From New Album Tease To ‘Put Up Your Hands’ Chant: Top 5 Moments From Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Film

Filmed in front of more than 52,000 people during the tour's September 10, 2022, performance, Chromatica Ball showcases the highlights of Lady Gaga's biggest tour to date in her career.

Published on May 27, 2024  |  12:05 AM IST |  57.8K
Pop Icon Lady Gaga - ( Instagram/Lady Gaga)
Pop Icon Lady Gaga - ( Instagram/Lady Gaga)
Key Highlight
  • Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Film is available to stream now on Max
  • Gaga's Chromatica Ball is a highlight of her biggest tour to date

If you're one of those die-hard Lady Gaga fans eagerly awaiting the long-promised Chromatica Ball film for the past two years, we feel you! But for those who didn't endure the painful delay, get ready for a fresh treat from the star herself. As the pop icon finally dropped the film on May 25, 2024, we can assure you that it's an entire package, with a theme that's loud, colorful, energetic—just like Gaga—ultra-glam, and very cool, mirroring her outfits and vibe!

Filmed in front of an audience of more than 52,000 people during the tour's September 10, 2022, performance at Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium, Gaga's Chromatica Ball is a highlight of her biggest tour to date. While the film may not have super significant moments, it does feature several extravagant scenes that will leave every Lady Gaga fan joyfully satisfied. Check out the top 5 moments from the film below, as it steams now on Max.






1. The put your hands up chant 

If you have been lucky enough to go to a Lady Gaga concert and witness her perform live, you know you're going to be instructed, commanded, or forced to "put your hands up" in some way.

In total, Gaga shouts for the Los Angeles crowd to lift their arms no less than 45 times. From the traditional "put your hands up" to "put your f---in' hands up” and even "I’ll get him hot, put your f---ing hands up,. There is even a portion during Love Game in which she says it five times in less than six seconds.


2. The A Star Is Born costar cameo from Willam

Gaga reportedly handpicked Willam to appear alongside fellow Drag Race alum Shangela in scenes from Bradley Cooper's 2018 movie A Star Is Born, in which the queens play drag bar owners who foster the singing talents of Ally (Gaga), where she becomes a pop star under the guidance of Cooper, who also has a severe alcohol problem.

The film received immense praise, and the duo even sparked rumors that they were dating in real life too. Days after Gaga's Chromatica Ball was filmed, Willam shared an Instagram reel showing off some Chromatica nails for my friend’s gig at the venue.

3. Lady Gaga teases LG7 at the end of the film

For die-hard fans, the film was almost like a universe of its own. Especially, because Gaga herself is a woman full of mystery who never really announced anything before the long-promised Chromatica Ball film came out. Similarly, when one era ends, maybe another begins. 


As Gaga makes her way off the stage at the end of the concert film, a snippet from a new song plays over the footage, with Gaga singing Dance in the shadow of the night as the words' LG7 and the pop star return briefly appear on the screen.

This happens to be one of the greatest hints of new music so far. Gaga has been sharing pictures of herself recording new songs and even opened up in a recent interview that she has been writing a lot of new music, more of something that she has never made before. Well, we can't wait to witness what the pop star has in store for her fans soon. 

4. Lady Gaga sings her track Sour Candy in the film 

When we said that Lady Gaga is full of mystery and surprises, we were right! There was a time when it seemed likely that Gaga's Blackpink collaboration, Sour Candy, was supposed to be released as a single, but somehow it never happened.


However, Gaga treated her fans to some inventive vocal acrobatics on the album's accompanying tour. Moreover, she began the moment by mesmerizing the audience with the fun "Are you a hard, gummy, or a stringy candy, L.A.?" question, and the crowd yelled back in delight, responding to the pop star. 

5. Lady Gaga makes the live version of Replay even better with her powerful voice

The debate over which of Gaga's album cuts deserve to be singles is a common point of discussion among fans. While standouts like Born This Way's Heavy Metal Lover and Joanne's Dancin' in Circles were regularly cited as potential hits, Chromatica Ball, however, solidifies the Chromatica tune Replay as one of the greatest non-single releases in Lady Gaga's discography.

The underrated song that should have been a single finally gets its broadcast debut in the special film, and the song got even better as Gaga performed it in a quirky way with her powerful voice and instruments.

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