Wind Breaker Episode 12: Release Date, Where To Watch, And More

Wind Breaker episode 11 introduced some new characters to us. Here is everything you need to know about the popular anime’s 12th episode including release date, streaming details, and more.

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Wind Breaker episode 12 details
Wind Breaker anime (PC: Cloverworks, Crunchyroll, Aniplex, Satoru Nii)

This article contains spoilers from the Wind Breaker anime 

The first season of the Wind Breaker anime, which is based on Satoru Nii’s popular delinquent manga of the same name, is coming to an end. This season’s main arc, which was Bofurin’s fight against Shishitoren ended in episode 10 and in episode 11, we got to meet two more strong members from Sakura’s class. 

Since episode 12 is probably going to be the last episode of Wind Breaker season 1, we might get to see some setup for the next main arc of the series. The episode will also likely introduce us to another important character of the manga. 

Wind Breaker episode 12 release date, where to watch, and more

The 12th episode of Wind Breaker is set to come out on June 21st, 2024, Friday, at 12:26 a.m. JST in Japan. Due to time differences, the episode will be available at different times in other countries. International audiences can watch the upcoming episode on Crunchyroll with a subscription. Other than the English dubbed and subbed versions, Crunchyroll will also release the episode in French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish. 

The main arc of Wind Breaker season 1 has already come to an end and as we saw in the last episode, no significant new arcs have started. However, Sakura made two new friends who are going to become important parts of the story from now on. Since the last episode ended with Sakura’s class trying to decide on a class president and Suo saying that Sakura should do it, much to the protagonist’s surprise.


It is likely that Wind Breaker episode 12 will focus on the class choosing Sakura as their president. Other than that, we will also meet another important character called Ren Kaji, who is a second-year student.

Wind Breaker episode 11 recap

The 11th episode of Wind Breaker began with Sakura walking down the street thinking about his last fight and Umemiya’s words when Suo and Nirei surprised him. The three of them go to school together and see that a lot of students are looking their way, which makes Sakura apprehensive. However, once inside the classroom, people surround them to ask about their fight against Shishitoren and Suo says that Nirei should explain it. 

Before Nirei could do that, the trio is approached by a guy with orange hair and big muscles who was exercising in class and drinking a protein shake. He turns out to be Taiga Tsugeura, who always asks everyone what their aesthetics are but actually is one of the strongest guys in the class. He takes Nirei, Sakura, and Suo to a wrestling-themed restaurant with him. 


While the four of them were talking, another one of their classmates Mitsuki Kiryu entered the shop while holding a girl’s hand, which made Sakura flustered. When Tsugeura tried to loudly talk to him, Kiryu said that he should not do that as he is big and strong, so his loud voice might scare women. This made Tsugeura feel bad and he apologized to the girl. After that Kiryu left the shop with the girl but they were soon surrounded by some guys outside. 

When the others got out, they learned that the girl was not actually Kiryu’s girlfriend but he just saved her from a guy who was harassing her. And now the guy has returned with more backup. Tsugeura complimented Kiryu’s chivalry and said that they would fight against the guys alongside him.

While Suo took the girl and Nirei to the side to protect them, Sakura, Tsugeura, and Kiryu jumped into the fight. Tsugeura let a guy hit him first before hitting him back and Sakura learned that both he and Kiryu are extremely strong as well. Suo also handled a guy who tried to attack the girl expertly and the Furin boys easily won the fight.


The girl then thanked them all and left. Afterward, Kiryu asked for Sakura’s contact and the group learned that Sakura does not have a single contact on his phone as he is alone and does not use it much. Kiryu also comments that he is happy he met Sakura before their class had to choose their class rep. 

The next day Sakura sits in Kotoha’s cafe and the girl also puts her contact info in his phone. He is bombarded with text messages but it unable to type anything. Annoyed, he goes to school and asks what a class rep is. Before anybody could answer, three second-year seniors enter the classroom and asked them to choose their class rep. Suo says that Sakura should do it, which baffles the latter as he was not ready for it.

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