EXCLUSIVE: Pavitra Punia to Urvashi Dholakia, stars react to Bangalore delivery boy VS Hitesha Chandranee case

Over the past few weeks, the case regarding the Bangalore delivery boy and Hitesha Chandranee has been in the news. We spoke exclusively to TV stars Pavitra Punia, Urvashi Dholakia, Shubhangi Atre and others to know their thoughts over it.
EXCLUSIVE: Pavitra Punia to Urvashi Dholakia, stars STRONGLY react to Bangalore delivery boy VS Hitesha case EXCLUSIVE: Pavitra Punia to Urvashi Dholakia, stars react to Bangalore delivery boy VS Hitesha Chandranee case
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In today's modern era, people do not have the time to sit back and resolve each other's problems, owing to the fact that they have their own pile of issues to deal with already. Social media is one platform wherein users feel free to express their views, ask for opinions, laugh over memes, cry over sob stories and yes, convict the accused without even further knowing the actual story.

The recent Bangalore case of a delivery boy vs a social media influencer took the internet by storm. People who heard the sob story of the lady in the picture wasted no time in passing a verdict against the delivery boy. A few days after the fiasco, when the delivery boy took to telling his part of the story, netizens were in for a shock and sympathised with him, now turning against the lady for whom they once felt bad.

It won't be wrong if we say that today, social media is a powerful medium that can make or break anybody's image. Having said that, we got in touch with a few TV stars and asked them a few questions over the Bengaluru ruckus. Here's how they strongly reacted to the issue.

Pavitra Punia

Reacting to the question about women having it easy because of their gender, Pavitra said, “Mostly women at times, due misuse the law under the name of law and order. There are certain laws that are beneficial for women and women since quite some time now have been misusing their provisions given by the law. I agree with it.

Woman card is a card that many women do try and use it almost every day. Not that I am against women but there are a few who deliberately use the woman card to garner support from the audience, the public even when they are wrong. It is terrible. It's because of such women who play foul and misuse their provision provided by law, that other ladies who genuinely face problems have to go through tough and harsh times.” Whether women try to misuse the laws for them, Pavitra shared her thoughts on it and said, “Yes, I believe women do misuse their rights for her own profit, gains, forgetting the fact that men can actually face the wrath of their fake woman card and get into trouble for no mistake of theirs. I really want women not to misuse their powers. I have seen how while doing a basic thing like driving, if the lady is at fault and damages another passing-by car, even then people tend to support her all because she is a woman. And that is so wrong. I too have men in my family and I won't be able to tolerate if any woman puts fake charges at them and play the woman card. It's ethically so wrong and I absolutely do not support women in such cases.”

Further, on a question about social media convicting a person before the final verdict is out, Pavitra said, Social media is blind. It's like you cover your own eyes and refuse to even see the truth. Also, it's where everybody just follows the herd blindly and randomly. Nobody knows what's happening, or what's right or the truth. Just because something happened and somebody commented on it, people will randomly start to follow suit. Look at the challenges that trend. Somebody dances and throws a challenge to others to dance and here you go! Within no time, everybody is seen following the 'trend' randomly. If somebody cries foul, blames somebody for the apparent mishap and puts it out on social media, netizens jump onto conclusions and even tag the accused as the culprit without even knowing the true or other parts of the story. You should always listen to both parts of the story before becoming a judge to the fiasco. Social media but unfortunately is just about blaming, accusations and I am totally and absolutely against this attitude of netizens. It's better to know the truth rather than jumping to conclusions without doing even basic research. I am so against this erratic behaviour.”

Urvashi Dholakia

Urvashi Dholakia also reacted strongly to the question regarding women having it easy for them due to gender. She said, “All these questions about women having it easy due to their gender or tending to play foul as they are women are very subjective to be honest, and all depending on the kind of people they are or the situation at that they have faced. Though yes this world is filled with all sorts of people, and while there are women who are true to their word, there are those women who do use their gender to their advantage, which has supposedly happened in the case of the delivery guy and the girl whom we are speaking about.

Further, she also spoke about social media trends on such issues and society passing judgments. She said, “Not making judgements or taking sides like everybody on social media has already done, and which has sadly become the new trend to make decisions based on what's being posted on digital platforms, all I am wanting to convey is that both parties should be rightly questioned about why the girl went to social media to make a hullabo of the issue instead of actually seeking help from around if she made the issue to be such a serious one, or why didn't she file an FIR if she considered the situation to be so intense! These nitty gritties need to be emphasized upon so people like her are more in check of the law when talking about such situations. There has to be a lawful approach to such matters without interference from statements and views being passed on social media of all places, which should ideally be the last place to pinpoint fingers at anybody!”

Shubhangi Atre

Actress Shubhangi Atre also spoke about feeling sad about certain women trying to take advantage of the laws for them and their gender. She said, “I feel it's a sad situation for us. Nowadays women at times play such sympathy cards and harm the opposite gender. Yes, if the man has seriously hurt a woman, then nothing can be worse than this. But at the end of the day, we need to wait for the Bengaluru police to sort the matter and bring the truth out. Before that I don't want to give any verdict. Because both the people in the fiasco have put out their side of the story, and one definitely is the culprit. I wish once the culprit is revealed he/she should be punished and an example should be set for the people in future.” 

She also spoke about how the laws of the land need to be respected. She said, “Of course, its silly and sad. Our law has come up providing security so that we can be treated equal and not to bring other gender down. We need to respect our laws.

Further, on social media conviction and judgments, she added, “I feel so. But now with such incidents happening every now and then, the value of the platform will degrade. I feel so sad that we call ourselves educated but our acts are not so kind.”


Purru, who we have seen on the screen in several shows, also shared his take on whether women use their gender card. He said, “I can't really comment on this because I haven't come across such things personally. But I have heard people say how women do play the woman card and take advantage at times.”

On social media users quickly passing judgments on such issues, he added, “Yes, nowadays everybody has internet and of course have their own opinions too. We can't control their choice of thoughts or opinions. Till the time anything is proven, ideally nobody should form conclusions but that's sadly not how social media works. The person in question once proven guilty should only then face charges for his/her Ill doings and not before that.”

Kunal Jaisingh

Kunal Jaisingh also shared his take on gender being used to play the victim. He said, “The time we live in its really high that we stop judging people in terms of their gender. All boys and girls are not the same. I feel both sides have their own story and we can't take comments being partial to their gender. I feel, regarding the Bengaluru delivery boy incident, we need to wait till the Bengaluru police solve the case. I respect our law, as that provides equality and security. People do try to misuse their provision but at the end of the day, our laws are not so easy to be misused. So whoever is the culprit will definitely face huge trouble for sure, irrespective of its gender.”
On whether women use the gender card, he said that it is actually worse that some do. He said, “Yes, and that is really worse. Actually that is true!”

Adding his thoughts on social media judging people and starting trends, he said, “I feel since it's about a person's future so we should trust our law and wait till the accused is proven guilty.”

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