EXCLUSIVE: Kamal Haasan's makeup artist Seema opens up on Vikram movie, actor's personal style and more

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EXCLUSIVE: Kamal Haasan's makeup artist Seema opens up on Vikram movie, actor's personal style and more

A well-known name in the South and Bollywood film industry, superstar Kamal Haasan's makeup artist, Seema Tabassum in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla reveals how the actor can take a nap without messing up with his hairstyle. Asked if he has any big no-no's when it comes to makeup and hair, Seema revealed, "I may sound biased here but amongst all the celebrities I have worked with, he is one actor who does not move or blink whilst I work on him."

She continues, "He completely surrenders and gives me the freedom to work which has got the best of me to showcase my talent and that has been recognised in the film industry. If I set his hair in the morning at 9, it remains the same until 9 in the night. Believe me, on this, he takes a nap sitting without messing up the hair. It's funny how he can be so perfect! He hates to trouble his artist or technicians." 

Not many might know she is the magician and one who should be credited for making Kamal Haasan look simply perfect all the time on the big screen, at events, Bigg Boss, and even during promotions. Sharing her journey, Seema says, "Whilst I was freelancing as a makeup artist, I got an opportunity to work for IPL and there I met Mr Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, and all cricketers. That was my first B-town entry! I was so fascinated with that shoot that I decided to move to Mumbai and pursue my dream. I continued working for film promotions, brands, world cup, etc. During the film promotion of Vishwaroopam, I met Kamal Haasan and he appreciated my work. I was offered Bigg Boss show the and it's been 4 years now of me working on all the seasons. He also offered me my first film as head of the department which normally happens after working on several films but I was blessed & my work was recognized by him he gave me this big opportunity and I happened to work on his home production film Kadaram Kondan with superstar Chiyaan Vikram and other casts. So yeah that's how it all began in the Cinema industry followed by other films in Bollywood and South".

The makeup artist shares how challenging it is every time for her since she does not have to go through one standard makeup and the fact that it differs depending on the kind of role he is playing in the movie. She reveals, "The film makeup is character-based and depends on the script demand I need to create the look for the actor along with director's vision to achieve the look. The only challenging part is special effects makeup as it works reverse of beauty makeup and of course weather conditions as we shoot in all parts of world different regions, indoor-outdoor etc." 

Sharing about working on Kamala Haasan's much-anticipated movie Vikram with Lokesh Kanagaraj, Seema reveals, "Well I have to share this,  when I got a call for this shoot I had no clue on what we were shooting for, I packed my bags for a next morning flight while I was filming in another city for a Bollywood film . when I met the director of Vikram in Chennai he gave me a short description on the film & I had to take a call on the look that needs to be created well, of course, this wouldn't be successful without Mr Kamal Haasan sir's inputs."

I was not prepared for this shoot but hell yeah the look turned out so deadly
Seema-Kamal Haasan's makeup artist

"I was not prepared for this shoot but hell yeah the look turned out so deadly the audience loved the teaser & I got many appreciation calls from other actors, I can't wait to begin the film shoot you must watch the Trailer to know what I am talking about," Seema said.  

Check out the title teaser of the Vikram movie here: 


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