Mardaani 2 Movie Review: Rani Mukerji and Gopi Puthran take it a notch up

Mardaani 2 Review: Mardaani 2 is the story of Superintendent of Police, Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukerji), who is racing against time to capture a brutal serial rapist. Like in the prequel of this film, the story revolves around women security. Then, it was about women trafficking, Mardaani 2 is about the abominable rapes by juveniles and how society treats a survivor.

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Mardaani 2 Movie Review: Rani Mukerji and Gopi Puthran take it a notch up
Mardaani 2 Movie Review: Rani Mukerji and Gopi Puthran take it a notch up

Movie Name: Mardaani 2

Mardaani 2 Director: Gopi Puthran

Mardaani 2 Cast: Rani Mukerji

Mardaani 2 Movie Stars: 3/5

The rape case statistics shown at the start of the film (and even towards the end) is extremely shocking. For instance, over 2000 rapes are committed by boys under 18 years every year, is disturbing. The film is inspired by real stories of crimes against women by juveniles. The edge-of-the-seat thriller is a perfect blend of what and how society treats a woman even today, rape cases, and what needs to be changed.

Rani Mukerji has reprised the role of the fearless and committed Superintendent of Police. The good part is that she continues with the characterises exhibited in the first half. She is not a police officer who sugar-coats her language. She is relatable. She impresses you throughout the movie as a strong, commanding woman officer who is on a mission. Rani earns extra credit for the climax, where she exposes the emotional and vulnerable side of the character.

Unlike the previous installment, Mardaani 2 doesn't wait to introduce its antagonist. The director-writer, Director-writer Gopi Puthran, begins the story establishing the villain. The villain of the film Vishal Jethwa is a discovery and manages to not just sustain but impress as a psychotic killer. He reserves his spot even in scenes where he shares the space with a strong performer like Rani. He looks and lives the act of being the cold-blooded rapist and killer.


The first half is incredibly gripping, with no dull moments. It's undoubtedly a tribute to the police force. The second half is about the chase between Shivani and the criminal, which is engaging. The film highlights how even today if a woman wants to take charge of the situation, not just men but women also demotivate them. Victim blaming has seeped into the societal fabric. The dialogues are impactful and hard-hitting. There is also a dialogue by Rani that we are police not media to pass judgement without trial – taking a dig at the journalistic activism and the judge, jury and executioner syndrome.

Director-writer has managed to live up to the expectations set by the audience, especially after the success of Mardaani which was directed by Pradeep Sarkar. He keeps it crispy, engaging and enthralling. The film is less than two hours, and that's what makes the subject interesting. It does justice to the subject without unnecessarily dragging the storyline. The film works on two levels -- performance and topicality. Though, it’s ironical that you need a masculine adjective to define a courageous woman.


Mardaani 2 manages to spark a conversation on the threat young women and girls are susceptible to every day. However, this film makes you wonder how many Shivani Shivaji Roy in our police department at various levels would be willing to do what the on-screen Shivani does but gets restricted and limited because of power, orders and law.

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