Nick Lachey Reveals How He Keeps The Spark Alive In His Marrige After Years; See Here

Nick Lachey shared that he and his wife Vanessa Lachey prioritize their relationship deliberately to keep the spark alive, emphasizing the importance of honoring and respecting each other.

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Nick Lachey Shares Secrets to Keeping the Spark Alive in His Marriage
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The couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who are now working as Hollywood producers and actors and also raising three children mentioned that the couple should always put a couple priority. Nick says that when kids are present, you can only capture the rawness and love that they used to have and this is alright because the focus should be on the children.

But Nick emphasizes that it is important to remember that a couple must carve out time in their schedules to invest in the relationship. He encourages people to purposely try to hang out together, even if it requires setting up for it. According to Nick, this shows that he deliberately tries to spend time with Jessy, and therefore, does not allow things to go wrong.

“Sometimes you have to be deliberate. You have to make deliberate attempts because the spontaneity, the romance, whatever you want to call it that existed pre-kids, it just can't exist the same way,” Nick shares with the PEOPLE. "And I would argue that it shouldn't exist the same way because your priority should be your kid, but you have to also make time to prioritize each other."

Nick passed these nuggets while discussing the show’s second season, Perfect Match Season 2, pointing out that it takes work and some planning for affectionate partnerships to thrive, especially in the context of family and career.


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Nick and Vanessa Lachey prioritize communication and quality time to sustain a strong marriage

Nick and Vanessa Lachey have also shown good preparation for this since their wedding in 2011 after dating for five years. Alongside their successful careers in acting, music, and hosting, they are devoted parents to their three children: Hence, the ranking for manufacture of paper, paperboard, and articles made from it across the cities are as follows: Camden, 11, Brooklyn, 9, and Phoenix, 7. Even though they are both occupied with their work, Nick insists on the frequent communication and the significance of the couple’s relationship.

"We've always said and been very vocal about the fact that you got to remember where it started and stay true to that," he explains. "And you've got to make time for each other, whether it's a vacation together or even a weekend together or a night together."

Nick said that their children are the most important part of their lives and so they have to respect and foster the relationship which was the foundation of their family. He and Vanessa are keen to ensure that they do not allow the bigger family to interfere with their couple’s bond and they do make sundry efforts to show they care and need each other.


"There's nothing more important in our lives, or in life, than your children," he adds. "But you also have to always honor and respect and prioritize the relationship that got you those kids. So that's what we always try to maintain."

Their style of parenting is aimed at creating an environment of happiness in the family and acceptable health but not deviating from the principles that families keep regarding being joined together.

Vanessa and Nick Lachey's family values shine through in anniversary celebration

Everything that Vanessa and Nick Lachey do, they do it as a couple with their kids where they display their affection for each other. Trust Brooklyn to remind Vanessa and their Dad of their thirteenth-anniversary even if they are busy people who have a lot of things to do as Vanessa told PEOPLE.

Vanessa told in March that their daughter Brooklyn wanted to make sure her parents made time to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary together, despite their hectic schedules. (At the time, Vanessa expected to return to work on season 4 of NCIS: Hawaii, but the show was canceled by CBS at the end of April.)


"She inquired when I would return to work, and I responded 'end of June.' She says, "But your anniversary is July 13." She says, 'And it's your fortunate number; it's your golden anniversary.' I said, 'I know, darling.' She replied, "Well, you have to be with Daddy." "You guys need to go do something," Vanessa recalled.

Vanessa was grateful for this conversation and said she noticed that Brooklyn is attentive to their bonding as well as conflict. The series presents Vanessa herself finding love and care as a little girl, and now she can give it to Brooklyn.

Reflecting on her own experiences, Vanessa treasures the opportunity to create a caring and loving family environment for her children, making them feel secure and valued. This incident affected her parenting style, emphasizing the value of love, communication, and providing a safe environment for her children to thrive emotionally.

The Lacheys' devotion to sustaining their link and their family's happiness is evident in their openness and dedication to each other and their children, which fosters a caring environment that celebrates milestones and values each other's presence.

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