David Duchovny Reveals How One Bad Movie Changed His Preception About Negative Reviews; See Here

David Duchovny explains how a negative review for his directorial debut, House of D, helped him realize that an F grade does not equate to failure or death, challenging his previous beliefs.

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David Duchovny Spills: The One Flop That Flipped His View On Negative Reviews
David Duchovny (PC: Instagram/davidduchovny)

For the time when David Duchovny talked about his experience in his first movie script-writing and directing, he gladly accepted the severe criticism that came along.

The recently released Lemonada-produced podcast Fails Better where the actor discusses his failures with his guests This 2004 dramedy was Shawn’s most experimental physiological role in addition to playing the lead character, he played other characters as well The film also starred Téa Leoni, Anton Yelchin, Erykah Badu, Frank Langella, Orlando Jones, and Robin Williams.Zelda Williams.

Looking back on his experience Duchovny said, “The first movie I wrote and directed, House of D, got an F from a reviewer."

He tells PEOPLE, "I woke up the next day feeling very happy and liberated. I don’t know why. I was a good student, and I realised that my entire life I’d been afraid of an ‘F,’ like it would kill me. But I wasn’t dead, and the sun was shining, I was drinking my coffee, and everything was okay.”

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David Duchovny reflects on 'House of D': Embracing failure and learning from critic

When it came to House of D, Duchovny understood the realities of following one’s passion and overcoming the fear of creativity not being successful, which he delved into during his podcast series.

During the show, David Duchovny shares his thoughts and views life with some distance toward it and possible failures. When considering the public's reaction to Duchovny’s first attempt at filmmaking and directing, the movie House of D, where Duchovny got an ‘F’ from a reviewer, one might not expect the actor to feel that free. , here is another important quote: “I was relieved of this delusion of an ‘F’ equaling death. It made me think, ‘Is there something for me to learn from this, or is there something teachable in that review?’ The movie ultimately didn’t make much at the box office, but I know what it is, and I know what I meant.”


From Golden Globes to Grammys: Duchovny's journey through film, music, and beyond

As much as it was not an easy journey, Duchovny has since enjoyed his life in the different sectors of the entertainment industry. It is important to mention that, for the second time, he succeeded in receiving the Golden Globe Award in 2008 for his participation in the Showtime drama ‘Californication,’ which premiered in a seven-season run from 2007 to 2014. He has also ventured into the music industry as a singer and has produced three studio albums and is also an Author, he has written five books, one of the books he wrote was the basis of his Upcoming Television film/ movie titled ‘Reverse the Curse’ which is expected to be premiered on 14th June.

Reverse the Curse is a story that deals with the father and the son's issues and can also be considered as successful. Reflecting on the acting qualities, the Hollywood Reporter noted that Duchovny’s broad, audaciously ribald monologue delivery is hilariously brilliant and was an excellent showcase for the deadpan comic actor. Even the more critical Indiewire praised Duchovny for his performance in front of the camera as well as behind it, noting particularly how he managed to incorporate baseball’s poetic side into the story.


Another recurring motif is that of overcoming and transformation which also resonates with Duchovny’s work continuing in his podcast fails better dedicated to failures and challenges.

David Duchovny: Embracing life's lessons through failure

It comes as no surprise that failure is omnipresent in all aspects of David’s creative work: from his writing to his most recent work featured in the podcast called Fail Better. For Duchovny, accepting failure is one of the most important aspects of human existence since failures are not only meaningful because of the suffering being experienced but the lessons attached to them. Considering the show as a form of journalism, Krznaric admits: ‘It’s kind of a theme in my writing … to embrace failure or to feel like a failure, as the human condition’.

Fail Better podcast is also known as the podcast that is created by Lemonada Media that is not focused on failure it is calling to listen to the moments when people learn something. Based on the primary issues identified in the show, Duchovny tends to stress the need to survive when one fails in his/her endeavors, heal shameful feelings, and pursue living unabashedly.


“It's more about the true hurt of it [failure] and the response after the hurt of it,” he explains. “And if there's shame, how do you release that? How do you go ahead in your life uninhibited? How do you go ahead in your life stronger?”

As an alumnus of psychoanalysis, Duchovny compels his audience to explore these matters and provides further commentary into Fail Better which will lead to discussions and information that help people persevere and evolve. The podcast can be downloaded from major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, therefore creating a platform to share heartfelt and personal stories about overcoming adversities and learning to find power from them.

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