Immaculate Ending Explained: How Did Sydney Sweeney's Character Cecile Get Pregnant? Know Why She Killed Her Baby

Sydney Sweeney's latest horror film Immaculate takes a chilling turn as a young nun confronts the church's sinister experiments. Read on to explore why Cecile killed her own baby!

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Immaculate Ending Explained
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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers and highlights for the movie Immaculate

Sydney Sweeney's latest role in the horror film Immaculate is now available for digital streaming. The movie follows a familiar trope. It introduces Cecelia, a young nun arriving at an Italian convent, who senses something ominous lurking within its walls.

This setup bears resemblance to recent horror prequels like The First Omen and entries from The Nun series in the Conjuring universe. However, Immaculate sets itself apart in its climactic moments by delving into a provocative pro-choice metaphor that challenges the exploitation of women's bodies.

How did Cecelia get pregnant in Immaculate?

In the film's final scenes, it's revealed that the seemingly miraculous pregnancy of Cecelia, despite her lack of sexual contact, is a result of a twisted experiment conducted by the church. Father Tedeschi, a former biologist, has been using a nail from the crucifixion of Jesus to attempt to create a new messiah. The revelation exposes the church's unethical manipulation of scientific processes under the guise of divine intervention.

As Cecelia's pregnancy progresses, she uncovers the truth and confronts the priests who seek to control her. In the sequence, Cecelia fights back against her captors, ultimately killing Father Tedeschi and destroying the secret laboratory where the experiments took place.



Why did Cecelia kill the baby?

The film's climax intensifies as Cecelia, amidst labor pains, makes a harrowing escape from the catacombs beneath the convent. In a chilling twist, she discovers that her unborn child emits abnormal sounds, suggesting it is not a typical human baby.

This revelation prompts Cecelia to make a shocking decision: she kills the child, symbolizing her rejection of the church's manipulation and reclaiming her autonomy over her own body.

Director Michael Mohan, along with Sydney Sweeney's contribution to reworking the script's ending, utilizes the horror genre to explore profound themes of choice and agency. By leaving the exact nature of the child ambiguous, the film invites audiences to contemplate the moral complexities surrounding reproductive rights.

While the ending of Immaculate may provoke controversy, it serves as a commentary on the societal pressures and ethical dilemmas faced by women in the past. Immaculate is available to stream on Netflix. 

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