someone at night, you can use words like, “Hello, hope your day was good.” 


Do Our Greetings Change If We Know the Person We Are Addressing?

Yes, of course it does. Formal greetings are in professional situations and are generally used when talking to a colleague or an acquaintance, while casual or informal greetings are more common when talking to a friend or a loved one. 

How Can We Say Hello Via Text Or Email? 

We can say hello, hey, or hi, on the phone. When conversing through formal text, you can use either hi or hello. 

For emails, it’s best to use hi or dear (if the relationship is informal). 

How to Say Hello When You Have to Emphasize Something Else?

In casual situations, you can say ‘hello again’ if you are meeting someone you have met only once or twice before. This helps them know that we remember them. 

If you are meeting someone you’ve met only once but really liked their vibe you can say, “Well, hello!”

There you have it — 120 ways to say hello you can use to greet your family, friends, colleagues, business associates, teachers, and other acquaintances. Depending on the situation and context, you can use a huge variety of expressions in place of just "Hello." Being courteous to others is a customary etiquette that is gradually disappearing as we, as a society, are becoming more and more dependent on social media.


What is slang for hello?
Howdy / Hey mate / Hey man / G'day / and Gidday mate all indicate a slag for hello.

What is an informal version of Hello?
How are you? / What's up? / How's it going? are casual ways to say hello in English and indicate that we've known that person for some time.

How do you say hello in a classy way?
A polite word or sign of welcome or recognition. greeting. salutation. salute. Welcome.

How do you say hello smartly?
Nice to meet you. This is simple and courteous.

Different ways to say hello in Spanish
Hola. It means “hello” or “hi” in Spanish

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