While Kelly Ripa Comes to Andy Cohen's Defence Her Past Comments Allegedly Paint a Different Picture; See Here

Kelly Ripa’s comments in support of Andy Cohen in his lawsuit filed by Leah McSweeney backfired as her earlier comments from last year started to resurface. Read to find out.

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As Kelly Ripa Comes to Andy Cohen's Defence Her Past Comments
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Trigger Warning: This article contains references to alcohol, drug addiction and sexual abuse.

Kelly Ripa is one of the most well-known TV show hosts. She is known for her co-hosting days on Live! With Kelly and Mark. The dynamic host has a lot to say and is mostly a beloved TV host, but this time she has happened to find herself in a bit of turmoil. Kelly Ripa has been making headlines for her comment supporting her fellow host Andy Cohens in his recent controversy regarding the lawsuit filed by Real Housewives star Leah McSweeney. According to Page Six, her supportive comments backfired as her comments resurfaced, painting something entirely different. 

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Kelly Ripa’s comments on Andy Cohen's lawsuit backfire; earlier comments resurface

Andy Cohen is in a whirlwind of trouble as he finds himself in another lawsuit filed by Leah McSweeney. The former Real Housewives star accused Cohen of doing coke with Bravo stars, with a senior producer (not Cohen) sending unsolicited photographs of genitalia to lower-level production employees, among other complaints about the network's culture. As Following the lawsuit, many other reality show stars and friends came out in defense of Cohen's, along with Kelly Ripa. 

According to Page Six, Kelly Ripa was quick to defend Andy Cohen on her podcast Let’s Talk Off Camera, expressing herself by saying she was so angry and offended by those allegations. But as she made those comments, her earlier comments resurfaced and painted a different image. Last year, in May, the daytime legend Kelly Ripa invited Andy Cohen as a guest on her show, where she told a story about how she was once in an uncomfortable position at her workspace and had received racy pictures of someone’s genital that he had sent her. 


She said, "So, my work iPad is open, and I'm sitting here reading through my notes, and (Live with Kelly and Mark executive producer Michael Gelman) is over my shoulder trying to show me something, and suddenly, a fully erect pen*s appears... It's like a text from Andy Cohen.” Later, Cohen cheerfully chimed in himself, joking that when he gets frustrated by the lack of freedom that comes with parenthood, he reminds himself of what he'd be doing if he were magically child-free again: hanging around his apartment, mast*****ing, and getting high." 

After this, Page Six reached out to Kelly Ripa’s team, and here is what her publicist had to say: "Kelly never referenced Leah McSweeney (on the recent podcast) and doesn't even know who she is, but Kelly stands 100% by her defense of Andy and his character."

Why is Leah McSweeney suing Andy Cohen? 

Another day, another litigation in the Bravoverse. Last week, former Real Housewives of New York actress Leah McSweeney issued a civil lawsuit against Bravo and Andy Cohen, alleging them of fostering substance addiction and purposefully feeding her alcoholism for ratings. 

McSweeney also accused Cohen, the Housewives franchise's executive producer, of having a proclivity for cocaine consumption with his employees. As per The Cut, McSweeney said, "Cohen tends to offer the housewives with whom he uses cocaine better conditions and edits. Cohen deliberately shares cocaine with his employees to promote a work atmosphere that thrives off drug and alcohol abuse, leading to a failure to meet the needs of employees who are disabled and seeking to remain substance-free."

Later on, Cohen’s rep denied these allegations and told Deadline that those claims were completely false. As per TMZ, Cohen has since doubled down on his denial. According to the gossip site, Cohen's lawyers wrote to McSweeney, stating that her statements about Cohen's cocaine use were untrue and defamatory. They also reportedly advised the former housewife that if she did not retract her claims, she would face a lawsuit.

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse or sexual abuse, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist, NGO or speak to someone about it. There are several helplines available for the same.


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