Money Heist Season 5 Part 2: Here's all you need to know about who survived and who died in the finale

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Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 releases on December 3.

*SPOILER ALERT* Money Heist has now wrapped up following the premiere of its final volume on December 3. The popular Spanish series is currently streaming its final five episodes as The Professor and his team comes towards the end of their greatest heist ever. It hasn't been an easy journey for the gang while holding their fort at the Bank of Spain and they have lost loved ones along the way. Ahead of the epic finale, there has been only one question on everyone's mind and it if we will witness more character deaths as the show ends. 

Despite what theories claimed, Tokyo's (Ursula Corbero) fate was sealed in Season 5 Part 1's finale and the character was confirmed to be dead on the show in the finale. While many believed that the final showdown between the gang and Sagasta's men would result in more deaths, the show took a rather different twist. The last episode of the show was titled 'The Family Tradition' and it seemed fitting as they all came together one last time. Check out the characters who survived and who died in the final part. 

The Professor 

Survived: Alvaro Morte led character became a fan-favorite since his first appearance and lucky for us all, he made it till the end thanks to his genius intellect. Only a quick-thinker like him could wriggle out of even the most dangerous situation. 


Survived: Lisbon aka Raquel (Itziar Ituño) who switched sides from being an inspector to becoming one with the gang managed to survive thanks to the belief she put in The Professor. Looks like, the duo did get their happy ending. 


Survived: Following the devastating loss of the love of his life Tokyo, Rio (Miguel Herran) healed his wounded heart by always leaving the door open for her in his heart. Despite the emotional turmoil, Rio stood strong to save his family, his gang. 


Survived: Denver (Jaime Lorente) was at the peak of facing commitment issues, be it towards his partner or the professor. Although thanks to the Professor's plan which he may have mistrusted, Denver survived and reunited with Stockholm in the end.


Survived: Stockholm (Esther Acebo) had a tough time amid the heist as she went through a sea of emotions and found herself in a difficult space in terms of her mental health but she survived it all with Denver (Lorente) by her side. 


Survived: Manila (Belén Cuesta) may not have gotten lucky in love but she did get lucky when it comes to survival and managed to live to tell the tale of being a part of the greatest heist in Spain's history.


Survived: Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) finally saw the dream he painted with Berlin (Pedro Alonso) come to life with this heist. He proved his love for Berlin by making their dream a reality. 

Alicia Sierra 

Survived: Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) may be the most badass new mom out there. She managed to capture the professor while being heavily pregnant, then fleed from the cops hunting her down while clutching onto her newborn baby. Sierra survived by finally opening the floodgates to her emotional side and forming an unlikely friendship with the Professor. 

Bogota and Helsinki 

Survived: Bogota (Hovik Keuchkerian) and Helsinki (Darko Perić) also survived the heist. While things seemed bleak for Helsinki who was badly injured and even had to have his leg chopped off, his belief in Palermo's plan and his promise of getting everyone out kept him alive and well. As for Bogota, his attitude of not giving up till the last minute helped him make it till the end. 

So, the good news is that no character died in the final part of Money Heist (although Arturo's death will remain an unfulfilled wish) and it's a relief considering we never really healed from the deaths of Oslo (Roberto García), Moscow (Paco Tous), Nairobi (Alba Flores), and Tokyo (Ursula Corbero). 

How did you find the Money Heist finale? Share your views with us in comments below. 

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