EXCLUSIVE: Shivin Narang on taking up unconventional offers, being offered Kasautii..., his journey and more

Shivin Narang in a candid chat with Pinkvilla opened up about his journey, his love for the craft, why he had to give up on the offer of Kasautii Zindagii Kay and more. Read on.
EXCLUSIVE: Shivin Narang on taking up unconventional offers, being offered Kasautii..., his journey and moreEXCLUSIVE: Shivin Narang on taking up unconventional offers, being offered Kasautii..., his journey and more
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Hailing from New Delhi with dreams to prove himself, Shivin Narang who made his debut with Suvreen Guggal is today one of the most sought-after actors on the small screens. The actor went on to do Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera, and later Internet Wala Love and amid all this, the actor also did a movie in Indonesia and enjoys a huge fan following off-shores. But, that doesn't affect Shivin and his approach to people. He is still that boy from Delhi who is only looking out to do something different and better, all the time. 

Clad in a black t-shirt with a cricket ball in his hand, Shivin waited patiently for me to settle before I prodded him with questions about his journey. Leaving the house at a young age with a year in hand to prove himself, Shivin made a start with Suvreen, where he played Yuvraj, a college hottie who was hard to get. "Since I had developed a good physique and was wanting to experiment something, my friends told me to try my career in modelling or acting. So I came to Mumbai, asking my parents for a year's time," he recalled. With his raw Delhi lingo, Shivin as Yuvraj left a mark. "I had to play myself in many ways as Yuvraj. I was very raw, was new to camera and my first in all means, but what made it a little easier was that I had to play a character I could relate to," Shivin added. 

While his chemistry with Smriti Kalra in the show was well received, anyone would have hoped that Narang would take a romantic heroes role next, but Shivin surprised everyone by taking up a show which solidified and celebrated sibling love. "I could have stuck to my comfort zone and taken up a relatively lighter romantic hero role but when Veera was offered, I took the challenge. I had to work on my physique, I had to work on my dialect, emotional quotient and more for the role. Since the romantic angle was missing here, we had to make sure how to not let the touch seem weird, how to bring out the sibling love organically without making it look awkward onscreen," Shivin shared and added that this is exactly why the role excited him. This is when he started with the character and took the role seriously. "I realised my potential as an actor and worked on my skills more and more to be able to put my best foot forward," he exclaimed! 


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Veera definitely was a difficult role for Shivin, but it also won him the Best Beta Award at the Star Parivaar Awards. Later, the actor found something more exciting to do in Indonesia where he spent sometime and added more fans to his already huge fan following. A year back, the actor was then offered Internet Wala Love, which was a new concept for the channel as well. "I was honestly surprised that such a show is being made where you talk about the everyday conversations on relationships so casually, where a guy is actually swiping left and right on dating apps," Shivin said and added before that he had been offered Anurag Basu's role in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, but as his father was not keeping too well during that time he had to let go of the offer. "They had approached me earlier on for the role but at that time, I just couldn't due to my father's ill health, later the show got pushed it seems. However, by then I had signed Internet Wala Love and I wanted to do something new and exciting so I gave that a shot."

"Even though Internet Wala Love did not rake too much in TRP, I was happy to be a part of the show. We had so much fun on sets and it was content I could relate to." While reiterating that TRP does matter but not more than the content, Shivin said that he is open to do web series as well. But it must be something new and exciting and should challenge him as an actor. 

Shivin also added that he is not scared of failures as he takes each one of them as a learning lesson. Right now, the actor is in talks with numerous producers for shows, but did not let reveal anything related to it. 


So so super and amazing ur story.

So so super and amazing ur story.

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