Meet Actor James Martin Who Went Back To Working At Starbucks After Appearing In Oscar-Winning Movie

Discover James Martin, the Oscar-winning actor who returned to work at Starbucks after starring in the 2022 comedy/drama An Irish Goodbye.

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James Martin Oscar-Winning Actor Who Went Back To Work At Starbucks
James Martin (PC: Getty Images)

It is not rare to see actors emerging from humble backgrounds who go ahead and actually dominate the entertainment industry by delivering their acclaimed works. But it’s surely rare to see someone who wins an Oscar but then goes back to their normal life.

You heard it right: James Martin is one such name who showcased his acting prowess through his performance in An Irish Goodbye, won an Oscar, but then returned to his daily life by continuing his work in Starbucks. 

Everything to know about James Martin 

James Martin, a rising name in the entertainment industry, won an Oscar for his portrayal of Lorcan in the 2022 short film An Irish Goodbye. But before getting an Oscar, Martin was an ordinary man, born with Down Syndrome, who had worked at Starbucks since 2010.

Talking about his Oscar win, Martin shared, as retrieved via Starbucks Stories & News, “Being the first person with Down Syndrome to win an Oscar was a great feeling. It made history, and more importantly, it showed others with a variety of disabilities that it was possible. That really means something to them.”

Realizing his passion for acting, Martin joined a local drama group in 2007 and was featured in multiple theater dramas, which resulted in his eventual casting for his first film, Ups and Downs. For his role in An Irish Goodbye, the director Ross White cast him after he heard Martin on the radio. Recalling his casting, Martin stated, “Ross saw me in Marcella with Anna Friel in 2021, and then he approached me about the film. The rest, as they say, is history.” 



An Irish Goodbye was well-received by critics and went on to win multiple accolades, including Academy Awards and BAFTA Awards. But all this didn’t stop Martin from continuing his normal work life at Starbucks. “I’ve always enjoyed my job at Starbucks and just carried on as normal until the filming for An Irish Goodbye started. When that ended, I went back to Starbucks and picked up where I left off,” he added. 

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James Martin in An Irish Goodbye (PC: IMDb)

James Martin about his acting plans 

Martin further talked about the amazing award night where he won an Oscar. The day coincided with Martin’s 31st birthday, concluding with him receiving one of the best gifts of his life. He shared, “It was a great experience. It’s the most important night of the year for the movie industry. It was also lovely that my mum, Suzanne, and my uncle, Damian, were there with me. We couldn’t believe it when it was announced that we’d won.” 

But it’s not like Martin doesn’t want to continue with his acting pursuits. Martin then revealed his acting plans, which involved his feature in Fairview Park and three other unnamed projects. He stated, “I have another film coming out this year, Fairview Park, and there are three other projects being talked about.”

But such a hectic acting schedule still does not rule out the option for Martin to work back in Starbucks. Even though he had to take a break from Starbucks to focus on his acting projects, he still wishes to wear the green apron in the future. “I have never said that I wouldn’t come back to Starbucks, but at present, I am just too busy, and they understand that. They have always been very supportive of me, and I appreciate that,” he said. 

James Martin has surely shocked the world with multiple achievements, whether it be being the first man with Down Syndrome to win an Oscar or setting an example by returning to his normal Starbucks job. 

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What syndrome does James Martin have?
James Martin has Down syndrome.

Did James Martin win an Oscar?
Yes, James Martin won an Oscar for his role in the 2022 short film An Irish Goodbye.

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