BTS Week: A deeper dive into Jungkook's role as septet's golden maknae, ARMYs' best friend, more

As BTS mark their 11th debut anniversary, let's take a closer look at the vital role played by none other than the septet's youngest member Jungkook, renowned as the 'golden maknae' for his versatility!

Published on Jun 16, 2024  |  02:01 PM IST |  1.6M
BTS and Jungkook; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
BTS and Jungkook; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
Key Highlight
  • BTS commemorated 11 glorious years since debut on June 13
  • Exploring Jungkook's role in BTS as an all-rounder and golden maknae

Celebrating BTS' 11th debut anniversary, the spotlight shines on Jungkook, revered as the 'golden maknae' for his unparalleled talent. Jungkook's remarkable versatility has made him an indispensable part of the group. 

From his powerful vocals and impressive dance skills to his talent in songwriting and producing, Jungkook embodies the essence of a multi-talented artist, continually pushing BTS to new heights.

A brief introduction to Jungkook’s role in BTS

Jungkook plays a pivotal role in BTS as the youngest member, known for his exceptional vocal prowess, dynamic dance abilities, and contributions as a songwriter and producer. Since their debut in 2013, he has showcased his versatility through standout solo performances like Begin, Euphoria, and My Time, each resonating deeply with fans worldwide.

Beyond his solo endeavors, Jungkook's impact within BTS extends to co-producing tracks such as Love Is Not Over and Magic Shop, further solidifying his role as a creative force within the group. His charisma on stage and dedication to his craft have earned him recognition both in South Korea and internationally, making him a key figure in BTS' global success and influence in the music industry.

Jungkook’s role as a musician in BTS

Jungkook plays a significant role in BTS as a versatile musician, contributing significantly to their diverse discography. Known for his powerful vocals and impeccable dance skills, Jungkook has left an indelible mark on BTS' music since their debut in 2013.


His contributions range from being the lead vocalist in hit tracks like Spring Day and Blood Sweat & Tears to his involvement in producing iconic songs like Magic Shop and Love is Not Over. Beyond his vocal prowess, Jungkook's knack for creating harmonies and adding depth to BTS' sound has earned him praise as an essential member of the group's musical backbone.

Jungkook’s contribution to BTS as the center of the group

Jungkook's role as the center of BTS on stage is also pivotal, characterized by his dynamic presence and versatile talents. As the youngest member, main vocalist, lead dancer, and sub-rapper, he effortlessly commands attention with his powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence. 

Jungkook's contributions extend beyond singing; his dance skills are exceptional, adding a layer of energy and synchronization to BTS' performances. His influence as the center of BTS is not only about performance but also about unity. He serves as a focal point that connects the group's diverse talents, enhancing their collective impact on stage. 


Raised by his beloved hyungs, since the age of 11, Jungkook's role goes beyond being just a center; he embodies BTS' spirit of innovation and excellence, setting a standard for K-pop idols globally.

How Jungkook’s creative vision adds to BTS’ plethora of talents and charm?

Jungkook's creative prowess extends far beyond his vocal and dance abilities, enriching BTS with a multifaceted talent that includes directing and visual artistry. His acclaimed Golden Closet Film (G.C.F) series showcases his skillful eye for cinematography, offering intimate glimpses into BTS' travels and daily life.

Jungkook's directorial debut for BTS' Life Goes On music video further underscored his vision, blending poignant storytelling with evocative visuals. His contributions not only amplify BTS' artistic depth but also resonate deeply with fans worldwide, illustrating his role in shaping the group's identity as more than just performers but also as storytellers and visual artists. 

Jungkook's ability to seamlessly integrate his creative passions into BTS' collective narrative continues to enrich their charm and allure, making him an indispensable force within the global phenomenon that is BTS.


Jungkook as BTS and ARMYs’ best friend

Jungkook's journey with BTS and his connection with ARMYs transcend typical idol-fan relationships; he has truly become a best friend to millions worldwide. His commitment to BTS is evident not only through his extraordinary talents but also in personal gestures like tattooing 'A.R.M.Y.', a purple heart and the fandom’s logo on his hand, symbolizing his deep bond with fans. Beyond his golden maknae status, Jungkook's impact is felt in record-breaking live streams that he hosts exclusively for fans from time to time.

ARMYs cherish Jungkook not just for his stunning performances but for his genuine interactions, whether teasing his hyungs or sharing his personal struggles and triumphs. His humility and dedication resonate deeply, making him not just an idol but a relatable figure who inspires and connects with fans on a personal level. 

From his endearing qualities to his growth both as an artist and as a person, Jungkook continues to evolve, sharing his passions and vulnerabilities openly with ARMYs, reinforcing the bond that makes him more than just a star, they see him as a dear friend walking alongside them through life's journey.

As BTS mark their 11th debut anniversary, Jungkook's journey from a talented young trainee to a global icon and beloved friend underscores his impact on both the group's dynamic and the hearts of millions worldwide. His growth, both personally and professionally, continues to inspire and resonate, solidifying his place not only as an integral member of BTS but also as a beacon of authenticity and camaraderie for ARMYs everywhere. In conclusion, Jungkook's role as BTS' golden maknae and ARMYs' best friend embodies the essence of a multifaceted artist and cherished companion. 


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