EXCLUSIVE: Rumi Jafrey slams people who said Sushant Singh Rajput had no work: It's injustice to his memories

Updated on Jul 10, 2020 03:49 PM IST  |  10.2M
EXCLUSIVE: Rumi Jaffrey slams those who said Sushant Singh Rajput had no work: It's injustice to his memories
Sushant star tha aur rahega jab tak yeh industry hai, exclaims friend and director Rumi Jaffery!

It has been almost a week now since Sushant Singh Rajput passed away at his Bandra residence. While this still feels like a bad dream everyone wishes to break out from, the reality continues to haunt us like never before. Post his untimely demise, it was reportedly said that Sushant was suffering from depression and was disturbed due to the lockdown situation. Sushant was going to begin work on director Rumi Jafry's next film along with rumoured girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty in April. But due to lockdown, the film was pushed. However, he was supposed to begin work on it as soon as the situation was further relaxed. An emotional Rumi Jafry spoke to Pinkvilla and shared how because of the film work, the late actor had become close to his family as well and this incident has shaken them. 

"The only reason I even spoke to media is because I felt very emotional seeing that a superstar like him was being portrayed like he had no work, was going through financial trouble. I was so upset and heartbroken reading all this. He was extremely talented and a star in his own league. People are not doing justice to him by claiming otherwise. Please respect him and his legacy. Woh star tha aur rahega jab tak yeh industry hai," Rumi Jafry reiterated. 

He added that the image being painted is that Sushant was out of work is so hurtful to hear, given that, everyone knows he was to work in his film and a couple of films lined up. "Sushant was also an actor who would not take up any and every project that came his way. He was selective in terms of subject. He had delivered top-notch performances in many films and had like 3-4 films in his hands. How can people say he had no work?" he lashed out. 

When mentioned that in his previous interviews, he was quoted saying that Sushant wanted to quit acting and do farming, Jafry clarified that Sushant wanted to do farming alongside acting, and not quit the field. "He never said he wanted to quit acting, and then do farming but one of his dreams was to farm alongside action and cut. He liked to stay alone, loved science, plantations, he was so intelligent. We used to talk farming because I share a mutual interest. In fact, I have a small garden at my place in Bombay where Sushant would visit whenever he would come home," he shared. 

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He emotionally revealed, "One will find it difficult to believe but in the last few months, Sushant had become very close to my family and kids as we were working on a film together. His death has shocked my family so much. They are unable to sleep. Every time I see them, my wife shows me photos of him smiling and says, 'See, he had a twinkle in his eyes while laughing' she is reminiscing all good memories with me and it is just so hurtful to even accept this sad reality."

When asked if he was aware of Sushant being diagnosed with depression, Rumi agreed, "Rhea had told me about Sushant being depressed and in fact, Sushant also told me that some 5-6 months back. I had asked him many-a-times about it but he didn't disclose too much and I didn't push much because I thought he might not be comfortable. In fact, Rhea would call me at their place sometimes and say that sir, aap aa jao, aapke saath baithta hai toh positive energy milti hai, khush hota hai or he would come to our place. I knew he was seeing taking treatment for this and was on medication."

He also added that he had tried to call Rhea, but she was inconsolable, so he spoke her mother who informed him she is currently devastated. During the end of the conversation, he reiterated that he is also angry with Sushant for taking this step. "He was such a young and smart mind. He was loving towards me. I miss his hugs. He would prank me. In fact, I had texted him on June 12 and he had replied emotionally to it and I keep going to that message again."

If you need support or know someone who is struggling, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist or speak to someone about it. There are several helplines available for the same​


