One Piece Chapter 1118: Vegapunk’s Message At Its End; Release Date, Where To Read, Expected Plot And More

With speculation swirling about the D. Clan’s secrets from Vegapunk’s message, fans await One Piece Chapter 1118 to find out where the Straw Hats' journey takes them next; get release DEETS here.

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Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll
One Piece [Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll]

Vegapunk’s message has finally been put to an end, and the Five Elders are angrier than ever. While fans wonder what Vegapunk had to say about the D. Clan, they can now only hope that the Straw Hats make it off the island in one piece. Don’t miss the next chapter for more, and keep reading to find out One Piece Chapter 1118’s release date, expected plot and more.

One Piece [Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll]

One Piece Chapter 1118: release date and where to read

According to MANGAPlus, One Piece Chapter 1118 is set to release on Monday, June 24, at 12 am JST. Remember that the exact release time can vary due to individual time zone differences. Readers can access the latest chapter of One Piece through official platforms such as Viz Media's website, Shueisha's MANGAPlus website, and Shueisha's Shonen Jump+ app. While the former two options are free, the latter requires a paid subscription for full access to the action-packed fantasy manga series.

One Piece [Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll]

Expected plot of One Piece Chapter 1118

One Piece Chapter 1118 will likely entail the Straw Hats' escape from Egghead Island now that Vegapunk’s message has been made to end. The chapter will also likely reveal Vegapunk York's current arrangement with the Five Elders, as well as what she plans to do moving forward.

With how much Vegapunk exposed during the broadcast, it’s possible that the Five Elders may declare York their enemy in One Piece Chapter 1119 – either due to orders or out of spite. This may lead to her to seeking refuge with the Straw Hats, though it is uncertain if they will comply with her request.


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One Piece [Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll]

One Piece Chapter 1117 recap

One Piece Chapter 1117 is titled ‘A.’ On Hachinosu Island, pirates speculate about treasure on the sea floor, reminiscent of the legendary city Shandora. They acknowledge the immense challenge of diving 200 meters below sea level without specialized ships.

Amid this excitement, Mont Blanc Cricket, inspired by Vegapunk's words, prepares to dive again, hoping to unearth treasures from the old world. At the GS Marine Hospital, the members of SWORD are recovering from their recent battle. X Drake, who has returned, isolates himself to recuperate.

Smoker contacts Tashigi, who confirms she is at the GS Hospital. Dr. Vegapunk, continuing his broadcast, hints that further information would be speculative, piquing global curiosity about what Roger might have left behind in One Piece Chapter 1117.

On Egghead Island, the Straw Hats observe the Frontier Dome's barrier lowering. Usopp notes they have enough distance to reach the water, and Brook confirms the cola barrels are loaded, ready for a Coup de Burst. Nami contacts Jinbe, who is chasing Nusjuro towards the ship.


Jinbe uses a technique called Kata Guruma to throw Zoro at Nusjuro, who then uses Two-Sword Style: Restful Paradise Rashomon to block Nusjuro's strike. During their clash, Zoro identifies Nusjuro's sword as a Kitetsu in One Piece Chapter 1117. After repelling each other, Jinbe catches Zoro, and Zoro urges the crew to take off without them.

On the northeast coast, Bonney calls for Luffy as Marines surround the Giants' ship. Luffy, back to normal, urges the Giants to start moving. As they do, Bluegrass uses a Sea Beast Weapon to blow a hole through the ship, and Doll knocks out Kashii with her Rock 'n' Roll Blaster, boosting Marine morale.

Luffy notices Warcury has stopped chasing them, relieved along with the Giants. Warcury joins Saturn, Mars, and Ju Peter to confront the Iron Giant. Dr. Vegapunk announces he has one final message for those bearing the ‘D.’ name.

However, before he can reveal more, Warcury tackles the Iron Giant, jamming the signal and abruptly ending the broadcast. One Piece Chapter 1117 concludes with York collapsing in relief as the transmission finally ceases.


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