EXCLUSIVE: Skin care tips that new moms should follow for supple and flawless skin

While skincare is probably at the bottom of your priority list right now, here’s the bare minimum you can do to ensure your skin remains healthy.
EXCLUSIVE: Skin care tips that new mom’s should follow for supple and flawless skin
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Congratulations on the new arrival. Bringing the little bundle of joy is going to be the happiest day of your life. The initial few days pass away in a state of confusion and exhaustion. Your general health and skincare come very low in the list of priorities. However, we will give you important factors to look into to ensure your skin stays healthy.
Sunscreen needs to be used absolutely regularly. Melasma or mask of pregnancy is extremely common in Indians. This tends to start during periods of hormonal fluctuations like during pregnancy and within a year of childbirth. Using a sunscreen regularly greatly reduces your risks of getting this pigmentation. Use a sunscreen of spf 30 or more once every 2 hours to reduce the chances of getting this pigmentation. 

Eat your fruits and veggies. The baby gets all his/her nutrients from you. Having a healthy dose of fresh fruits and veggies helps with nourishment for the baby and also for yourself. The anti-oxidants will also help reduce pigmentation.
Follow a skin routine regularly. On busy days, this may be simple cleansing and moisturising at night and cleansing followed by sunscreen use during the day. You could also use your baby’s cleanser and moisturiser.
Sleepless nights tend to cause hollows under the eyes. It’s a great idea to sleep when the baby sleeps.
Exercise regularly. A simple way to fit in a work out would be to take the baby on a walk. Babies just love outdoors  and  will give you the much needed fresh air and exercise.

Beat the post partum blues. This can be a real issue with women who are dealing with too much. Its important to reach out for help from the spouse or the extended family. Its important to have some time to pamper yourself and feel good about yourself.
Supplements. Your gynaecologist will most likely have given you some supplements. Have them regularly. Iron deficiency is very common in India. Supplements will help beat the deficiency.
Follow these simple tips. Often Skincare is sustainable when done alongwith the baby. So, enjoy the motherhood and continue to maintain good skin health along the path.

About the author: Dr. Sirisha Singh is a Dermatologist.

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