Anonymous : Has anyone of you jokers ever lived with a mentally ill patient especially if he is a grown up man? It's dangerous as hell and scary. Grown ups never take medicines on time and become moody and violent if they drink alcohol as well. Its like living in a sinking boat. Best to leave if you can because anytime things can go wrong and seek help of police. Only thing here is why Rhea took so much money from him? But I guess if a man is gonna shag a pretty girl before marriage then she is gonna take his money.
REPLY 0 1 year ago
Anonymous : Thanks to Rumi. I looked forward to SSR movies! He was a star & he had a league of his own. I will want to remember just as the star I knew him. These jobless attention-seekers have maligned his image. I am sorry, i really dont want my participation in such trolls. Rest in Peace SSR. You deserve it. Heal
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REPLY 5 1 year ago
Anonymous : Ek jo. Ke befakuf hain loog , kaha iss 2 ruppe krk ka tweet dekh kaar bol rahe hain ban kiya , movie nahi hain .
REPLY 0 1 year ago
Anonymous : I hate rhea. She has not done justice to her man may it be suicide or murder. I hate her for her character. One thought is that sushant should not have left ankita. Ankita was equally caring and lovable as his mother.
REPLY 9 1 year ago
Anonymous : Oh right... Ankita ,,,..shameless person.. SSR would not have left her if he felt she was right..
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : Even Rekha was not spared n called names after her depressed husband committed suicide
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : sushant was not depressed
REPLY 0 1 week ago
Anonymous : Blind item on pinkvilla about Sushant suggesting Rhea's name for movies . Check !
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : True .. Sushant didn't recommend Rhea's name for the movie . Why make such statements unless you are guilty .
REPLY 10 1 year ago
Anonymous : Nahi , Sushant aur rhea dono movie karne valle the
REPLY 0 1 year ago
Anonymous : You are talking more about Rhea and less about Sushant .
REPLY 15 1 year ago
Anonymous : Mr RUMY JAFRY you are the director from the same film industry . Who creates the scenes and directs the movie. Now don’t put direction of audiences From Aam to IMLI. Come to the point! No one says that he was not having any work. Instead he was having a lot of movies around 7 to 8 . It seems you are PLAYING A ROLE OF LAWYER ON BEHALF OF ALL FILM INDUSTRIES BIGGIES Ruthless... & directing the minds of audiences.Not well said by your side. Take some new twist in this issue I advice. My NAME is SALIM ALI
REPLY 18 1 year ago
Anonymous : Ab toh shant ho jao. Go gaya usko toh shanti do
REPLY 3 1 year ago
Anonymous : He was healthy .. fit and futuristic . This is all made up . Rope marks in the middle of the neck .. why ? It was forced .
REPLY 20 1 year ago
Anonymous : Again.. the mental conspiracy? gods sake.. get out of your hole. It’s proven false.
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : Sushants problems started when Rhea entered his life
REPLY 35 1 year ago
Anonymous : Totally agree
REPLY 14 1 year ago
Anonymous : Always blame the girl . Even Rekha was not spared for her depressed husband suicide
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : Yes. He should have not left ankita
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : sushant was not depressed. Rhea is depressed
REPLY 0 1 week ago
Anonymous : Few things we all should question 1. What gave Rhea the right to talk about Sushant’s depression when he himself didn’t feel comfortable, telling Bhatt & Rumy? 2. What is her equation with the Bhatts, what control they have over her to ask her to leave Sush? 3. She claimed to have left Sush house because she was unhappy with the roommate/manager, yet she credits most of her pic to the same roommate on insta. 4. Assuming that Sush was actually clinically depressed, she left the house yet was on IG posting pictures as if nothing happened ( knowing her man is depressed and relies on medicine?) 5. His family did not want her in the funeral or they didn’t feel comfortable with her around. 6.Speculation but sometimes drugs are used to control people and to isolate them from family and friends, note that He’s been feeling down for 6 months while Rhea is in his life. 7. He set up business with his money for her, weird money hungry much? 8. She made sure to leave the house so she's not connected to his forced suicide or murder.
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REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : Stop being detective.. you are not good at it. It’s because of people like you the case got misdirected and public money was wasted and SSR name was dragged into dirt. So please keep your speculations to yourself
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : I find Rheas behaviour very weird. For someone who was planning to marry Sushant, she wasn’t very supportive of him. She was discussing his health issues with Mahesh Bhatt and Rumi Jaffrey. And when Mahesh Bhatt told her to leave Sushant, she ran home instead of supporting him!
REPLY 29 1 year ago
Anonymous : Very calculative statements like Sushant didn't recomend Rhea's name for the rom com movie . Has anyone asked him that ? Why is he being defensive in advance . Trying to protect her . Instead of talking about the real facts . Sushant had a juice on the Sunday morning . The rope mark is in the middle of the neck . Why ? Murder ... Use your brains !
