Does Eddie Murphy's Daughter Appear In Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F? Explored

Eddie Murphy gets suited up for his return as the iconic Detroit police officer, Axel Foley. But the sequel turned out to be a family affair following his real-life daughter's cameo in the film.

Published on Jul 09, 2024  |  11:35 PM IST |  217K
Bria Murphy and Eddie Murphy (YouTube/Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Trailer)
Bria Murphy and Eddie Murphy (YouTube/Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Trailer)

Eddie Murphy gets suited up for his return as the iconic Detroit police officer, Axel Foley in Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. But this time, the star could have been accompanied by his real-life daughter to kick off a new era of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise. 

The fourth sequel, which comes three decades after the last Beverly Hills movie, continues the cop’s trouble-making escapades as he tries to solve crimes in the lavish neighborhood but only ends up causing chaos. One such mishap lands him in trouble as Murphy’s character is arrested by someone dear to him. 

Did Eddie Murphy’s daughter do a cameo in Axel F?

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F centers on a storyline about Eddie Murphy’s Axel F sharing a distorted relationship with his daughter, Jane Saunders. No, the actor’s real-life daughter did not appear as his on-screen daughter too because that would be too easy to guess. The role was played by Taylour Paige. 

However, there’s a scene, also teased in the official trailer, where Axel Foley gets arrested by two police officers, right after he crashes a helicopter in a civil park. Both women, one officer is played by the 63-year-old actor’s elder daughter, Bria Murphy, 34. 

Bria also has a brief dialogue after Foley mocks their squad car as embarrassing and calls them the “LEGO cops” in an improvised unscripted response. In return, Bria says, “You should have thought about that before your little joy ride.” 

Later, director Mark Molloy revealed that the LEGO line was “all Eddie,” per Business Insider. He also shared how he found the perfect role for Eddie’s daughter after the SNL veteran conveyed Bria’s interest in being a part of one of the Beverly Hills Cop movies. 


“There was talk that it was going to be for another role, but I told him, 'If she's going to be involved, I have the perfect role for her.' I think she should arrest you!' So he gets arrested by his daughter,” Molloy, who made his feature directing debut with the fourth Beverly Hills Cop sequel, told the outlet. 

Bria Murphy is also known for playing roles in 2003’s Daddy Day Care, 2016’s The Perfect Match and Amateur Night. Eddie Murphy shares Bria with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, in addition to Myles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella.  

Axel F subtly mocks Eddie Murphy’s least-liked film

The latest Beverly Hills Cop installment, Axel F premiered on July 3 and has already become a favorite amongst fans of the franchise. But many might have missed the subtle reference to star Eddie Murphy’s flop days during a scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cop Bobby Abbott. 


After Foley is arrested by the Beverly Hills PD, he and Abbott go through his rap sheet with the police department, with snaps from the earlier Beverly Hills Cop movies. “This is a lot…This is from ‘84, then there’s one from ‘87… and then ‘94. Not your finest hour,” Gordon-Levitt’s character says referring to the third sequel’s plummet in 1994. 

Turns out, Beverly Hills Cop III is one of the worst movies Eddie Murphy has worked on. He confirmed it in 2015, years after the movie disastrously flopped, saying filming it was “a very strange experience.” 

The shuffle in the franchise’s creative team is speculated to have caused the outcome, which also made directors wary of working on another Beverly Hills Cop sequel, until 2024. Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is now streaming on Netflix. 

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