EXCLUSIVE: Allu Sirish on his Hindi music debut with Heli Daruwala and being addressed as Allu Arjun's brother

Updated on Mar 23, 2021 10:18 AM IST  |  396.8K
Allu Sirish Hindi music debut
EXCLUSIVE: Allu Sirish on his Hindi music debut with Heli Daruwala and being addressed as Allu Arjun's brother

Allu Sirish is making his Hindi music video debut with a song titled Vilayati Sharab, sung by Darshan Raval and Neeti Mohan. The actor is excited for the peppy dance number and will be seen in it alongside Heli Daruwala. In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Sirish shared he had an amazing time with the team at the shoot. He also opened up on being addressed as Allu Arjun's brother. 

"I loved the experience. I didn't have anything in my mind. I went with an open mind. The director Aadil Shaikh knew what he wants, we did proper 3-4 days rehearsals but Heli actually killed it. I didn't know how 15 hours passed by while shooting for the song. From morning to night we shot in Madh Island and after the pack-up when I was getting back home, I didn't understand how time passed. It was super fun, heavy, a lot of dancing." 

Asked if he shared about this opportunity with Allu Arjun before deciding it, to this he replied, "I didn't talk to anybody! It was unexpected and out of the blue as I wasn't thinking that I wanted to do a music video. I didn't actively pursue to be a part of the Hindi music video. This was an opportunity from nowhere. So, when life was giving me this chance, I was like just take it up. I didn't think what will be the outcome or about money." 

He continued saying, "I asked them after the shoot why they wanted me to do the song. Darshan Raval wanted me since its a dance number and they had seen my dance videos on YT, so they decided to take me. Darshan has not done this kind of song ever, he does most of love songs. Since South actors are god at dancing, he wanted me. The thought is nice of getting someone from South to be a part of a Hindi music video." 

In the coming days and months, we will see a lot of Bollywood films releasing in South dubbed languages and vice-versa. Surprised by his fluent Hindi, we asked him about his take on this trend and transition, Sirish said, "I think if it involves people who have already work, it goes smooth. I have done dance songs before so we were all seasoned professionals. For me, I was prepared for the opportunity since I knew the language. Our unit was top notch. The best part is everyone on sets from dancers, assistants to Heli, they are very included in what's happening down South. 10 years ago when we had to go there, we had to explain and introduce who I'm. Now, they know who Allu Arjun is, who Sai Pallavi is....they know their songs, movies. They know a lot more about us. It is nice that the border is blurring and we are coming together. When I was there, I didn't feel out of place at all. I felt at home." 

Allu Sirish was the first Telugu actor to act in a full-fledged Mohanlal starrer Malayalam movie 1971: Beyond Borders. He has done a few films in Telugu and has also tried his hand at hosting the biggest awards shows down South. However, a lot of times, he is addressed as superstar Allu Arjun's brother. Asked if that upsets him knowing he has also done significant films, Sirish responded, "Initially when I started off, I was addressed only as Allu Arjun's brother. But after a few films and so many years in the industry, at least the Telugu audience now know me largely as Allu Sirish. I have made whatever that small niche of an identity and I'm happy with it. A lot of people do address me as Allu Arjun's brother but I have no issues. It only makes me proud. As much as I smile  because it is my brother and feel proud, at the same time I want to come out of it and to be known as Sirish."