EXCLUSIVE: Candy Shop on changes for K-pop idols after debut and joining survival shows like My Teenage Girl

In an exclusive conversation with the 5th generation girl group Candy Shop, the reformed team spoke about their reactions to their interesting name. Read below.

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Candy Shop: courtesy of Brave Entertainment
Candy Shop: courtesy of Brave Entertainment

K-pop teams come up with some of the most unique and conceptual names, adding to their charm appeal and trying to bring the masses’ attention to their music. One such addition to the Korean music industry happened with Candy Shop, which hails from Brave Entertainment, known for its girl group Brave Girls

Debuting their first all-female team since 2011, all eyes were on the quintet, which brought on Hashtag# as its introduction, later releasing an album of the same name. 

About Candy Shop

The Brave Entertainment bunch released their first title song, Good Girl, alongside an album on March 27, earlier this year. Comprising four members, SUI, SARANG, SORAM, and YUINA, the team introduced a couple of members who had already participated in the K-pop idol survival program My Teenage Girl and were known faces to their fans.

Having recently reconvened following the news of YUINA going on a hiatus, a new member was added to the team to maintain the four-people formation. JULIA made her own debut in Candy Pop with the group’s second EP Girls Don't Cry, continuing their narrative. Presenting stories about teens much like themselves, the team seems to be going for a relatable concept, accompanied by lyrics that are a direct hand of comfort. The four members are exploring new sides to themselves once again this time around and are able to showcase their efforts visibly well.


Candy Shop: courtesy of Brave Entertainment

Candy Shop Interview

In an exclusive conversation with the girls, SUI, SARANG, SORAM, and JULIA spoke about basing their story on the experiences of other young people around them and becoming a source of comfort for them. Check out the full conversation below.

What was your first reaction to your team name?

SORAM: When I first heard our group name, it brought to mind a colorful image, and I thought it would definitely be a memorable group name.

It’s just been a few months since your debut. What do you miss about being a trainee, and how has your life changed since your debut?

SARANG: The biggest difference before and after debuting is the fact that we can meet our fans. I think our life after debut is more precious than anything because I can meet and connect with our fans.

SUI: I love that we can now perform on stage for our fans! When we were trainees, we were only able to show our performances in the practice room.


What was the idea behind the Don't Cry song and music video?

JULIA: Don't Cry is a song that is meant to give courage and provide comfort to those who are having a hard time. The highlights of the song are the lyrics, which are full of hope, and the bright, refreshing sound.

SUI: For this music video, we wanted to convey a message of comfort that matches the lyrics of Don't Cry. In the music video, you'll see that when I am being bullied and having a hard time, the members gradually gather around me, and we go to the beach together and spend time there, which helps me regain my smile! With that storyline, we wanted to tell those feeling lonely and going through tough times that "you are not alone."

If the members were to describe each other as candy flavors, what would they each be and why?


SORAM: I think if SUI were a candy flavor, she would have a fresh taste. Just seeing her makes you feel bubbly, and I thought her image, which always conveys bright energy, matches this best.

SARANG: JULIA would be a lemon flavor. I chose it because our youngest member had a fresh and cute charm, which, combined with her bubbly energy, is just like a lemon. 

SUI: SARANG is a spicy flavor. SARANG is talented when it comes to dancing, singing, rapping, and speaking foreign languages! Like the addictive nature of spicy flavor, the more you get to know her, the more charming she becomes. That is why I describe her as a spicy flavor!

JULIA: SORAM is a mint flavor! She has a cool charm that only our leader can possess!

What is Tumbler (Hot & Cold) about? 

SARANG: Tumbler (Hot & Cold) talks about a love that started hot and has gradually turned cold.

If you had the chance to have any one artist feature on your album, who would it be?

SORAM: Instead of featuring someone on our album, I would rather collaborate with my role models, YEJI from ITZY and WINTER from aespa.

If SORAM and JULIA were to participate in a show like My Teenage Girl, what would SUI and SARANG's advice to them be?


SORAM: They would tell me, "You're doing great, just keep it going." Actually, I watched every episode of My Teenage Girl and saw how supportive and cheerful SUI and SARANG were. That is why I think SUI and SARANG would say good words to cheer JULIA and me up.

SARANG: I would tell them to "Enjoy this moment to the fullest." Since it would be their first time performing in front of the fans, it will be a precious memory that won't come again. So, I want to tell them to enjoy it.

Candy Shop: courtesy of Brave Entertainment

How will your story proceed next, and what would you like to achieve this year?

SORAM: In 2024, I would like Candy Shop to go on a global tour to meet our international fans and reach first place on the music chart.

SARANG: I hope we will have another comeback soon, and I would like to show new charms and a new side of us. I would also like to get the Rookie of the Year award, which is precious because one can only receive it once in their lifetime! I really want us to win it!

What is your message to fans, and what are your plans for 2024?


SORAM: For the rest of 2024, we will strive to make sure that not only our fans but those who do not know about us yet can recognize us! Please show a lot of love for Candy Shop! 

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