Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chanel And Johnny Deals With Test Results Of Their Unborn Child

In the upcoming Days of Our Lives on June 12, 2024: Chanel and Johnny face the reality of their unborn baby's test results, while Leo seeks Marlena's help to fix his flaws.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

In Days of Our Lives on Wednesday, June 12, Chanel and Johnny get the test results for their unborn baby, ending their uncertainty and starting their planning. Chanel’s mom, Paulina, left the hospital in a snowstorm to find Chanel, who is pregnant.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

This exposed Chanel to radiation poisoning, which might harm her baby. Chanel decides to keep the baby, with Johnny supporting her without making any decisions himself. Chanel was influenced by meeting Felicity, a customer with Down’s Syndrome. However, she might change her mind if her baby’s health issues turn out to be severe.

Leo starts to realize he might not be a nice person, but he blames his upbringing and society for his problems. He thinks his unique personality makes it hard for him to find love, not his blackmailing habits or lack of empathy. Leo decides to fix his flaws and asks Marlena for help, hoping she can improve him.

EJ has never liked Eric and seems especially hostile now. Eric doesn’t understand why but still asks EJ for legal advice. It’s unclear if EJ will ignore him or use the chance to get rid of Eric as a threat.


Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In Yesterday's Days of Our Lives, Stephanie meets Marlena at the hospital to ask about Everett. Marlena explains that Everett is still under Bobby's control and isn’t coming out yet. Stephanie feels guilty for being angry at Everett for his double life and worries their intervention made things worse. Marlena reassures her not to lose hope, as they’ve just started working with Everett.

At the pub, Jada and Kayla discuss how shocking it was to see Everett change into Bobby. Jada, who shared a past with Bobby, wants to understand his struggles. Suddenly, Jada gets a call about a shooting at the Kiriakis estate, causing Kayla to panic. At the mansion, Sarah calls John for help as Steve is injured. John snaps out of his daze and helps Steve, while Sarah informs Kayla about the situation. At the hospital, Marlena reminds Stephanie of how bleak things were for Abigail with DID but that she recovered. John then arrives with news about the mansion.


Abigail rushes to see Steve, who reassures her and Kayla that he’s fine despite being slow to react to Konstantin’s attack. Steve tells them about Konstantin’s crimes and admits their plan failed. Kayla scolds Steve for not informing her about the dangerous situation. 

Meanwhile, at the crypt, Alex confronts Xander for risking Theresa’s life. Xander defends his actions, saying Konstantin was a threat. Brady and Alex criticize Xander, but Theresa assures them Konstantin is dead. Jada arrives, demanding an explanation and the murder weapon. After Xander tells the story, Jada detains him for an official statement. 

John informs Marlena that Konstantin is dead and shares his fear of still being a danger due to the brainwashing. Marlena believes they can free him from its effects, but John feels he must leave Salem. Back at the mansion, Brady cares for Theresa, and Alex takes over. Theresa thanks Alex, who secretly appreciates Xander’s actions. 


At the police station, Sarah worries about charges against Xander, who insists he acted to protect Theresa. In the final moments, John tells Marlena he needs to visit Catharina’s grave alone. Xander, now cleared of charges, talks to Victor’s photo, hoping his actions bring peace.

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