REPLY 24 1 year ago
Anonymous : Have you see rope marks. Please stop spreading lies
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : Sushant Singh Rajput's death remind me of Divya Bharti...same to same she was also full of life...see how she died...
REPLY 25 1 year ago
Anonymous : This guy seems to be the spokesperson of Rhea. Always defending her . All his statements show that he is trying to portray a good picture of her . Very calculative statements like Sushant didn't recomend her name for the name . Fishy ! She could be a good person but he Was definitely Murdered ! They are all trying to build up a story about his mental health . He was an optimistic person came up in life he won't let go b'cos of the any stupid work tension or love hassle . He had given a critically acclaimed movie n a blockbuster last year . This is a Murder . Why are his friends in another room not been questioned .
REPLY 33 1 year ago
Anonymous : Some of the SSR videos clearly out pours that he has mental issues.
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea chakraborty is all making up.... She is telling everyone that he is depressed there must be something that rhea is hiding..... She had a fight with him and after that he hang himself..... He was a very intelliget man.....rhea has a greed for work.... She told everyone that sushant heard voices... He is physco..... There should be a CBI case.. Rhea should be interrogated.
REPLY 27 1 year ago
Anonymous : He was not a sensible if he was he would never commit sucide
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : This is clearly trying to make up for the truth coming out and now every Tom Dick and Harry will come out with his own version. Only Sushant knows the truth and he unfortunately is no more.
REPLY 15 1 year ago
Anonymous : Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty are involved in making him sick as going through depression...both are culprits
REPLY 35 1 year ago
Anonymous : Yeah right... keep barking at the elephant ...
REPLY 0 11 months ago
Anonymous : This Rumi guy announces movies left and right but has only directed 4 movies in 12 years??!
REPLY 30 1 year ago
Anonymous : Damage control time, this is how media controls you people. Wake up !!!!
REPLY 27 1 year ago
Anonymous : If Sushant wasn’t comfortable talking about his depression, what gave Rhea the right to go around telling this director( who was working on the movie with both Rhea and Sush) and creepy Bhatt about Sushant’s depression? Seems like she and the Bhatts were either planting seeds or Rhea truly didn’t respect or love Sushant enough to protect him. Anyone who was involved in this Rhea characters lives are shady, period!!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if she was involved with the mafia either, this girl can do anything for fame. Zero sympathy for her fake tears!!!
REPLY 41 1 year ago
Anonymous : now new chapter will begin. new stories will be coming up specially from people claiming to be sushant's friends and they will show how he had ample of everything and indirectly will prove that nepo gang had no role at all in his suicide/murder. they are all innocent and kangana is evil, lying all the way. johar, bhatts , kapoors - u people r inhuman and monstrous bollywood is dirt and filth. may his soul rest in peace and justice be served
REPLY 38 1 year ago
Anonymous : gang did a good homework and will prove innocence through everyone related to sushant.
REPLY 21 1 year ago
Anonymous : now I want justice for all victims (actors, actresses, directors & producers) of Kanganas PR stunt. Kangana used Sushant's death to defame all those leading Bollywood personalities. I hate jealous opportunist Kangana.
REPLY 21 1 year ago
Anonymous : Finally someone can see thru her agenda. She is using the same populist playbook. The main goal of a populist is to polarize the society by creating "people vs the elite" discourse. This society is hellbent on not taking depression seriously but instead she ruined his legacy, reputation, and the media and police stripped him of his dignity and privacy.
REPLY 22 1 year ago
Anonymous : Which celebrity pr you are. Kangna was always right, and is right now also...nobody will watch nepo kids movie!!!
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : now I want justice for all victims (actors, actresses, directors & producers) of Kanganas PR stunt. Kangana used Sushant's death to defame all those leading Bollywood personalities. I hate jealous opportunist Kangana.
REPLY 11 1 year ago
Anonymous : SSR was bright and talented but mentally ill with a fragile ego and childish man. Couldn’t handle his mind, tried his best but eventually did him in. It’s just vile to blame innocent people from his workplace and bully them for this instead of giving him the correct acknowledgment he deserved
REPLY 13 1 year ago
REPLY 0 1 year ago
Anonymous : One tight slap on kangnas face . A
REPLY 32 1 year ago
Anonymous : She didn't said anything wrong. She only quoted what other people said or he himself said in insta or in the interviews
REPLY 14 1 year ago
Anonymous : Movie actors are grabbing all others professional people's job they do endorsement become show stoppers and grab models job they become radio jockey,singers ,even YouTube is not spared neither is insta They want everything to themselves Sushant vwas a gem in this selfish fraternity post it if you are unbiased
REPLY 36 1 year ago