Anupamaa to Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Unveiling the upcoming twists in these popular shows

From Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin to Imlie, read to know about the mind-blowing twists and turns that await in your favorite shows.

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Anupamaa, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Anupamaa to Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Unveiling the upcoming twists in these popular shows

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Indian TV shows never fail to hook our attention to their engaging storyline and have kept us on the edge of our seats for a while now. Be it fictional or non-fictional, the content that comes with drama is always inevitable, and a few shows have been managing to do so. By introducing several twists and turns, these shows have created an enormous fanbase and these fans eagerly await for every episode as it brings a lot of entertainment. Read on as we unveil the upcoming twists in your favorite shows that will leave you shocked. 

Check out the upcoming twist in Anupamaa:

With Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna in the lead roles, Anupamaa has emerged as a highly popular and widely-watched television show in India. Since its beginning, the show has captivated the audience with its gripping storyline and exceptional performances, making it a favorite among viewers. The talented cast and engaging plot have contributed to its immense success and continuous entertainment. Speaking about the ongoing plot, it is seen that Anuj confesses everything to Anupamaa. 

He tells Anupamaa how Maaya was unwell and got panic attacks which scared Choti Anu, and thus he decided to stay in Mumbai. After listening to Anuj’s confession, Anupamaa and Anuj get emotional and hug each other, solving their differences. However, Anupamaa tells Anuj that they should walk on their different paths and live according to destiny.

Now as per the upcoming twist in Anupamaa, the viewers will see how Maaya creates a scene as she doesn’t find Anuj and Anupamaa in the house. Vanraj will then fight with Maaya for creating a scene because of Anupamaa and Anuj. However, tables are soon going to turn as Paakhi returns. Paakhi who has been missing from Samar and Dimpy’s wedding will soon return with evidence against Maaya. Pakhi will expose Maya, who is trying to be possessive toward Anuj.

Pakhi will tell everyone that Maaya is not sick and has been acting. On the other hand, it will also be seen that Anupamaa’s guru Malti Devi and Anuj will come face to face. Fans will witness more drama when they will come to know that Malti Devi is Anuj’s biological mother. It will be interesting to see how the lives of Anupamaa and Anuj will unfold in the upcoming episodes of the show. 

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Check out the upcoming twist in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, produced by Rajan Shahi, has successfully held the attention of viewers as one of the longest-running shows. With a dedicated fan following, the show receives immense love for its engaging storyline and talented cast. Featuring Harshad Chopda, Pranali Rathod, Jay Soni, and Karishma Sawant in significant roles, the current plot focuses on the intense battle between Abhimanyu and Akshara for the custody of Abhir.


As per the upcoming twists in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhir will ask help from Abhimanyu to find his real father. It might be possible that Abhimanyu tells him the truth about his and Abhir's relationship. However, a major twist occurs when Abhir clearly tells Abhimanyu that he loves his father, Abhiav, the most. Abhimanyu will realize his mistakes and decides to leave Kasauli. He also realizes that the nurturer has more authority than the creator. 

It will be seen that Abhimanyu returns to Udaipur from Kasauli and Manjari gets angry as he doesn’t bring Abhir with him. Abhimanyu makes his mother realize that Abhir chose his father, Abhinav. It will be interesting to see whether Manjari will give up or will plan something to bring Abhir back.

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Check out the upcoming twist in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, featuring Neil Bhatt, Ayesha Singh, and Harshad Arora in prominent roles, consistently delivers engaging content to its audience. In the ongoing storyline, we see Sai and Satya are happily married and living with Satya’s family, and suddenly Sai’s uncle Vijendra will arrive in Nashik. Amba reads the newspaper and gets to know that the new commissioner is none other than Satya's father, Vijendra. Seeing this, Amba decides to never let Satya and Vijendra come face-to-face. However, Sai goes to meet Vijendra who is her uncle.

Now as per the upcoming twist in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, it will be seen that Vijendra pays a visit to Sai and her husband, but Amba becomes agitated and refuses to meet him. Sai becomes curious about Amba's unusual behavior and decides to investigate. When Satya urges Sai to bring Amba out, Sai rushes to see Amba but is shocked by her condition.  

Amba is sitting on the floor, trembling and tearful. Concerned, Sai checks on her and inquires about her distress. Amba reveals that she doesn't want to meet Vijendra and asks Sai to make him leave as soon as possible. Amba discloses to Sai that Vijendra is actually Satya's father. It will be interesting to see how Sai reacts to this. 

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Check out the upcoming twist in Imlie:

Imlie is one of the most popular shows airing on Television screens presently and has a huge number of viewers. The show stars Megha Chakraborty, Seerat Kapoor, and Karan Vohra in lead roles, and the audience loves their acting mettle. The makers of the show have kept the viewers hooked to the show owing to its engaging storyline. Speaking about the ongoing plot, it is seen that Kairi comes to Rana villa with Imlie from Goa. Surprised seeing Kairi, Imlie doesn’t tell anyone in the house about Kairi being in Rana house.

In the upcoming episode of Imlie, it will be seen that Devika will come to know about Atharva’s truth. Everyone will come to know about Kairi being in the house. While talking to Devika, Kairi will show a picture of her father and best friend to Devika. Devika is shattered after she sees Atharva alive as she was assuming that her son is dead. Devika will then get angry at Atharva for being away for so many years despite being alive. Devika will give all her motherly rights to Dhairya. Atharva will blame Imlie as Dhairya replaces him in his family. It will be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming episodes of the show. 

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