CRACKS in this FRIENDSHIP? Abhishek Bachchan has NOT come on Farah Khan’s show Lip Sing Battle!

Abhishek Bachchan and filmmaker Farah Khan are known to be close friends, with the actor giving her the nickname Farah Bi. But now it appears all is not well between them.
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Abhishek Bachchan and filmmaker Farah Khan are known to be close friends, with the actor giving her the nickname Farah Bi. But now it appears all is not well between them. It’s going to be a month soon but AB Jr has not come on her reality show Lip Sing Battle, based on the international show Lip Sync Battle. Abhishek is currently in the Maldives celebrating his father Amitabh Bachchan’s 75th birthday. He will return tomorrow to Mumbai to play for the charity Celebrity Clasico 2017, between Virat Kohli Foundation's All Heart Football Club and All Stars Football Club which he captains, on October 15.  
Says a source from the creative team, "Farah's show on Star Plus, which she co-hosts with Ali Asgar is an extremely entertaining show on television, today. She is personally involved with the creatives as she knows what the stars and celebrities can or cannot do. While most of the stars she has called have come on the show, one person who hasn’t is Abhishek Bachchan. In fact, almost everyone was expecting him to come in the first week itself. Now that’s a surprise for the channel as they want him to come. Farah and he are good friends and their on-screen humor is great to watch. It would have spiked up their TRP’s for sure. But while Farah and Star Plus have personally invited Abhishek, they are still waiting for him to give dates. Nobody knows for sure whether he will come or not. Farah is very fond of Abhishek but his indifferent stand has upset her a bit and strained their friendship of years. Shah Rukh will come on Monday all the way from Byculla to Andheri to shoot for the show at night. He is shooting for Aanand L Rai’s film but he will come straight after packup. That was a very sweet gesture on his part. If SRK can come, why can’t Abhishek? His non-appearance on the show is certainly causing stress on some fronts.”
When contacted, Farah Khan says, "We still have another eight episodes to go and yes, he did tell me that he will come and he’s figuring out a date when he can. Then of course, his father’s birthday happened and they have gone out of town to celebrate it, so maybe post Diwali he should be giving us a date because he did promise me that he would come. Abhishek was very enthusiastic when I had asked him. The show is right up his alley and he will be fabulous on it. Jimmy Fallon show stuff is his forte and it will be great fun whenever he comes. I am still hoping that Abhishek will come soon as he had come up with lots of ideas and suggestions."
Buzz is that she’s upset that Abhishek has not come on her show till now. "No I am not upset at all. People take time as they need to figure out their dates and obviously the show is my priority and not other’s. As and when people get free they come. People are making time and putting a lot of effort into coming so I am very grateful to whoever that comes. They are doing it for the love of me and it’s free - pro bono. It’s not just a chat show where you just sit and chat. They have to rehearse and compete but they do it out of so much out of goodwill and love for me. You see them doing much more than they ever really do."


Abhishek is not well, health wise. This show is the least of his worries!

He knows he has no talent..!! As simple as that!!

Farah always takes dig and potshots at Ash while noone in industry does.. Just saying! Farah is nt that good director or storyteller either..


I don't understand why this heading even after FARAH KHAN HERSELF CLEARED THAT SHE IS NOT UPSET WITH ABHISHEK BACHCHAN! a misleading title only to garner more views? Nobody expects that from UPALA !!

Nobody should be coming on this show

Something's up with Abhishek. First drops out of Dutta film. Now he wont make an obligatory appearance on this show which is essentially free publicity. Very strange.

what's going on witht hem??

Abhishek definitely has some issues, must be depressed

He's going through tough time I see! Aishwarya is too busy cleaning up her image and with the kid wonder she have time or care to be a good wife! She her self said they argue all the time! Anyhow hope he bounce back


I thought Abhisek is too busy these days changing baby's nappies, mopping floors and washing dishes at home. So much that he don't have any time for acting in movies these .days.

I would love to know even if he is doing all the stuff what you have mentined in the post, Whats wrong with that ?? Grow up dude. Abhishek is a nice soul and everyoe is not born to be a great actor. We should celebrate Life instead of judging all the tine

Wow Pinkvilla, so you contradict your own title by putting in statements from Farah? Please stop misleading people as it’s very clear that they’re good friends anyway

This is not true. Abhishek and Farah are very friendly and you can read their tweets too. Pinkvilla needs to stop imagining like Kangana about what is not there and about something that did not happen

Build the hype... But nobody is interested!

Everybody seems pissed at Abhi these days. Aish, JP dutta, Farah etc. Only person happy with him is Jaya Bachchan who ironically is pissed with everyone else.

LOL!! That is so funny and true. Also " Jimmy Fallon show stuff" *rolls eyes* they can't even pretend to have an original concept lol.

What?? Kuch bhi.. PV??

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