Nazranaa Diaries: Here's how US' biggest Indian bridal boutique is bridging gap & making dreams come true

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Nazranaa Diaries: Here's how US' biggest Indian bridal boutique is bridging gap & making dreams come true.

For the longest time, Bollywood has served as an inspiration for all things grand in life. You may blame it on Karan Johar, but the big fat Indian wedding is truly a dream to watch when it plays out on the silver screen. From stunning locations to grand decor and music, Bollywood weddings are a celebration like no other. Speaking of grandiose and celluloid, we stumbled upon one such show that encapsulates our love affair with weddings and everything that comes along with it.

Titled Nazranaa Diaries, this hit TV show and YouTube series has been streaming for around five years now and recently dropped its third season. The reality series revolves around the bride and groom's hunt for their perfect wedding outfit and how they finally pick their dream ensemble with assistance from a top notch team.

From drop-dead gorgeous lehengas to intricately detailed sherwanis, Nazranaa Diaries takes a deep dive into the minds of young couples prepping for their big day. But who is the brainchild behind these breathtaking Indian outfits?

Classic Yet Fun

Designer Shivangi Gupta AKA Shia has established herself as a top Indian bridal wear designer in the US. Along with her brother and men's wear designer Shashank Gupta as well as jewellery designer Rashi Gupta, the trio run the uber successful brand Nazranaa. It is the biggest South Asian bridal boutique in the US and their New Jersey store, Nazranaa, is the heart of their reality series Nazranaa Diaries.

The show features various Indian families and couples across the US who walk into the famous Nazranaa store to find their picture perfect outfit. Be it a traditional wedding lehenga or something super fun for the reception, designer Shia always picks some of her best options for the brides-to-be. Designer Shashank, on the other hand, always dishes out a mix of dapper Indian wear for men which are not just visually great but also intricate in terms of design. The team has successfully managed to bring a slice of India's rich textile and design culture to desi Americans looking for traditional Indian wear for their big day.

However, it's not all about dreamy couture. The show has its own fair share of drama as the bride and groom's looks often involve opinions of those accompanying them. Be it their close friends or in-laws, the episodes are full of such drama with tensions running high during several client visits to the store.

From Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati to even Nepali and South Indian brides, the series has made a conscious effort to highlight multi-cultural and multi-ethnic weddings. Thanks to this inclusivity, the show has struck a chord with millions and gained popularity across the globe with its views on YouTube inching closer to 20 million.

Nazranaa Diaries Bling

The series not only stars siblings Shia and Shashank and their incredible store, but also jewellery designer Rashi Gupta who elevates the already gorgeous wedding lehengas with her creations. From adding just the right amount of bling to traditional jewellery pieces, designer Rashi knows the perfect trick to amp up the bride and groom's wedding attire. In season three, episode two, we get a glimpse of this as she adds a touch of gold and blue with her jewellery to an amazing bright pink lehenga and seals the entire look.

From being an all inclusive brand and series to beautifully bridging the gap for desi Americans with their impressive Indian wedding outfits, Nazranaa Diaries will keep you hooked the minute you hit play on YouTube. Three seasons of the show have already aired on Aap Ka Colors USA. 

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