BTS Week: RM's role as iconic leader, who steers team globally as spokesperson, group's brain and more

We are celebrating BTS Week as the group’s 11 debut anniversary on June 13 inches closer. Today, let’s have a closer look at the megastar band’s leader RM’s role as the spokesperson, brain, and more.

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Kim Namjoon, better known by his stage name RM (short for Rap Monster) is assigned as the leader of BTS. His role comes with a lot of responsibilities and tasks, which he asses carefully with his extraordinary skills.

Once a wise man said that before one becomes a leader, success is all about growing oneself. But when they achieve leadership, it is about growing others. This profound sentiment single-handedly describes RM’s iconic role as BTS’ leader as he continues to relentlessly dedicate himself to the group’s global success.

Closer look at RM's role as the leader of BTS

BTS, the Hallyu star group, is about to complete 11 years since their debut on Jue 13, 2013. To celebrate the day, we will kick off BTS Week with an essay on RM’s deft leadership.

RM: The spokesperson of BTS

All great leaders are highly regarded as great speakers and RM is no exception. He knows his way behind the mic, be it in his home country or somewhere in the USA. With his euphonious voice, he speaks every word with much eloquence, earnestly presenting the group in the global landscape.

In addition, he is the only member of BTS, who has a strong grasp of English. Once he revealed that, he self-taught the language by watching the popular American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Over the years, he rigorously practised to get rid of his Korean accent while speaking English.


This skill helps the group in an unbelievable way. With his great choice of words, he delivers enchanting speeches that bewilder everyone. One such instance that has to be mentioned is his 2018 speech at the United Nations, where he urged young people to ‘find their voice’. His profound words not only amazed his fellow bandmates but the whole world.

However, he equally encourages other members to express themselves when opportunities arise. From teaching them vocabulary to motivating them to take the mic in award ceremonies, he continues to carry out his role as a great leader who uplifts others. 

RM: The one who protects his bandmates from controversies

When it comes to BTS, everyone wants to report new developments about them first. Hence, it’s important for the group to make sure they don’t get entangled in any such incidents that lead to controversies.

RM is the one who makes sure to protect them from all the ugliness of the entertainment world. From keeping an eye on the maknaedeul (youngest ones) to addressing complicated questions at press conferences, the leader plays his role too efficiently.


We all remember when RM prevented a major mishap during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards interview

When the interviewer asked J-Hope which K-pop band he thinks will create a wave next in the US, While translating, RM warned his bandmate in Korean saying, ‘Be careful’.

Many might think this was a completely innocent question, so why the caution? But as we know, if they have taken a particular group’s name, it would create quite a stir. 

The other members quickly took his cue and jokingly answered BTS. RM’s just a few words of warning prevent some controversial headlines that could have been made.

RM: The selfless leader

RM is the most selfless person when it comes to his group BTS and that’s what makes him the best leader of the K-pop millennial era. Despite having the greatest responsibility, he never tries to outshine others, rather he silently contributes to the group’s success. 


He always makes sure the other members get a chance to express themselves and encourage them to the fullest.

RM: BTS members’ comfort pillow

RM shares a beautiful bond with the rest of the members. Despite not being the group’s eldest one, every single bandmate immensely respects and follows him for his magical leadership role.

In addition, he is also the group’s comfort pillow. Without causing any ruckus, he quietly attends to each member’s needs be it in their happy places or when they are feeling low.

Once when the maknae Jungkook felt demotivated, RM cheered him up with a few encouraging words saying that he would always be there for him and always have a hug ready.

Tearjerking moments like these melt our hearts and we cannot deny the way the Wild Flower singer looks after his bandmates will go down the history of great leadership.

RM: mediator between bandmates’ fights

When Jin and V got into a heated argument during their 20217 Wings Tour,  RM took up the role of the mediator. He stepped in to give V a hug when he cried after the bickering.

Then he motivated all members with a pep talk saying how important it is to take the stage as a group and not as individuals. 


Even after the concert ended, he made sure to check on the members including Jin and V.

Savage, selfless, and a superstar, that kind of sums up RM’s personality. He continues to present BTS in a global scene with his magical leadership while carefully steering them away from controversies.

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