Did Justin Timberlake Have Traces of Truvada and Poppers Drugs In His Blood When Detained? Here's What Happened

An outlet reported a list of drugs that were found in Justin Timberlake's bloodstream during his arrest and led thousands of netizens to believe the rumor. But here’s what actually happened.

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  10:25 AM IST |  182.5K
Find Out If Justin Timberlake Had Traces Of Truvada And Poppers In Blood When Arrested
Justin Timberlake (PC: YouTube/Selfish Official Video)

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to alcohol and drug

Justin Timberlake was recently arrested under Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges in New York on Tuesday, June 18. As the news made headlines, several media outlets began reporting it on social media, many with personal takes on the case. 

While it is confirmed that the former NSYNC member was under the influence of alcohol, one outlet reported a list of drugs that were found in his bloodstream. The post instantly went viral on X with thousands of netizens believing the rumor. But here’s what actually happened. 

Did Justin Timberlake take Truvada and Poppers drugs?

Poo Crave posted an update on Justin Timberlake’s DWI arrest in Sag Harbor, New York soon after the news surfaced. The post claimed the singer was under the influence of Truvada, Molly, poppers, and coke as traces of the drugs were found in his bloodstream. 

The X post lit up the internet leading many to believe the information was, in fact, true. However, a community note was later added under the post to aware readers that Poo Crave was a parody page of the popular handle, Pop Crave. Therefore, all the claims in their post were false and simply a satirical version of the actual news. 

Simultaneously, a mugshot of the 43-year-old star went viral displaying his “bloodshot and glassy” eyes which fueled speculation about his drug intoxication, per People. 

Reports claim that a Sag Harbor Police officer conveyed that Timberlake was “unable to divide” attention and performed poorly on all field sobriety tests. He also refused to take a breathalyzer test. But there was no blood test conducted on him which further debunks the claims made by the parody page. 


What did Justin Timberlake take before driving?

The Trolls star stated in his arrest report, obtained by People, that he "had one martini and I followed my friends home." He was arrested after midnight in Long Island and was detained overnight for driving while impaired but released without bail, the police confirmed to the outlet on June 18. 

However, the police were not convinced that he could have been so intoxicated after having one martini. A bartender at Sag Harbor’s American Hotel, where the pop star was visiting with his friends, confirmed on Saturday, June 22, that Timberlake ordered only one drink before he left. “If he was drinking more, it wasn’t here,” another employee of the hotel chimed in.

Whereas, the police officer in charge mentioned the Selfish singer’s bloodshot eyes in the report and “a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” that exuded from his breath, in addition to slowed speech and being unsteady on foot. “he performed poorly on all standardized field sobriety tests," the report added. 


The Prince of Pop caught the patrolling officer’s attention after he drove past a stop sign in his 2025 BMW and failed to “keep on the right side of the roadway.” 

Regardless of his arrest, Timberlake has continued performing in his ongoing Forget Tomorrow World Tour. The singer is due for a court hearing on Wednesday, July 26, 2024. 

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, please reach out to the authorities and report it. There are several helplines available for the same.

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